Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5

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  • 06 Oct 2023

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2023Running 13 with 5.1 without problems on a DS-modell. Don&#... moreSo do I

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    • Papio Sphinx
    • nB9
    • 29 Aug 2023

    Papio Sphinx, 01 Aug 2022I just bought this phone after days of research looking to ... more13 Months since I bought the phone and it served me well up until now. Sturdy, especially with the protective case, I could drop it on a concrete floor with confidence. It worked as desired for 13 months.

    But now it gave a warning of having water in the charging port and wouldn't charge, even though it didn't get wet in any way.

    I cleared out the port with a small tool to see if there was dust inside (there wasnt any dust)
    Eventually after a day it would charge again and I 'cleared the usb cache' as is advised when encountering the aforementioned problem. But a day later the battery was empty unexpectedly and when trying to charge it would display the charging symbol without the green moving ring. I tried to charge it for hours, but it wouldn't do anything.

    Brought it to a Samsung service point and they said they were going to repair it within 3 days. I asked for a substitute phone for the time being but they couldn't offer it. So now I will have to do those days without a smartphone ( which is inconvenient for my work).
    They also warned me that it could come back with the storage wiped, I suggested they might as well just give me a new one then, but they couldn't. I asked if they could send me the phone once repaired but they told me I had to come retrieve it at the service point.

    Not the reliable phone I hoped for.


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        • 29 Jun 2023

        How is Galaxy Xcover 5's PLS LCD screen when compared with Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3's?

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          • Gabi
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          • 14 Apr 2023

          c-dubble, 22 Dec 2022Typically one exchanges some capacity for removable phone b... moreYour comment reflects my opinion. "Cases of batteries" yes, please! My first cellphone used AA batteries as well as mains charging option.
          There are plans to reintriroduce batteries again.
          Best regards

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            • 02 Apr 2023

            The camera is suffering from lens flare. Best to use a hood when needed.

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              • Catfish
              • i2c
              • 02 Apr 2023

              I have a dual sim X cover 5. I have it on android 13 One ui 5.1. I am pretty happy with it. But, it does have entry level guts, it feels pretty good most of the time, not flagship snappy, but pretty good, some websites are very noticeably slow, namely Bunnings, and if you keep 30+ tabs open in your browser you will start to feel it. The two big things I feel is it takes a minute plus to turn on, and the camera takes 4 or 5 seconds to launch, and can be slow to focus and shoot. I am pretty happy with it, the display is definitely not as pretty as the flagships, and I noticed it was a bit slower than the s9 that I swapped from, but I am pretty happy with it.

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                • gy@
                • 21 Mar 2023

                Running 13 with 5.1 without problems on a DS-modell. Don't understand comment about it beeing too weak for 13. I don't game, so not tested for that. For other tasks, in practical use, I don't feel any difference in speed since it was new with 11. I don't like switching phones, so the long support period and the easy battery replacement was the reason I bought this model. Ideally I would have liked a smaller phone, but that's not easy with todays phone trends. After about two years ownership, I'm satisfied.

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                  • user
                  • phj
                  • 20 Mar 2023

                  Is it OK to update from Android 12 OneUI 4.1 to Android 13, reportedly not possible to rollback update? Anyone updated, is it OneUI 5.1 or only 5.0 for this device?

                    Anonymous, 18 Jan 2023Is it ok to update the system? New update is android 12.exynos 850 is too weak for android 12. so keep it at stock firmware.
                    even samsung gives android 13 for this, it'll struggle to boot up.

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                      • 18 Jan 2023

                      Is it ok to update the system? New update is android 12.

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                        • 7X4
                        • 13 Jan 2023

                        exp1orer, 25 Dec 2022I'm holding off buying the XCover 6 Pro... XCover 5 is... morewell good for you, it has an ultrawide camera and fingerprint scanner

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                          • exp1orer
                          • nFK
                          • 25 Dec 2022

                          I'm holding off buying the XCover 6 Pro... XCover 5 is due for replacement early next year, 2 years after it was introduced. I am really hoping to get a wide angle lens on the next iteration and biometric sensor. They should retain the 'small' form factor and reduce the top and bottom bezel. I don't want any teardrop or hole type screen. Location of XCover button should be placed a bit higher to avoid accidental push and it should not have a slippery grip.

