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The Critic , 26 Oct 2021I still don't understand that in 2021 people still tot... moreYour comment proves you have no idea what professional audio sounds like or constitutes.

A device geared towards “professionals” lacks a feature professionals need. It’s that simple. You find me one legit professional who unironically uses wireless audio for production purposes, then we’ll talk.

  • Board Jammer

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2021Not everyone has or wants to use bluetooth.. audio doesn�... moreI got Samsung's USB-C to 3.5mm dongle for 699 INR and it works great. Some other cheaper aftermarket dongles (~250 INR) may also work.

  • Board Jammer

This is overall a great work tablet for online meetings, whiteboard work, marking up documents and even watching movies. I knew the specs were good but was still impressed with sound quality, AMOLED vividness, and S-pen ergonomics. Great hardware, being largely wasted on Android. Why can't I run Ubuntu on it? DeX is nice as a stopgap, much appreciated.

A couple minor issues: USB-C socket is not as snug as on iPads, and non-Samsung dongles for USB-C to audio or video are hit-or-miss (mostly miss). Direct USB-C connection to USB-C displays (Dell, Benq) did not work, had to use a HDMI dongle.

Only one glitch (or may be two?), and this is being reported elsewhere on the Web, too. 10 months in, single-user, never thrown into a bag or taken outdoors, zero impact or torsion, no sun/heat damage, always used on WFH home office desk, protected by Samsung's own keyboard cover, and still, the screen is warping. Visible if you try to reflect a straight tubelight in the screen. And then, a few days back a hairline crack (luckily outside viewing area) appeared at one corner of the screen with zero impact or provocation. I am worried it may not be just the super-thin screen; could be a bulging battery? There cannot be more than 0.1mm slack for battery expansion, given how slim the unit is!

So now I am worried if I should send it to Samsung for replacement, will they properly diagnose screen vs battery, will they replace both if battery is also a problem? Will losing use for 2-3 weeks be worth the trouble? Does Samsung India have enough expertise or will to do it for Indian customers? Usually such luxury is reserved for non-Indian customers. Even if they are generous enough to just replace with a new unit (Dell does this for monitors, even in India) is this a model defect or unit defect? What if the new unit fails identically or worse?

Bluetooth is harmful, so get your facts straight. No one wants to fry his head unless ignorant or absolutely silly. Although it is possible to use adapter, it is less convenient because for example one would need a pricy Multiadapter to get at the same time Ethernet and charging plus good audio quality. I bet a dedicated audio head jack delivers superior supreme audio quality, so no audio jack is a big step backwards.

  • The Critic

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2021Not everyone has or wants to use bluetooth.. audio doesn�... moreThis is 2021. Flagships don't use 3.5mm jacks again and bluetooth headsets does sound great no matter what you say and hands free is great option now so it's best you shut up! Because talking about it won't change anything. Buy a cheap tablet if it's so important to you otherwise keep a still tongue and it will show you are an adult!

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Anonymous, 01 Nov 2021Not everyone has or wants to use bluetooth.. audio doesn�... moreWhat are you even talking about, bro, Bluetooth is seamless and reliable, the audio sounds great, even with wireless earbuds!

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The Critic , 26 Oct 2021I still don't understand that in 2021 people still tot... moreNot everyone has or wants to use bluetooth.. audio doesn't sound as good anyway besides the point. If people want the 3.5mm then shut up and let them use what they want..

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The Critic , 26 Oct 2021I still don't understand that in 2021 people still tot... moreYou from the Caribbean?

This Tablet is good and fine to use... But as i play games when it upgraded to android 11 .. most of the games Crash ... so i am looking forward to downgrade to android 10 ..

  • The Critic

AlwaysLate, 24 Oct 2021I still don’t understand how they make “pro” and “ultra” ve... moreI still don't understand that in 2021 people still toting over flagship devices not having a 3.5 mm Jack! Oh gosh man buy a cheap device that have a 3.5 mm Jack and relax! I have been using bluetooth headsets for a decade now and never had an issue with music quality. So my the lotto buy shares in a company or start your own then make devices that uses the 3.5 mm Jack ok while the world moves on!

I still don’t understand how they make “pro” and “ultra” versions of tablets with SO MUCH SPACE in them, WITHOUT headphone jacks.

Wireless audio is not professional quality.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2021Ok guys I'm here to address the lack of 3'5"... moreWow, you are the first guy on this site to know of those dongles. Most of the people here don't know that they can use their 3.5mm hardware with USB c only devices. It's like they are under some mass delusion. !meanwhile I am using my open cup headphones for years like this...

  • Anonymous

Ok guys I'm here to address the lack of 3'5" fear mongering. As a casual user and this tablet's owner. You go to a store buy the cheap apple's usb-c to 3'5" dongle. Doesn't look like it but it has an actual sound card inside. Glue it to ye olde 3'5" headphones. And you are done. Good as new. Perfect sound quality, no volume issues, or whatever other horror stories the internet tells. Everything works out of the box with generic apps. Have a good day.

SgRepeat, 03 Sep 2021I've noticed the same issue with the blacks dragging o... moreKinda normal with OLED screens

I've had this tab for about a year now, and it works amazingly. With the Snapdragon 865 chip it is quite good for gaming, though i use it for work. Cameras are not bad considering it is a tablet. Definitely recommend if you are android user, but maybe wait for tab s8 and s8+ to come out. :)

  • Han

no new firmware update since June for T970 model.. did Samsung forgot about this "flagship" product?

beamngdrive, 22 Sep 2021Why I should buy this tablet: -Big battery -Fast charging... moreWallet lefts the chat :')

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2021But lenovo p12 pro better and cheaper How on earth is the Lenovo p12 pro better when that tablet has about the same specs as this and yet the device has not even been released yet. The Lenovo P12 Pro is practically out of date already because the Tab s7 Plus was released over a year ago with similar specs. As far as price, the s7 plus is going down and the Lenovo P12 Pro has not been released so that price won't decline for months

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1013570, 09 Sep 2021900 euros? This tablet is really expensive! I really wanted... moreBut lenovo p12 pro better and cheaper

  • beamngdrive

Why I should buy this tablet:
-Big battery
-Fast charging
-Overwhelming screen
-Lasts longer
-Includes S Pen and others