Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

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  • RedZobe
  • Mfx
  • 16 Jun 2014

Its just a enlarged version of the Note 3

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    • fred
    • 4jJ
    • 16 Jun 2014

    Really perfect, SUPER AMOLED is the upper-hand compare to other tablets.

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      • Anonymous
      • LaB
      • 15 Jun 2014

      AnonD-81014, 14 Jun 2014"we trimmed it in gold to give it an aura of luxury&qu... moreYou are absolutely right. First, Android developers must optimize their apps and games for tablets, to use their power. This is why Android needs quad, octa, super extra quad + super extra mega turbo octa cores to reach the Ipad. The Ipad is amazing. The optimised OS and apps are amazing on an only dual core processor.
      This tablet is a waste of money and hardware components.
      Maybe Android will soon offer apps optimised for tablets. MAYBE. BUT anyway, OF COURSE there will be no more updates and support when those apps will be available. Games will not run because of "Old Android Version".
      I do not see any benefits of buying this tab instead the screen resolution which is good for reading text and watching movies.
      The only devices with Android I would buy are the Nexus and Google Play Edition devices, because of Google's long time support.

      But at the moment, i would really choose IPad. Seriously.

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        • AnonD-81014
        • prj
        • 14 Jun 2014

        "we trimmed it in gold to give it an aura of luxury"

        Where'd they get that idea? Lol
        iPad is still better. iOS have much more and quality apps for tablets

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          • Hughugdf
          • 8f$
          • 13 Jun 2014

          This tablet is great id be willing to trade my iPad Air for this

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            • SimSim
            • fkM
            • 13 Jun 2014

            why no gorilla glass or scratch-resistant glass ?

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              • Anonymous
              • nsC
              • 13 Jun 2014

              Plz,compare with galaxy tab pro 8.4 ?
              Which display is better for studying?
              How about IPad mini2?