Samsung Galaxy Xcover FieldPro

Samsung Galaxy Xcover FieldPro

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  • WantThis

Notches? There's no steenking notches.... Wait, there isn't one.
Someone needs to update gsmarena on this one..
Srsly, check out samsung's own news page with specs at:

  • Dula

Internal is poor what if 64gb 4gb ram or 64gb 6gb ram?

  • juanperu

Mari70, 29 Oct 20193/32 ? this is for guberment only i think

  • aaaaa

Three flash LEDs on the back yet not a single one is dual-tone. I guess thats not a big deal on a rugged phone but come on Samsung.

  • Rasel


  • Anonymous

Non-removable Li-Po 4500 mAh battery?
well, better check your facts again, 'cause according to Samsung, the battery is user replaceable a.k.a. removable .

  • Goodfellow

No Fast Charging.

3/32 ?

  • Moses Mshilikale

Notch is a drawback