Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

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  • Angela

Battery lasts only for 2 days maximum. Takes 2 hours to charge it. More accurate than Galaxy Watch. Very light. But gets scratch very easily.

Yo, 26 Jun 2019SO, WHat does 4GB memory of this watch used for?you can save music and photos on it
it has Bluetooth so you can connect any wireless headphones and leave ur phone at home, like if you're going for a jog

  • Yo

SO, WHat does 4GB memory of this watch used for?

  • Anonymous

Just as a heads-up/correction, the watch does not have any speakers. It does have a microphone.

  • Heavy user

it is very good... very beautiful... very accurate
i recommend it for any one want a simple smartwatch and a reliable readings

  • LL

my watch is not responsive is anyone have this problem? My watch won't show all the apps, its not on all day like it has been.

  • TheBlueCatLord

san, 03 May 2019hi...... someone try to connect this watch to a huawei for ... moreConnected it to Xioami phone - works perfect

Is there any one using this watch?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2019Does it have a alti-barometer app? I am mostly on the field... moreyes

  • san

hi...... someone try to connect this watch to a huawei for example?if yes.... it works ok? or is made only for samsung phones

  • Anonymous

Does it have a alti-barometer app? I am mostly on the field so I need to have at least a rough estimate of my elevation. I know the Galaxy Watch 2018 has one so does this one also have one?

  • Zammo

Does this work with Google Play Music?

  • Chris

Has this got a heart rate sensor and ability to check your Blood Pressure? I read a review on Samsung's website and the guy was saying these functions hadn't yet been enabled on his device.

Armin, 19 Mar 2019Has the watch microphone? So, if I have a call, can I use i... moreYes it has a microphone for bixby and other speach to text services, you can't take calls.

  • Anonymous

supermen, 04 Apr 2019Is there an iption to speak on the phone?yes, speech to text, Bixby and voice recorder are supported

  • Anonymous

I used it for two weeks - it's good but not perfect.

- stylish green color and appearance
- lightweight and decent size, sufficiently small but screen size remains okay
- very comfortable wristband - I can wear it all day including sleeping
- wireless charging - this prevent any potential contact issue with cable charging
- oled screen looks awesome, interface is cool and responsive
- most smartwatch functions are in place - phone notifications, switch song, weather, heart rate/sport, sleep tracking, alarm, calendar, calculator... and even music player and Samsung pay

Not that good:
- map and WhatsApp are missing (the biggest missing feature of Samsung watch.... which are available in both wear os and apple watch)
- speaker is removed - no call function, and morning alarm is only snoozing
- altimeter is also removed - which means missing figures for hiking
- due to small battery/small watch size, it requires daily charge (use >60% per 24 hours)
- does not support normal qi wireless charger - taobao's third party charger are for previous models only. Maybe samsung's
intention is want you to get a s10... but I have note 9 already :(

but anyway... for android users, there is no perfect watch os in the market, I would rather select the best looking watch, and this is already the best available choice in the market.

  • supermen

Is there an iption to speak on the phone?

  • czandor

Warning! There is no Loudspeaker in the watch!

  • Tostado

Can I load a .kmz file and follow the route in real time?

  • Armin

Has the watch microphone? So, if I have a call, can I use it for microphone or just with headphone?