Samsung Galaxy Trend II Duos S7572

Samsung Galaxy Trend II Duos S7572

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  • AJRR_G1Dream

Anonymous, 09 Apr 2014why is it i can not find a thailand keyboard with samsu... moreJust use google translate

  • AJRR_G1Dream

Anonymous, 17 Apr 2014I am planned to Buy this phone Galaxy Trend II Duos S7572pl... moreIt is as slow as a turtle. It just hangs. Just buy a blu studio j1. that's beeter than this.

  • S7572 20130527

Still use the S7572..... until 2020

  • Anonymous

Jasse, 17 Jul 2013I just bought this phone, could someone please tell me what... moreStop charging me for something i no nothing about please

  • from canada

still use it .. an efficient phone

  • Somalloco

Anonymous, 28 Aug 2015Worst company n worst phone. Hang so much throw it in dustb... moreDude if you were smart, you would've read the reviews and comments, checked the specification and then decide whether that phone is the right one for you, I know your comment was posted in 2015 but at that time Samsung was producing high quality mid range smartphones that neither were expensive or cheap but more in between.

  • Somalloco

ulmaa, 20 Feb 2018when I take this phone into my hand I always think how to g... moreI had that same feeling too I swear.

  • ulmaa

when I take this phone into my hand I always think how to get rid of it.

This phone never was a trend. At the time of it's release, the only trending phones were iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

  • Anonymous

its totally down 👇

  • AnonD-656428

I used it a couple days ago, it was slow as a turtle, slow as a sloth. I couldn't even open whatsapp or line. I tried to kill some apps, then I managed to open line.
Maybe without all the google services and a custom firmware it could be fine, but otherwise it's just an awful experience!

  • Shiv

512 mb ram

  • user

as slow as tortoise,hanging as a pendulum

  • Anonymous

What the hell ? No Ram mentioned ?!

  • TechDumb

kim, 05 Apr 2016how can i hard reset Samsung galaxy trend 2 duos coz it's o... morego to recovery mode . select wide data and cache . :d

  • kim

how can i hard reset Samsung galaxy trend 2 duos coz it's over freezing if i try to go to the Internet

  • Reza

Samsung have just lost 1 loyal customer


internal memory very less mobile hangup very quickly................useless mobile

  • musu

Listen everybody samsung company is the great mobile manufacturing company.Samsung's Mobile phones which ranges from 5,000 to 9,000 they lack many features like S duos series,Trend,Galaxy young,Star pro etc so the Samsung company is suggested to improve ur low price's devices

  • Med

Ram , 23 May 2015i have 464 MB in my internal memory still not able to insta... moreI Have Galaxy Trend 2 Lite & his internal Memory is 4GB but bear in mind the system of the mobile has 2,..?GB which means the rest is 1.00GB.