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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

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  • Anonymous

What is the f.king reason to remove 3.5mm?
Why do I have to use BT head set or buy seperate connector from Shamesong.

This company makes me sick.

  • Someone

To be honest, I don't think this is the best choice for a €600 tablet device. At €650 you can get a 2019 iPad Air + Apple Pencil. It has A12 Bionic which is faster than Snapdragon 855. Also, Android on tablet is not even comparable to iPadOS.

  • Lucky67

Got one from EE as my TAB S6 with sim on it and 20 quid a month for 24 month as keep my note 9 same as EE for 17.50 a month... the Tab S6 seem good but one problem is the pen to hold at the back not secure strong enough so bought Samsung cover to cover to avoid lose the pen. The display is great as so crystal and fast network also quite lighter and battery is good as longer as charging is pretty fast. I would say it good tablet I've test it.. work with my note 9 and my PC via either bluetooth or sync no hiccup. I would say 9/10 that my view so you tell me what do you think if you own this tablet

  • Anonymous

Just bought the LTE version, very good AMOLED screen. The bezel size looks really good. The keyboard cover build quality is not the best. The keyboard key travel really nice(like a windows laptop keyboard). Battery usage quite good. One UI on idle take 1 to 2 % battery per hour.

  • Xaphyra

MSK2199, 16 Sep 2019I have a Samsung phone and I need to buy a new tab. Should I buy... moreIf you own a Samsung phone, I suggest you buy this one, it can connect to your Samsung phone, and you will be able to use the phone from the tablet (go look for this feature and you'll find more info about it)

  • MSK2199

I have a Samsung phone and I need to buy a new tab. Should I buy this one or the Ipad Air? I'm a moderate user and don't play heavy games. I want to keep whichever one I buy for a few years and will go for the lte option. One of the reasons I picked these two are because I want a large screen.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2019Is the max charging speed 15w? Or it can accommodate more when u... moreI used 45w charger and it takes 2 hours and 30 minutes from 0 to 100 percent!

  • kems

i would prefer ipad mini 2019, it has better touch and peformance (bigger antutu score than this tab s6 :v)

  • Dex

I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit dissapointed its not the same/similar boxy aspect ratio as the iPad Pro, but it's a damn trim bezel and the Super AMOLED Tech is amazing if my old Tab S 8.4 is anything to go by.

There seems to be a bunch of hate for this in terms of the lack of a 3.5mm jack, it's gone, like it or lump it guys. If it's essential, Type-C Hubs out there have audio ports, in addition to Type-A and HDMI, just do some research and check compatibility. On the go, pop out a dongle. There's always the Tab S4 which is going reasonably priced on ebay these days.
ETA Prime on Youtube has done a video on game emulation if your interested similarly interested and Dex performance on the device It seems able to perform up to Gamecube/PS2 before becoming unstable on some titles. I fully intend to get this and hope its a keeper.

I've heard some reports the pen is a little unstable on the back, but it can be (kinda) mounted on the side like the Apple Pencil.

Please keep the user reviews coming for those who do have it, I'm interested in any niggles or positive experiences you've had with your Tab s6.

  • Thats

Ben Chod, 05 Sep 2019the 3.5mm jack is 1000000 years old if we keep using the same o... moreThe point - 3.5 mm audio jack is the ultimate technology. Bluetooth audio is still dog shit garbage with dog shit like quality. 3.5 mm audio jack is like earths atmosphere or oxygen - its the ultimate thing, there are no replacements for it. And even more important - its bettter infinite times in every way than wireless garbage, and also i am not looking to replace it.

  • Anonymous

Is the max charging speed 15w? Or it can accommodate more when using different charging brick?

Jahleader, 05 Sep 2019What is it with the Samsung one ui launcher on tablets. The anim... moreTry taking animation scales down to 0.5 via developer options it helps a lot

  • Anonymous

TORO, 09 Sep 2019Anyone know why I have the black bars when watching YouTube or a... moreTV Video ratio is 16:9 i.e. its longer ratio, this is 16:10, hence black bars.

  • bruh

Nickernom, 09 Sep 2019They should've at least given 11" WQUXGA 16:10 3840x2400 9.22MP ... moredriving that resolution on such a small device is rarted. Love reading internet specialists' comments.

  • Anonymous

green, 04 Sep 20191. Missing Flash Light. 2. Missing 512GB/1TB, it's clearly not... moreYou this is an android tablet right? MicroSD is a thing.

  • TORO

Anyone know why I have the black bars when watching YouTube or any other videos?? I bought this because of the 16/10 ratio which is what my Tab S has, which goes to full screen. It bugs the crap out of me.

  • Nickernom

They should've at least given 11" WQUXGA 16:10 3840x2400 9.22MP at 411ppi screen which is much higher than the current 10.5" 4.1MP screen at 287ppi.

I see many people are talking about the 3.5 jack!!!
Is it really important???
You gave the hub to use or you can buy wireless.
This is the best android tablet ever made till moment and absence of one minor detail doesn't make it bad.
If you really want a 3.5 jack then buy another tab or ipad.

  • NotApessimist

Ben Chod, 05 Sep 2019samsung read your comment and decided to shut down operations. ... moreWell said, mate

Can't believe 9/10 are now haters
Why even bother sulking
As if they haven't seen news leaks that are flooding in even from 10 months ago

GsmA - you guys should really change the title to USER Opinions

Not just Worthless Opinions

I already found out the specs from months ago
Came to this site to look for genuine user experience

This site no longer serves the purpose

Management, 01 Aug 2019This doesn't have a headphone jack? LOL, straight to the bin!samsung read your comment and decided to shut down operations.
well done fighting the good fight