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seems like there was a netflix undate which allows HDR, seems like this an ideal tablet for netflix and youtube esp with the amoled 16:10 screen, other the lack of 3.5mm jack, any issues with this tablet, it's a shame that samsung android tablets/phones does not support ldac or aptx hd, but i will live with it

  • Prem suresh

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2020I've been using the Tab S6 for a month and to be compl... moreIncrease your brightness to avoid the lagging of the black colour

binay, 28 Jul 20201.can I make voice calls? 2.A keyboard cover comes with this? No you'll need to get the 5G version and the keyboard cover will still cost u extra but I'd just use my phone and buy this one with the keyboard if I needed it


binay, 28 Jul 20201.can I make voice calls? 2.A keyboard cover comes with this? Calls yes SM-T865 only and keyboard cover you have to purchase separately

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2020I've been using the Tab S6 for a month and to be compl... moreChinese troll as usual
I'm using this tab since January 16/2020 no problem at all

  • binay

1.can I make voice calls?
2.A keyboard cover comes with this?

  • Wanhart

I ditched my laptop and only using Tab S6 (8/256GB) for 6 months now. Samsung DEX is awesome and never dissapoint.

  • Maya

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2020I've been using the Tab S6 for a month and to be compl... moreWow. Were these even true? It's like you'd listed all the things that keep people away from buying this. If these were true then thanks for the warning coz i was planning to buy one. Hope you're not one of those fanboys who badmouth a product they don't like, even if they hadn't actually used the product. Anyways, Im also looking for other people's reviews. If majority of 'em is good, then I'll give it a go.

  • Billy Loo

I am a Samsung loyal user.
I did not buy Tab S6 this time becoz the stylus is bulky.
Could not see the nib.
Still using S4 with previous S3 stylus.
If Fold 2 has a stylus will buy one.
Samsung is the best.

  • Gabriel

I have had this tab for 6 months, I am a tech save person so I know good technology when I use it and I am shocked how good this is, it has completely replaced all my other devices. The only issues I have are the standard issued tablet have with android.

But the pen and the multi tasking features are amazing, but I still need a Bluetooth mouse for advantage task like creating a work press site

Over all a 8.7 out of 10

  • Anonymous

I've been using the Tab S6 for a month and to be completely honest, you should not buy it.
Most of the problems of this tablet are more software related, where do I even start:
1-Apps crashing lots of times (Like Chrome, Kinemaster) and the tablet freezes with them.
2-Wallpaper stretches every now and then, Lock screen goes crazy sometimes.
3-Built-in screen recorder is garbage, third party screen recorders can barely record the full quality of the display, not only that but they cause lag and sometimes the video corrupts. On top of that (Although it's an Android related problem) you can't record the internal audio of the device, I tried all screen recorders and no one could record the internal audio.
4-Not optimized for gaming (COD mobile screen goes Black every couple of minutes, Frame drops on many games like Minecraft, Roblox (Which also has other issues))
5-Face recognition is Trash especially if you wear glasses (I sat up my face two times with my glasses but it still struggles to recognize me)
6-Now this is personal opinion coming from TouchWiz UI, I think OneUI is bloated with unwanted features and apps you can't uninstall (Kids Home, Bixby, Bixby Vision, Flipboard, AR emoji, AR doodle, Game launcher, Game Booster, Tips, Sticker Center, Samsung Pass)
also Samsung Dex which only takes space but I'm never going to use.
And also third party software (that you can never uninstall) like "Netflix" and "OneDrive"
7-I bought the WIFI version but I got the "Phone" "Messages" "Contacts" installed.

But in terms of hardware:
- The S Pen placement which is really annoying, S Pen tip feels fragile, two cameras but both are trash, Fingerprint sensor fails 3 times before actually working.
- The Amoled screen is uhhh not so good, color shifts to green when looking from different angles, When scrolling through apps that has dark mode, I noticed that there is some latency for the black color to light up again, which looks weird tbh (I can't explain it but you see it like that the black color is moving up when you scroll down)
- Device heats up when exporting videos.
Another thing that is not an issue but some Youtubers make it seem like a big feature, the 4 speakers do nothing but make it a little louder, tbh 2 Speakers on both would've been enough.

That's only my opinion.

  • Abdul

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2020Any idea regarding when Samsung is going to launch the Sams... moreIf u r just waiting for a device of more storage, Dont wait for it. Instead go for 128 gb & buy a dual drive of your choice of storage (64, 128, 256, 512 gb.... ) They are available on ebay, Amazon etc. U will save a lot. If its abt RAM u r concerned abt, hopefully 4gb ram is enough.

ALONE, 12 Jul 2020Is this good for online schooling? What do you guys think?For online- classes for children go for cheaper Tab A or Tab S5e

  • Benjie

Tab S6 Keyboard is not functioning as expected, you cannot update the high-end keyboard although you already connected it to the Tab. But requiring you to update it and notify you again and again. Not recommended the keyboard.

  • Nikhil

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2020Some of his complaints were valid, though.It's not something users did not know before buying the tablet. When they buy they knew there will be no headphone jack and so on. Why are they complaining then? That makes no sense. And all of the premium phones have no headphones so what? You are not gonna buy that either. Bluetooth headphones have alot of battery now with upto 10 hrs of playback. Get a nice bluetooth headphone instead of complaining

  • Anonymous

Any idea regarding when Samsung is going to launch the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 model with 256GB ROM & 8GB RAM version in India? Kindly response please.


Is this good for online schooling? What do you guys think?

  • Josh V

This is the best bang for buck tablet, more cheaper than ipad with sim slot. You don't really need a higher refresh rate like 120FPS. Your eye has been used to 60fps since birth and its not a big deal for me. Plus you already got a pen,free keyboard and stand. The display is also media suitable with less black bars. Not like Ipad that all accessories are sold separately expensively even at launch.

AmyHopps10, 19 Mar 2020I want Tab S6 mini with 8.5" screen & headphone jack.Me too!
Samsung has forgotten the need of a premium 8" or 8.5" tab WITH S-pen... like the one they did in 2013: Galaxy Note 8 GT-N5110.
Still have it, excelent screen,... and works as well as new :-), though last possible Android upgrade was 4.4 :-(

How new firmware of Android 10(Q) is working..?
Android 10(Q) is seeding in India, UAE, Australia, south east Asia & Scandinavian countries
Size2020.96MB ,with security patch 1st March
Version T865XXU2BTC7/T865ODM2BTC7/T865XXU2BTC7