Samsung Galaxy Young 2

Samsung Galaxy Young 2

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Jan 2019Very reliable phone. Battery can last up to 6 hours on full non-... moreYeah, same here!
Can't believe this phone outlasted my newest phone with 2200mAH battery when streaming shows.

  • irene

i love my phone and it is very important to me but it just stopped charging

  • Anonymous

Very reliable phone. Battery can last up to 6 hours on full non-stop video streaming use.

  • ex

the screen is tank,it take me lot of dropping to break the screen
good job with that phone!

  • yoyo

i love this phone... it does the basic things.. keeps me connected to wifi and whatsapp...

  • Anonymous

I have been using this phone since Feb 2015

  • gianni

Still working good and it's not dual.If you clean some things it works fine.

  • Azucka666

Well, this is a good one for my first smartphone. I have done many modification within it. You can't relying much on smartphone with low specificationbut is good too for a basic.

  • Luo

I'm a senior citizen and I am rather satisfied with this phone that I bought two years ago at a very low price. It's certainly slow for twitter and facebook but it's okay for Whatsapp. Unlike my wife's Samsung notebook I haven't been able to access the files or the SD card from my laptop.

  • AnonD-668644

Well with half gig of a ram you cant expect much, this phone is good for basic tasks and some games (puzzle games moustly) but for other games no, and i think (because i own one) that in 2017 this is realy bad phone if you buy it for more than 45 dollars

  • Anonymous

Very stupid this phone... the games run bad

  • tuga

it says its dual sim but i cannot see any extra slot for that!

  • Happy User

Have been using this since dec 2014 and no complaints. Solid reliable phone, though more storage is always useful.

  • Claudio

Worst phone, sometimes restarts on swiping,turns off alone,often paralyzed state.

  • Anonymous

The phone does what i bought it for; calls, messages, whatsapp. I like it. If i need more stuff i will get an S7 or note Aand give this to my daughter, who also loves it.

  • AnonD-619140

AnonD-581640, 07 Sep 2016the samsung galaxy young 2 is rubbish & slow not enough memo... moreBuy a bloody sd card with more memory then. Duhh

  • Tomad

My mom has this phone. It can be used just for calling. Anything else is just not possible to do w/o throwing it against a wall... It incredibly slow, camera is useless... Even my Nokia C7 is faster than this "smartphone".

  • adam

MAC, 30 Jul 2016what a lot of rubbish. never mind how easy the owner wants it t... moreusually iphone users compare their phones to very cheap android. try compare same price range.

  • AnonD-581640

the samsung galaxy young 2 is rubbish & slow not enough memory on only 4gb 0/10

  • torleiK

Sophie, 18 Jul 2016This phone is literally the worst phone ever!I got this phone fo... moreYou can't compare a Samsung Galaxy Young 2 with an iPhone...that's a completely unfair comparison.

It's like asking which is faster - the Camel or the the Cheetah.

I don't understand what you are expecting for a budget level handset?

Childish comment.