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  • MsN
  • 11 May 2022

I bought the S8 ultra, the notch is not as bad as people think, the sheer screen size of the ultra makes you forget that it exists. Dont misunderstand me, Im always against notches, just telling from experience, the notch is not a big deal and not worth downgrading just because of its existence. I hope the next one doesnt have a notch.

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    • Helpful Bob
    • 39x
    • 11 May 2022

    Anonymous, 08 May 2022Gotta share some experience. I used to put the tablet on l... moreI just pay a homeless person to hold my tablet for me. That way I save lots of hassle and I I'm helping out in the community.

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      • ITcrowd
      • SH3
      • 10 May 2022

      Anonymous, 09 May 2022Is the notch not a bit of a bummer though? C'mon be ho... moreS8+ doesn't have a notch. This was the reason I purchased it instead of bigger S8 Ultra which has a notch. I can't stand it. Dear Samsung, please make S9 Ultra without a notch.

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        • 09 May 2022

        Aren, 19 Mar 2022I have seen many people out here talking like they know eve... moreIs the notch not a bit of a bummer though? C'mon be honest? A notch on a tablet?

        Yer avin a laff.

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          • wrX
          • 08 May 2022

          Gotta share some experience.
          I used to put the tablet on lazy pod, dangling on top of my face while I laid down on bed watching a movie in pitch black, to give some theater-like experience. The thing caused the display adhesive to loose. I returned to the store twice to fix the adhesive. The second replacement had them suspicious of me for disassembly the tablet. The first was they thought of factory faulty and the second replacement was only 6d ago.
          So I told them what I did above, I didn't know but apparently when doing that the heat produced from the tablet plus the weight of the display up side down can push out the adhesive resulting of gaping loose display. They told me not to do that again and fixed it again, still free of charge though. Best service from Sammy.

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            • aXg
            • 08 May 2022

            One of my friends in my 5th class got this tablet for 11. birthday and destroyd it 2 weeks later

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              • Nu6
              • 27 Apr 2022

              Mohamed85, 11 Apr 2022Hello, I want to buy a premium - don't like the desig... moreThe galaxy tab s8 ultra would be okay for you

                I want to buy a premium - don't like the design and quality of mid-range tablets - tablet for average work and study: viewing videos, opening and editing office files... itc
                Is it better to buy tab s7+? The 2 years gab (updates and latest hardware) doesn't deserve the extra money for Tab s8+? Any better flagship alternative?

                Also, according to GSMArena, Tab s8+ has wireless dex mode, S7+ doesn't. What this means?

                What's meant by Tuned by AKG?
                Thanks in advance

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                  • nomoney
                  • I@H
                  • 11 Apr 2022

                  Marcio, 07 Apr 2022Samsung market not need +10" tablet, heavy and big, un... moreThe tablet they're making currently is mostly for productivity, and all of these are based on preference. We all know that there is no such thing as a perfect device and obviously, we must change our choices to what we prefer. At least for me, this is fine, okay for portability + I draw sh't which I'll obviously prefer a larger screen and that's why I would pick the S8+. The Ultra is quite too much for me and like I said, it's based on preference. If you like a smaller tablet, I guess there's Lenovo Legion Y700 if you want that or other tablets that I probably didn't heard of.

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                    • Sabique
                    • Dk7
                    • 07 Apr 2022

                    Anonymous, 06 Apr 2022Just got got the 128gb 5g variant.This is a great device.From where did you order ? Amazon or Samsung??
                    I ordered from the Samsung site in Early March, but still it is not shipped. Delivery date is by 22 April.

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                      • Marcio
                      • Jj7
                      • 07 Apr 2022

                      Samsung market not need +10" tablet, heavy and big, uncomfortable in the hands

                      NEED 8" super tablet , like 2015 tab s2 8.0, ultra light and ultra thin, very fast, amoled

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                        • CA{
                        • 06 Apr 2022

                        Just got got the 128gb 5g variant.This is a great device.

                          Amazing tablet
                          Display is amazing
                          Speaker sound really good
                          Performance very fine for me
                          S pen included for productivity and drawing
                          Build quality is tough (no waterproof )

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                            • TJ
                            • 0pp
                            • 19 Mar 2022

                            Anonymous, 28 Feb 20228gb ram in 2022? I mean my s7 tab has 8 lol, a bit disap... moreCan confirm that in the UK, tab s8 AND s8+ only have 8gb ram no matter what size ROM you choose. No plans from samsung to release a 12gb ram model (aside from s8 ultra) in this region. Would be surprised if it was different anywhere else!

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                              • Aren
                              • vGe
                              • 19 Mar 2022

                              I have seen many people out here talking like they know everything. The tab s8 series is the best tablet out there and iPad doesn't even come close, including any windows tablets.

                              Firstly the stylus is literally the best in the world, you can take the most apple fan boy out there and ask them to try both the apple pencil and spen for almost anything and the spen wins: latency, control, writing experience, gestures, WORKS WITHOUT ANY CHARGING AND FREE IN THE BOX.

                              The screens (on the s8+/ultra) are a class apart from anything in this price range. The closest equivalent windows tablet would be zenbook flip s or hp x360 oled @1500usd+ and won't even give u 120hz refresh rates or the great cameras the s8 series have.

                              Performance and battery are both great and my only gripe is the charger being absent.

                              Dex mode, ability to connect perpherals with just a usb hub, can be used a whole display (extremely important for artists), can connect to an external display and it can do all this BOTH WIRELESS AND WIRELESSLY

                              Granted the tab s7+ is no slouch, and it still has like 70% of the compute performance of the s8+ and if u can save some money that's great too.

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                                • idkeh
                                • 6vN
                                • 18 Mar 2022

                                Barezkarem, 15 Mar 2022128GB 8GB RAM variant is for 790$ in iraq. Share the price ... moreomg from where did u k ow the price pls lemme know too since i live in iraq too

                                  128GB 8GB RAM variant is for 790$ in iraq. Share the price in your country

                                    Is this tablet waterproof?

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                                      • Abe
                                      • PFX
                                      • 08 Mar 2022

                                      DevWarehouse, 08 Mar 2022It's actually 2.8.I can't find that info anywhere about it's Spen latency. Could you please share that source? Thank you.

                                        Abe, 08 Mar 20226.2 ms latency for S pen! Is that Correct or Typo from GSM arena?It's actually 2.8.