Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5

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  • Anonymous

is it possible to program the X Key button to answer calls and end a call? (Press, press and hold)

  • Anonymous

You have to consider that this phone is better than the Pixel phones because the Xcover 5 Enterprise Edition will receive five years of monthly and then quarterly system/security updates.

  • Anonymous

This phone looks like the little brother of the Xcover Pro. The rounded edges look very similar and both have a big orange button on the left side.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Apr 2021Android 11 ✔️ But one ui 2.0? Why not 3.1?It comes with OneUi 3.1. I tested it.

Tselligas, 16 Mar 2021I can live with the weak processor and the thick bezels, bu... more311 ppi is more than that someone with perfect vision and less than ~45 years old (no presbyopia) can exploit. 720p is enough for even 7". 1080p would spend CPU and battery power without reason.

  • Anonymous

Android 11 ✔️
But one ui 2.0?
Why not 3.1?

It's a nice enough phone, but also seems a little pointless and corners have been cut.
First of all: I have an Enterprise Edition (sold in DK), which may vary from the phone above (at least in the casing - the rest seems similar) - most notable, however, there's no finger print reader on the EE.

Anyway: I have a Xcover 4 which is brilliant, and on many parameters the Xcover 5 doesn't seem that much of an upgrade: The 4 runs Android 9, which is fine, and I've never experienced 'hunger' in terms of the resources running out. It's brilliant.
The Xcover 5 is better on a few points:
- Faster charging
- Newer software (which is not necessarily needed, but I expect updates will be supported for longer time)
The Xcover 5 disappoints on the following parameters:
- Biometrics is a price cutting face recognition, which is quite slow. Had prefered a fingerprint reader!
- The Camera is not that much better. Had Samsung taken the camera from, say, Galaxy S7/8 and stuck that on, this would have been a winner!
- The casing / feel. It's slippery. And I miss physical buttons (which, I concede, are vulnerable).
- The IPS screen seems somewhat dusty in it's colors. This just takes some getting used to, it grows on you.

All in all it's a nice enough phone. It doesn't however feel like any kind of leap forwards: Most users will be as happy with the Xcover 4 (or even the S-version if you want better specs).

And, it *WILL* provide the two major selling points: A good dust resistance, and a removable battery. All phones should have these features (though there's a risk the compromise each other).

  • Anonymous

Get a load of this guy above:

News flash: You can CHANGE it OUT. Check the specs.

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Buster, 14 Mar 2021Did Samsung officially mention a fingerprint reader? To me ... moreNo fingerprint reader :( I was really waiting for this one hoping it'd have it. But sadly no.

I know some people use these with gloves, but not *all* of them. A FP scanner would still be very worthwhile IMO.

agree, could have improved on the battery MAH

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Mar 2021Does it have Gorilla Glass?Yes, Corning Gorilla Glass 6

nice upgrade but they could of put an 4000mah batter instead

  • Anonymous

Erin, 09 Mar 2021Only compact phone so far in 2021. I wonder if there will b... moreI'm really hoping that to. Otherwise I'll have to buy a 2019 phone in 2021...

  • Anonymous

Does it have Gorilla Glass?

  • Andre

Several months ago I bought Samsung Xcover 4S. I may say autonomy is very bad. Xcover 4S battery lasts very bad.

  • Whyki

The description is not very accurate. The device is already in sale in CR and it does NOT have fingerprint reader.

  • Anonymous

lneam, 21 Mar 2021Xcover 5 DOES NOT have a notification LED !!!:-/
(thanks for your answer)

  • lneam

Xcover 5 DOES NOT have a notification LED !!!

  • Anonymous

ILS, 22 Feb 2021If it turns out to be smaller than 145mm, then it will fill... more+10 !

  • Anonymous

What about SAR / DAS ?