Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series' S Pen gets FCC certification

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series will all support a new S Pen, which has just passed through the FCC to get certified.

The S Pen, model name EJ-PX710, supports Bluetooth Low Energy, has a built-in 2.40V capacitor for quick recharging, and will likely be attached to the tablet through a magnetic strip on the back, just like on the Galaxy Tab S8 series.

Also just like the Galaxy Tab S8 series, the Galaxy Tab S9 series will feature three members - the Galaxy Tab S9, likely the smallest, the Tab S9+, a bigger middle option, and the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. The Ultra will have a 14.6-inch Super AMOLED with 120Hz refresh rate.

Earlier today we learned that the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra will arrive in three memory versions - 8/128GB, 12/256GB, and 16/512GB. The Ultra will retain the 11,200mAh battery capacity of its predecessor.

FCC certification of the new S Pen

All three slabs will run on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip.

Also, all three tablets will premiere IP67 water and dust resistance in the mainstream tablet lineup.

Samsung is yet to set a date for the announcement of the tablet trio, but once we hear more about them we'll keep you posted.


Reader comments

  • GenZ

the marketting of iPad is always against the Laptop. then they introduce "powerful" M1 and pitch against Laptop. Tab S9 should do the same. Snapdragon8Gen2 has more powerful processor and graphic capibility.

  • 118

It is a game changer to Laptop, Should sell using Laptop Marketing just launch more variants: 8.5inch, 10inch 12inch 14inch 17inch and sell by pre-order method like Dell and Lenovo laptop. and ppl want flagship even from ...

  • Oree

best wireless charging pen, since 2013.