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  • The Observer

Apex, 05 Aug 2020LCD? Is this 2010? I don't want a 12 inch tablet. And ... moreLCD displays will last longer than AMOLED. why do you think Apple one of the biggest producers of tablets don't have AMOLED on their tablets display. do research before you comment. i buying this tablet because its an IPS display

  • Nauris

I was fan of AMOLED displays, since they are very energy efficient, until I found that every one of these displays uses PWM to lower brigthness. PWM causes eye strain and this is unacceptable for daily use displays.

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2020Yeah but won't the AMOLED look nicer and also the ips ... moreAMOLEDs look very nice brand new, I won't argue on that regard but they're not built without issues. I don't like about AMOLEDs:

1. I plan on drawing on this device and that can take hours of static content. I may sleep while I draw especially when I'm just drawing to "free my mind" and that would not be the best case for AMOLED.
2. For drawing purposes, it won't be able to retain its calibrated colors over the span of a year or two, especially for the use-case I wanted. Each color degrades unevenly no matter what you do. Check the Notes for example, the Note 9's color cast and you'll know why. OLED TVs have minimal issue on this case since they have granular settings for calibration, these devices doesn't.
3. Deep blacks? Black is still black, making it "deep" is just an icing on the cake. What I want is a display that does not degrade its calibrated colors for 2 years of use or even abuse.
4. Bad at direct sunlight? That's not an issue, in fact IPS can have brightness higher than AMOLED when in direct sunlight. Overdriving AMOLED brightness for longer periods of time will degrade them faster, that's not an issue for an IPS display. You can have brightness at 100% all-day-long if you want.
5. If I am going to multitask which I would do a lot given that this is a tablet, I would be using split-screen most of the time. That's a no-no for an AMOLED display.
6. AMOLEDs at high refresh rate have varying colors based on brightness and that's also one of my concern. If I want to use that refresh rate most of the time, I also want it to not skew the panel color on a wider span of screen brightness.
7. AMOLEDs also have auto brightness limiting (ABL) on very bright scenes. IF you're a fan of HDR movies, then this would be one of the issue. OLEDs excel when used in a dark room. On a brightly lit room for example, the blacks on IPS won't be an issue that much even if it's not as deep as AMOLED.

Deep blacks are nice but I want a device with a panel that doesn't need to be babied all the time. Most of the spectacular highlights of an AMOLED were measured when it's brand new but no one really took their time checking the calibrated colors after a year or two of use. AMOLEDs will degrade unevenly no matter what. It's organic and that's a fact, they also have the biggest depreciation rate upon ownership (compared to IPS) and that tells a lot about how disposable organic panels were.

  • Anonymous

terreror, 15 Aug 2020The Amoled has punchier colors are overall better color rep... moreOK the AMOLED will burn in so the ips is better if you wanna keep it for long but is it good under direct light or sunlight?

  • Anonymous

DroidBoye, 18 Aug 2020IPS is for people that wants to maximise the use of their d... moreYeah but won't the AMOLED look nicer and also the ips is bad under direct sunlight?

  • aj

bought this unit awhile ago. kinda disappointed coz the power adaptot inclided is only 15w. th!

  • Killbill

The cost is about ₹55,999 (WIFI) & ₹63,999 ( LTE) For tab S7
₹79,999, for tab S7+ (LTE) & no WIFI version

  • Sauja

sg yes, 26 Aug 2020Does tab s7 has face recognition sensor? Please tell fast.It has "face id"

  • sg yes

Does tab s7 has face recognition sensor?

Please tell fast.

  • klein

mesharyHD, 23 Aug 2020yes yes yes ......................... finally LCD screen t... moreWhy?

  • Anonymous

When will it be available to purchase??
I can't find it anywhere online??

  • mesharyHD

yes yes yes .........................
finally LCD screen thanks Samsung
please stop AMOLED

  • Anonymous

Lenny, 18 Aug 2020Hello. Does anyone know if the Samsung Tab S7 will be able ... moreyes

Thanks mate for the info. Very useful

  • Anonymous

Does it have a sim card slot?

  • Lenny

Hello. Does anyone know if the Samsung Tab S7 will be able to reproduce their maximum screen resolution and 120hz simultaneously?

Doomii, 17 Aug 2020Wurst, are you the one at samsung who chose ips over amoled... moreIPS is for people that wants to maximise the use of their device for 3 to 5 years and beyond. This device for example will tend to be used for drawing which would display static contents for hours. AMOLEDs will only provide accurate colors when it's new but for what this thing is for, AMOLED display will burn-in and unevenly lose color (shows as color cast of green/yellowish or pinkish) for one or two years (regular use).

What people don't understand is that AMOLEDs needs recalibration from time to time because they lose colors over time, TVs can easily do recalibration so this is a minor issue in that segment. Look at color cast that happens even in Note 9 for the span of a year search about "note 9 color cast" while IPS displays on the same price point can easily retain its calibrated colors no problem. AMOLEDs are also considered disposable displays, it has very high depreciation rate on ownership because of their organic nature, it's best for smartphones in particular because they have high turn over rate (some do change phones yearly).

Even Samsung itself won't use AMOLEDs as the main panel for their TVs because they knew that it can fail sooner than their PLS. This device having IPS is not a problem, it's considered as the strong point given how this device is going to be used. What I don't like is people Idolizing AMOLEDs without even knowing it's proper use-case and disadvantages of their organic nature. Look at future developments for example, Samsung, if you knew, you'll see AMOLEDs as a blip in transition from IPS to non-organic LEDs, for now, non-organic LEDs were small enough to be just a backlight for IPS but over time fabrication/manufacturing will improve and the organics will go down the drain.

  • Doomii

Wurst, are you the one at samsung who chose ips over amoled ?
I see no reasons why someone would say ips is better, unless you are trying to save your job.

  • AsapH

Jake, 15 Aug 2020Is the latency for S7 higher than S7+ ? Is the 26 ms mentio... moreUsing the Tab S6 Lite, the 26ms is pretty good and almost imperceptible. It's close to the original Apple pencil latency (20ms, before they managed to drop it down to 9ms) and in fact, better than on the Tab S6 (58ms). Yes, better is always better :) but I wouldn't sweat it and IMHO not worth the upgrade to the S7+ just by itself.

  • Jake

Is the latency for S7 higher than S7+ ? Is the 26 ms mentioned here correct? I couldn't find any explicit mention of 26 ms. Everywhere it is mentioned as 9 ms for Samsung Tablet Series 7.
Can anyone please confirm?
I am really interested in the note taking capability of these tablet as an educator and that latency will be a major deciding factor.