Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

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  • The Observer

Well I guess I will be getting the regular size s7

  • Boom

Lenovo pad pro is priced far better than this.lel this tab cost more than tab lol lol

  • Tu

I think they used snapdragon cpu. Not bad cpu like Mediatek (more power consume cpu for 5G) , Exynis 2100 cpu (apps are getting crash after the major os update).

Liman K., 27 May 2021If they add more storage I'll get itYooo 128gb 6 gm of ram yes PLS!

  • Truefacts

more expensive than the more powerful tab s7, you can't make this shit up... lmao

If they add more storage I'll get it

What a joke of a tablet. The clowns didn't even put a 3.5mm jack. What's their excuse this time? They can't say space because it's massive. Greed perhaps? To try and force users to buy galaxy buds? Ahh yes, now we're talking. Guys it's time to start boycotting companies overcome by greed. The customers can dictate the market if we want.

  • Anonymous

When it’s comes to tablets … apple IPAd is the best

horrible price.. TFT display and 4/64 for 550 euros. L O L .. Lenovo has better spec for lower price !!!

  • Fadli

It's too expensive that it comes in 4GB RAM & 64GB internal, and even without fingerprint, compass & gyro sensors.

  • Daniel

Lenovo's new Pad Pro has a 90Hz OLED and Snapdragon 750G and it goes for 320Euros. What the hell is wrong with Samsung?

  • Anonymous

Not only is too expensive UT spect ate crap as well. TFT and 4/64 hahaha Lenovo tabs says hello.

Michael, 26 May 2021I want this with a 10" display, not 12.4", for 2 ... moreGet the tab s7 it is an 11 inch tab..

  • Michael

I want this with a 10" display, not 12.4", for 2 reasons:

1. In my opinion a 12.4" display is too big for a tablet, since it is not easy to hold it with your hand or hands, for a long time. A 10" display is easier for the hands.

2. I want a cheaper price for an FE (or lite) tablet, and it seems that the price is high partly due to the large screen size. I want a 10" tablet that will have a cheaper price than this overpriced tablet.

  • Anonymous

I was excited to see this device but it's really overpriced

  • Anonymous

Aadrian, 25 May 2021Considerable price hike in comparison with last year's... moreYou are absolutely right, was expecting a similar price and was very excited to get it.
Now I am having second thoughts
They should've been priced slightly higher than the new Lenovo pads if not the same

Overpriced Mediocre Garbage

  • Te

Now phone display sizes are becoming tablet size and tablet display sizes are becoming laptop display (13.3 mac) sizes, but laptop display sizes are in same size always. In future don't buy the tablet we can straight away buy the 13.3 inch laptop , because both display sizes are look same in future.

  • S-India

andrehe, 25 May 20213.5mm jack: No Tuned by AKG I did not know that this is... moreI have tested this, the one with "Tuned by AKG" has better quality speakers that the regular ones

  • Anonymous

i like the design of the tablet and the battery mah big like 10090 mah wow