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Arno, 10 Jun 2021Paid R6000 for samsung galaxy watch. Lasted 16 months. Woul... moreI only paid $77 US for my Galaxy Watch Active at Best Buy, in April 2021. So far I have not run into any issues. But I also got a two year extended warranty from Best Buy, for $16. Just in case. Which also includes accidental damage.

  • Arno

Paid R6000 for samsung galaxy watch. Lasted 16 months. Would not hold a charge. I was told it would be the motherboard and should pay R3750 to get repaired. Was not even opened at the repair centre.

  • Anonymous

Scob lorby, 18 Feb 2021Can you make phone calls from the watch itself?Yes you can

  • Scob lorby

Can you make phone calls from the watch itself?

  • BMY

how to install another sport tracker, in galaxy watch active, like badminton or futsal tracker

  • sam

Cornel, 22 Jan 2020Hi, My phone (Samsung A30) and watch does not automaticall... morei try to answer your question,in samsung galaxy watch active can't automatic sync. If you want that techonology,you can choose samsung galaxy watch active 2,thankyou

  • Cornel

My phone (Samsung A30) and watch does not automatically sync/connect again when is was out of range. I have to manually go into the 'Galaxy Wearable app' and connect the 2 again. This problem started 2 days ago after the syncing/connecting worked well since I received the phone on 10 Jan 2020. Someone else having the same problem?

  • Fren

abucida, 11 Dec 2019Hi, can anyone tell me, is this smartwatch can installed Is... moreyou can install it..

  • Zahid

I bought this watch 10 month ago and barometer malfunction due to water damage, what the hell water damage..? Samsung claimed it can be use for swimming and diving within 50 meters, and i only use the watch for normal activities, i'm not a diver and swimmer, and no physical damage seen on the watch, but Samsung didn't allow me to claim the watch and ask me to pay RM600 for the repair, bullshit...!!! IP68 water can get in..? Samsung blame me for the damage, i'm not satisfied with their answer, all bullshit, better buy Xiaomi, cheaper and water can't get in even with IP67 specs...terrible

  • Anonymous

My only complaint is about the screen size too small(1.1 inch) and the bezal too huge. Compare to watch active 2, active 2 got bigger screen(1.2 inch), and bezal is touch sensitive rotatable, both watch active 1 and 2 have the same size and dimension.

Battery is OK, with only Bluetooth enable, notification come in, till the day end, it left 50% with always I. Display mode, with always on display mode, it left 65%. Might as well open always on display right?

Hi, can anyone tell me, is this smartwatch can installed Islamic Prayer Times ? Thanks

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know if google pay is compatible with this?

  • Anonymous

Tashi, 12 Sep 2019Can v pick or call phone calls from this watch? Any new updates?yes can pck up phone but no speaker you need a air buds or hear it
with your phone

  • Victory

I got this watch as a gift for purchased galaxy note 10 at samsung superstore....thx samsung

  • Usmj

No speaker.... otherwise good

  • Tashi

Can v pick or call phone calls from this watch?
Any new updates?

No loudspeaker please fix the description, i bought the watch to find out i cant hear any notification just vibration...

  • Review

I m using mate 20 pro and i can see a bit of battery taken using Bluetooth combined with the watch plugin, it takes around 3 To 8% battery drop than the usuall but i think is enough

  • review

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2019I used it for two weeks - it's good but not perfect. Goo... moreyou can use here we go for maps, for whatapps you can reply back the notification so if we talk about function wise, it's not missing it just there's no stand alone apps for the watch

  • review

About the watch here some info you can't find elsewhere

the watch is very light at 25g you can feel it on your hand
the strap rubber is comfortable
i like the slim simple design
the motion tracker is accurate, it can detect whetever you go up stairs , it can direffentiate walking fast to running
battery life is quite okay, 1 day with intense usage and 2 days with bluetooth notification and so on
if you want to save battery dont forget close all apps, this is a smartwatch with OS after all and it can drain your watch battery
The cpu is quite powerfull compared to others ,especially fitbit amazfit snapdragon wear 3100 and mediatek, this is because it can track and process data accurately but this is my opinion
the display is great with my middle size finger i can use it easily but quite hard for replying message with built in keyboard
The charging is qi based but my mate 20 pro can't charge it using reverse wireless charging,samsung maybe block the mechanism so user will prefer s10+, this is because the galaxy burd charge fine on my mate 20 pro and that one is without an OS
Don't hope for good apps collection, the only useful one is here we go which you can use for nagivating with the watch and other few
Overal great watch for sports activity, for formal event you need to buy another strap maybe leather and stainless stell
GPS is accurate but it takes a while to lock on ,around 20 second and if you use it it will drain your battery faster 1-2 hours continious usage