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                            • explorer
                            • nFK
                            • 23 Dec 2022

                            c-dubble, 22 Dec 2022Folks who prioritize durability, utility over style, entert... moreit's the only phone i can buy in the market that has a small screen and can be used with two layers of gloves in my hands (as required in my job). the rest of the features like ruggedness, replaceable battery, 4-year software support, etc are just a bonus to me...

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                              • c-dubble
                              • IuD
                              • 22 Dec 2022

                              BrianCoriour, 27 Sep 2021How come i never heard of this phone untill i search for sm... moreFolks who prioritize durability, utility over style, entertainment.

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                                • c-dubble
                                • IuD
                                • 22 Dec 2022

                                exp1orer, 25 Jun 2022very bad excuse...just because it has a removable battery p... moreTypically one exchanges some capacity for removable phone batteries. I do motorcycle trips and would prefer to change the battery along the way instead of having to keep it plugged in (useful in hot conditions where the phone heats up while running several apps and charging). I'd rather be able to use one battery and charge another while riding (placed somewhere out of the sun).

                                Now, if the phone makers would get away from their obsession with thin, pretty phones, perhaps we could have larger replaceable batteries. Perhaps even better would be *cases* with replaceable batteries.

                                (shrug) yay for options.

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                                  • Brim
                                  • 43C
                                  • 25 Nov 2022

                                  Don, 23 Nov 2022Purchased one of these on eBay (USA) from a Korean seller w... moreSM-G525N (G525NZKAKOO) have 4G bands 2,4,5,12,17(at&t),66 that works in USA, SM-G525F is not, and according to it does support VoLTE.

                                  Mine works with T-mobile to this date, touch wood. Disabled WiFi, Disabled Calling over Wifi, disabled Mobile Data, disabled Roaming, use LTE as preferred network mode. SIM status read both Mobile voice network type and Mobile data network type as LTE. I can dial out and receive calls without any problem.

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                                    • samy
                                    • 3Z5
                                    • 23 Nov 2022

                                    What the hell am I doing on this website commenting on some smartphone? Hopefully this may help some people to make their choice.
                                    After reading some of the comments here, I was about *not* to buy this phone. Fortunately I went ahead and ordered it anyways.
                                    I've been using this phone for a week now and quite happy about it.
                                    - it's snappy and smooth, performing as I would expect. I'm using email, chrome, whatsapp, deezer, + some bank apps, and record some music. The phone is very responsive. I removed or disabled all the bloatware as much as possible. Believe it or not, I can even call people and send text messages.
                                    - The battery lasts a few days in my case. I put it on airplane mode at night to save the battery.
                                    - it has a decent pocket-size size. All the shops were selling overpriced phones that don't fit in my pocket. What the hell? If I really need a big screen I just use my laptop on which I'm writing this text.
                                    - it is decently priced. I won't cry if it breaks
                                    - too bad indeed that it doesn't have a notification led, but in a few weeks I will get used to it.

                                    So overall I'm quite happy with this one!

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                                      • Don
                                      • 4RI
                                      • 23 Nov 2022

                                      Purchased one of these on eBay (USA) from a Korean seller who has sold a bunch of them. Bought primarily because of the replaceable battery (that most USA smartphones no longer have) and worldwide specs found on other websites that stated VoLTE is a feature for the model SM-G525/f. THE KOREAN VERSION IS NO GOOD FOR MOST NETWORKS IN THE USA because the specs are different - the model number - not disclosed by the sellers - ends in /N (not /f) and in this version the VoLTE feature is not present. Therefore, as USA cellular carriers are discontinuing 2G and 3G networks by the end of 2022 and are requiring compatible phones for 4G to have the VoLTE feature, this phone is not compatible. And that is likely why Samsung does not market it to the USA.