Samsung Galaxy Win I8550

Samsung Galaxy Win I8550

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  • Anonymous

Samsung should have named it Galaxy Pixelated

  • AnonD-132205

i like

  • AnonD-45523

can you record 1080p video using this phone?

  • AnonD-45523

Samsung giving same look to all their phones.So this can pass off as s3 because of the 4.7 inch screen

  • alex

AnonD-129751, 03 Apr 2013Same Design with s3 s4 note note2 grand ......check your eye this mobile have only CPU.Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A5............... all most Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562.......

  • Swap

It's mid rang amazing phone.. I waiting for this one

  • asdas

super amoled with 200ppi?

  • SuReSh

THe main drawbacks is, its pixel has very low as compared to other device..

  • Anonymous

Quadcore Cortex A5? Seriously Cortex A5? WVGA resolution on 4.7 inches? This is rubbish!

  • AnonD-83395

Nice to see that this phone has aspect ratio of 16 to 9.6

  • Maez

Wish they put it to 8mp camera than 5.

  • AnonD-109849

Galaxy grands younger it :)

  • Akshay

Wow... One more look alike... Maybe Samsung has cut off its expenses on the model designer of their Grow up samsung

  • sumesh guptha

Will be nice with 4.7 inch display and with good battery power...

  • xavi

Super amoled big screen with quad core ,in midrange , wow.

  • Anonymous

Will be nice with 4.7 inch display and with good battery power...

  • AnonD-129751

Same Design with s3 s4 note note2 grand ......

  • ME

I think this is the phone I've been looking for. Gotta go for it! 1st to post...Lol :-D

It's interesting to see this one has a 4.7 inch display. Samsung never made a 4.7 inch display phone.