Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4s

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4s

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  • VaruLV

As usual, subpar screen, low end specs and mid end price, why such release? Whos gonna buy this?

  • Force Majeure

The removable battery is one good feature. :)

  • Anonymous

Those who want a really rugged phone will get something like a Cat B35. As for this, buy a Galaxy S10e and wrap it with a rugged case and it will have the same size and durability (scratch tests?). Sure the S10e is more expensive but it’s also a hell of a lot better phone.

Why tho?

  • Alex

And still charging 250 euros, i wouldn't take it for free, good joke samsung :D

  • GG_Dragon

BigDisplay, 05 Jun 2019For what?For heavy duty workers, judging by the body itself and physical buttons. You don't need big screens or huge camera sensor for this phone, you just need it to survive even on worst conditions.

For what?