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Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5

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Camera focus is now broken on this phone model since the Android 14 update last week. Cant take photos and can't scan qr barcodes. Great job, Samsung!

    My two XCover5s updated with A14/UI6 are a disaster. Rear cameras can't focus and can't take sharp photos.

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      • maui
      • BQW
      • 24 Apr 2024

      Skinnie, 21 Apr 2024I read it had, but I can’t find the radio app. Anyone has i... moreHello you can download Radio app from Samsung Store or try to download the latest Apk from Uptodown (Samsung Radio for Android)

        Yes, XCover 5 has an FM radio with recording feature.

        My XCover 5 (UK version) was officially updated to Android 14 UI6.0 today.

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          • Skinnie
          • nrD
          • 21 Apr 2024

          TDK, 26 Aug 2021It has FM Radio ?I read it had, but I can’t find the radio app. Anyone has it? Tried to install Samsung radio app but no success. Let me know

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            • JH9
            • 18 Apr 2024

            Gotta respect that this phone has only 1 camera. But, a real camera and no 2mp macro chinese crap

              Anonymous, 28 Mar 2024Think it's going to stop at 13 .. XCover6 and 7 will h... moremy XCover6 Pro already got A14/UI6.0 two months ago... XCover 5 has only been in the market for 3 years... Samsung promised at least 4 years of software support on their XCover series enterprise edition.

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                • 0y1
                • 28 Mar 2024

                exp1orer, 24 Feb 2024will this phone ever get the Android 14? Some sites say Sam... moreThink it's going to stop at 13 .. XCover6 and 7 will have 14

                  will this phone ever get the Android 14? Some sites say Samsung would release the A14 upgrade to this phone in Dec 2023. It's already almost Mar2024 and still nothing... I went back to this phone as my main phone because of its small size (and because of a very nice case I bought) despite being very slow compared with my XCover6 Pro.

                    It appears that the Galaxy XCover7 will be a successor to the Galaxy XCover5 and not the Galaxy XCover6 Pro.
                    In addition to the XCover7 still having only 1 camera, it will have the same MediaTek Dimensity 6100+ chipset as the Galaxy A15 5G.

                      Anonymous, 29 Jun 2023How is Galaxy Xcover 5's PLS LCD screen when compared ... moreSeems XCover 5 PLS screen is slightly better than Tab3 Active PLS screen. I have both. XCover6 Pro PLS screen is much better that I don't want to go back to AMOLED anymore.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 7sE
                        • 20 Dec 2023

                        By far worst phone I have owned, only had it a week and i am already shopping for a replacement[not Samsung] it is inconvenient to use definitely not user friendly with more things i don't want than ones i do. Even functions I need to use are very poor, the only good thing about this phone will be throwing it in the bin the minute its replacement arrives

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                          • philh44
                          • AZd
                          • 09 Nov 2023

                          you have to suffer, 06 Feb 2023exynos 850 is too weak for android 12. so keep it at stock ... moreBS. Mine is perfectly fine on 13..

                            rot-ta, 29 Oct 2023If you want a Samsung phone that's compact and comes w... moreDoes it have notification led?

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                              • rot-ta
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                              • 29 Oct 2023

                              If you want a Samsung phone that's compact and comes with all the user-friendly features (microSD card slot, headphone jack and removable battery) that are so rare in 2023, what else is there? I honestly don't mind the subpar performance or cameras. I just wish this thing had the notification LED it's bigger brothers have.

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                                • nx{
                                • 19 Oct 2023

                                worst smartphone i've ever owned. by far.

                                  Papio Sphinx, 29 Aug 202313 Months since I bought the phone and it served me well up... moreI don't understand what you are expecting here, a phone worthy to travel into space with? This is a rugged device, not a mission critical device. It is designed in a way to survive rough use and it did, and they serviced it for you. Don't be extra needy.

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                                    • ozsigmon
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                                    • 06 Oct 2023

                                    Anonymous, 21 Mar 2023Running 13 with 5.1 without problems on a DS-modell. Don&#... moreSo do I

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                                      • Papio Sphinx
                                      • nB9
                                      • 29 Aug 2023

                                      Papio Sphinx, 01 Aug 2022I just bought this phone after days of research looking to ... more13 Months since I bought the phone and it served me well up until now. Sturdy, especially with the protective case, I could drop it on a concrete floor with confidence. It worked as desired for 13 months.

                                      But now it gave a warning of having water in the charging port and wouldn't charge, even though it didn't get wet in any way.

                                      I cleared out the port with a small tool to see if there was dust inside (there wasnt any dust)
                                      Eventually after a day it would charge again and I 'cleared the usb cache' as is advised when encountering the aforementioned problem. But a day later the battery was empty unexpectedly and when trying to charge it would display the charging symbol without the green moving ring. I tried to charge it for hours, but it wouldn't do anything.

                                      Brought it to a Samsung service point and they said they were going to repair it within 3 days. I asked for a substitute phone for the time being but they couldn't offer it. So now I will have to do those days without a smartphone ( which is inconvenient for my work).
                                      They also warned me that it could come back with the storage wiped, I suggested they might as well just give me a new one then, but they couldn't. I asked if they could send me the phone once repaired but they told me I had to come retrieve it at the service point.

                                      Not the reliable phone I hoped for.