Samsung Galaxy Young S6310

Samsung Galaxy Young S6310

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So I factory reseted this phone, which I have since 2013 and it's back to it's old speed, and memory isn't clogged anymore. Works beautifully.

I have the S8, but when I go to forrest I just don't carry it with me, and if I'll work at construction site again, I don't want to have my S8 there.

The Samsung Galaxy Young is virtually indestructible, I still have the first screen protector I put on it and it's first and only case, it survived dozens of drops during the years, I used it, my sister used it when she broke her phone, my mom used it... now I'm gonna put another SIM in it, and use this phone as my secondary device. When battery goes bad, you just buy a new one, I just hope there will still be batteries for them to buy, since I want this device to live, it was my first smartphone, and to this day, it's working. I can't describe how satistfied I am with this buy. It wasn't expensive at all and it's been serving me, and everyone else for years! That's the meaning of word QUALITY!

Macbeth, 04 Nov 2017An old phone that was considered "budget" at the time of it's re... moreIt's feats aren't impressive by no means, they weren't impressive even when it first came out... but this phone is seriously tough!

An old phone that was considered "budget" at the time of it's release...yeah I'm definitely not impressed.

  • karaine lenges

update my Samsung galaxy young

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2017Please can anyone help? How do I delete unwanted photos from my... moredo factory reset.

  • Noname

I'm still using this phone today..
awsome, need repalscement today cause of lack of ROM adan RAM now..:D

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Feb 2013Nokia's stradegy in the past. Release a crap load of phones and... moreBlackBerry murdering Samsung in 2013? lol

  • Anonymous

Please can anyone help? How do I delete unwanted photos from my Gallery? Many thanks for any assistance.

My first smartphone, I bought it in 2013 in may, served me well for more than 2 years. With apps like Facebook and Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp it got slow, especially because I had lots of photos on it. These 3 apps were kinda too much for that phone. So today my mother uses this phone, which means the phone survived more than 4 years, she only has whatsapp so it serves her well.

  • Katttt

I'm still using this phone for 3 years. Mag 4 years na this September.

  • AnonD-670052

Used it for a couple of years, got another one, and the SQ6310 work 24/7 for BOINC World Community Grid now.

  • AnonD-420458

Please go away from this phone, very outdated and slow.

  • AnonD-662514

Been using this phone for about 3 years and all I can say is that this phone really awesome that it is still functioning up to this date. Its like a brand new even up today. I use this phone as my second phone when I go outside and still rocking. Downside is the internal memory but it is not a big deal as this phone is just an entry level so no doubt with that. Will take care of this phone as this is no longer found in any stores nowadays. Samsung phone/s are always sturdy and awesome.

  • Gtt

this is my first smartphone, never think to let it go because this smartphone is reliable.

  • ezermester

To enable otg suport on GT-S6310 Android 4.1.2 folow the next steps:
1 you need an Y OTG cable whit external power source
2 phone root whit clockworkmod + framework + supersu
3 instal from google play :
- USB Host Check - fixing permision files in android;
- OTG_patch - eneable otg host mode
- StickMount Pro - mount, unmount memory
- Es File Explorer
- USB Device info
After unmount stick you have to click: OTG mode "peripheral"

  • Carlson

It auto restarts me when I turn it on. How can i fix it?

  • Anonymous

Used it for about 2 years until I updated but it worked fine, the battery lasted me up to three days without charging at all, and I could play music non stop for more than five hours and it was at about 77%. Because it was old, it couldn't have new apps which didn't support the update but otherwise if you just need a phone and don't need fancy new apps then this is a great phone. Best first smartphone ever.

  • Sgr

I bought this phone in June 2013.I used this for almost 2.5 years but then I bought another phone.But after 3.5 years i still have this SAMSUNG s6312.Still working like new one.
It is one of the best phone that Ever produced by SAMSUNG.

  • Jakir

I still have this phone for about three years and it is still working fine like a brand new one. This phone is really sturdy and excellent although the internal memory is really slow that doesn't bother me at all. I love Samsung phones as always.

  • AnonD-610334

I was wondering if i could get any advices/help because i have had this phone for 3 years already but last vacation while i was texting my friend my phone just vibrated and a note was on it. It says that the battery has been disconnected and it shut down and i tried opening and buying new batteries but it wont even start When i charge it .it just has a battery symbol that has a triangle with a no battery sign! need help( sorry for bad grammar)