Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 not coming as company moves straight to Tab S6

Ro, 09 July 2019

Aside from a possible release date and some rumors about the hardware, there's not much we can talk about the upcoming flagship tablet from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 will actually be called Tab S6

But according to a renown leakster, Evan Blass, the tablet lineup will skip the S5 name and will go straight to Tab S6. This is rather unexpected especially when you weigh in the fact that the budget variant Galaxy Tab S5e is already on the market.

Sadly, @evleaks didn't go into details, so only time will tell why Samsung is skipping the Tab S5 name.



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Please note that this is only a rumors. That was not official website.

  • Tab S5

The posted is regarding the Galaxy Tab S5, not Samung Galaxy S5. It is big different.

  • Anonymous

S5 was the most ridiculous phone Samsung ever released. Few months before the Lollipop release it was rendered useless from the get go. The shortest lived S phones ever. Putting only 2GB off ram on a "high end" phone at a time that phones were puttin...