Samsung Galaxy Young 2

Samsung Galaxy Young 2

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  • NaughtyNick

It's was really underpowered but because I don't do a lot of gaming or watching videos you can easily get about the day's worth from this phone. If you start watching videos you will get about half a day's use out of it.

Fun Fact: The Galaxy Young 1 had more RAM (768MB), but this one is only 512MB! Now that is an improvement!

Internal memory is very limited (about 2GB) and you will have issues installing lots of apps and due to it running an old version of Android you will not be able to use the MicroSD as internal storage. You can move some apps to the MicroSD, but not all major apps support his. Also it seems to suffer from some type of slowness (after about a year or 2 worth of use) that doesn't go away even with a factory reset.

Still thought the phone ran well enough for daily use, but now even standard apps like chrome that use to run fine are very slow to load.

  • NaughtyNick

Anonymous, 22 Jun 2019Yeah, same here! Can't believe this phone outlasted my newest p... moreReally? Also 2200mah is quite low, it was probably the bigger screen that ate most of the power. Since this phone (Young 2) has a much smaller screen it will tend to last longer.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Jan 2019Very reliable phone. Battery can last up to 6 hours on full non-... moreYeah, same here!
Can't believe this phone outlasted my newest phone with 2200mAH battery when streaming shows.

  • irene

i love my phone and it is very important to me but it just stopped charging

  • Anonymous

Very reliable phone. Battery can last up to 6 hours on full non-stop video streaming use.

  • ex

the screen is tank,it take me lot of dropping to break the screen
good job with that phone!

  • yoyo

i love this phone... it does the basic things.. keeps me connected to wifi and whatsapp...

  • Anonymous

I have been using this phone since Feb 2015

  • gianni

Still working good and it's not dual.If you clean some things it works fine.

  • Azucka666

Well, this is a good one for my first smartphone. I have done many modification within it. You can't relying much on smartphone with low specificationbut is good too for a basic.

  • Luo

I'm a senior citizen and I am rather satisfied with this phone that I bought two years ago at a very low price. It's certainly slow for twitter and facebook but it's okay for Whatsapp. Unlike my wife's Samsung notebook I haven't been able to access the files or the SD card from my laptop.

  • AnonD-668644

Well with half gig of a ram you cant expect much, this phone is good for basic tasks and some games (puzzle games moustly) but for other games no, and i think (because i own one) that in 2017 this is realy bad phone if you buy it for more than 45 dollars

  • Anonymous

Very stupid this phone... the games run bad

  • tuga

it says its dual sim but i cannot see any extra slot for that!

  • Happy User

Have been using this since dec 2014 and no complaints. Solid reliable phone, though more storage is always useful.

  • Claudio

Worst phone, sometimes restarts on swiping,turns off alone,often paralyzed state.

  • Anonymous

The phone does what i bought it for; calls, messages, whatsapp. I like it. If i need more stuff i will get an S7 or note Aand give this to my daughter, who also loves it.

  • AnonD-619140

AnonD-581640, 07 Sep 2016the samsung galaxy young 2 is rubbish & slow not enough memo... moreBuy a bloody sd card with more memory then. Duhh

  • Tomad

My mom has this phone. It can be used just for calling. Anything else is just not possible to do w/o throwing it against a wall... It incredibly slow, camera is useless... Even my Nokia C7 is faster than this "smartphone".

  • adam

MAC, 30 Jul 2016what a lot of rubbish. never mind how easy the owner wants it t... moreusually iphone users compare their phones to very cheap android. try compare same price range.