Samsung Galaxy Watch models may get microLED displays next year

Samsung is the biggest OLED display supplier for smartphones and smartwatches. Apple's Watch series use Samsung OLED panels, and the Korean tech giant is trying to secure its leadership by pushing the transition to the next-generation display tech.

The latest report claims that Samsung set up a team last year to commercialize microLED displays for smartwatches. The company is currently selling premium TVs with microLED, so making a commercially-viable solution for smartwatches isn't too far-fetched. In fact, people familiar with the matter claim that the team's deadline is this year.

Now, even if the newly-formed team at Samsung gets the job done, we wouldn't expect this year's Galaxy Watches or Apple Watches to feature these displays. The development of this year's wearables of both companies is likely already being finalized, but next year's watches might get a solid upgrade.

microLED panels are superior even to OLEDs in terms of brightness and energy efficiency and in turn offer better sunlight legibility.


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  • lianaboy

What is the name of the dark watch face on galaxy watch 4 classing on the picture? Looks quite nice

  • Anonymous

Actually technically they can be very similar in apple to Apple comparison