Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5

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  • Anonymous

guilmon, 02 Jul 2021USB Type-C 2.0, charging connector pins? Does this mean ... moreYes, you can use to file transfer, juwt it's a little bit slower than usb 3.0 conn3ction

  • Rrlands

I hope xcovers like this one and also samsung active are available in the philippines. We also have tough weather condition here.

  • guilmon

USB Type-C 2.0, charging connector pins?

Does this mean that USB port can't be used for file transfer?

It's like they took a galaxy s8 active, took away the best features threw them in trash and said .... want a rugged phone from Samsung, well then, here you go, a much cheaper a less durable less powerful and less popular phone in our lineup, it ain't no (s active), but I'm sure you'll be fine with it, I guess...

  • Anonymous

wally, 19 Jun 2021its not clear if it has FM Radio ? I have an eu version and it does have a fm radio

  • wally

its not clear if it has FM Radio ?

They don't make small compact phones like these anymore....

AMD, 19 May 2021I wanna say what samsung needs to improve. Ok 720p screen i... moreThis phone with a skinnier display, is smaller compared to the Xcover 4s

This phone is basically the rugged version of M01 Core

  • GP

I don't think this phone is so fat. Don't forget it has a rugged case, one that if added to any other phone separately would make it even thicker and heavier :)

I do really miss the fingerprint scanner though. I don't know why they left this out. Some users will be wearing gloves for sure, but not all. In our factories we have hundreds of these and none of them are being used with gloves. It's a big complaint about them.

Also, a cover for the USB port to stop dust and particles from getting in would be great, as well as wireless charging so you don't even have to open the USB port at all!

  • Anonymous

MB, 19 May 2021Could some please say if this phone can be locked using a P... moreI am not 100% sure, but there shouldn't be a reason for this feature not being on this phone, Samsung would have had to explicitly disable it. Plus, the phone needs a non-biometric key to encrypt the storage (which is a common standard nowadays).

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 May 2021This phone is so f a tyes this phone is so obese

  • Anonymous

This phone is so f a t

  • MB

Could some please say if this phone can be locked using a PIN or Password, as opposed to Facial Recognition, so that my partner can share this phone?

  • AMD

I wanna say what samsung needs to improve. Ok 720p screen is not that bad, and yes, this thing have small battery. Samsung you need to improve battery minimum 1000mah. 2021 smartohone with 3000MAh is bad. 4gb ram for that low price is good, but camera not. If that would been google pixel camera, that would been okay, but this is not google camera. The most needed thing is it's water resistant. This is waterproof phone, and it's meant to have it. only IP68, ahh bad. It's way better than xcover 4 and 4s. But some things needs to be improved.

  • AMD

Chrestos SV1GAP, 12 Apr 2021311 ppi is more than that someone with perfect vision and l... moreYou think 720p is enough? If you have iphone with 4.6 inch display, you will see that it's enough. Different here, i'm not saying that you need 4k display(like sony did) but you need 1080p for sure

  • David

Waleo, 05 May 2021It has FM Radio ?All phones have an FM radio receiver built in, whether they give you access to it or not is up to the developer.

Anonymous, 19 Apr 2021is it possible to program the X Key button to answer calls ... moreJup

  • Anonymous

Waleo, 05 May 2021It has FM Radio ?Yes, and now Xcover 5 price in Europe 249 euro

It has FM Radio ?