Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

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  • Anonymous
  • SdF
  • 26 Mar 2023

Had the Flip 3 for +1 year now.
Nothing wrong with it at all performance wise, nothing.
The flimsy screen foil needed replacing, but that's not a biggy, replaced with Whitestone Dome protector, so much better.
Very happy with the F3 and will get the F5 next.
This F3 will become a very good back up phone.

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    • karla
    • SXh
    • 23 Mar 2023

    anonamaous, 19 Mar 2023do your phone heat like crazy when scrolling instagram i ju... moreNo! I have this phone for year and 2 months, spend a lot of time on instagram daily and not heating, not a bit. Sorry, I hope you will solve it.

      Anonymous, 05 Feb 2023A conflicted phone, a story when weaker battery and flagshi... moredo your phone heat like crazy when scrolling instagram i just got the phone for like a week

        do anyone experience heating scrolling instagram for like 5 minutes

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          • Martu
          • LLv
          • 13 Mar 2023

          Until some days ago, I used to be an avid defender of this phone, but it's completely disappointed me. After eleven (11) months of usage, air bubbles appeared on the screen protector, right over the crease. It was quite annoying, but it could be easily replaced, so it really wasn't that big of a deal. The serious problem happened two days ago, after fifteen (15) months of usage, when a white line appeared on the middle of the screen (right where it folds), and its upper half became completely useless. Content can be seen, but it doesn't respond to touch anymore.
          I immediately switched to an old phone, so the Z Flip had been off until today, when I turned it on only to find out the line kept expanding, and some pixels over the crease have died. Also, there is a small part of the lower half of the screen which also doesn't work anymore (but even if overall it's usable, that side of the screen also flashes an intermittent light that makes me think it won't be long until the entirety of the screen becomes absolutely unusable).
          I've loved the practicality of foldable phones, but I'm never buying another one again. I'm sure this wasn't my fault: it happened out of nowhere. I didn't drop it nor hit it with anything; the phone was literally lying over my bed when these issues began. I'm so upset.

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            • flagshipper
            • JLD
            • 10 Mar 2023

            i still have it since the beginning. Tall display is better for apps, basically anything except videos. It's ultra thin, super light for nowadays sad standards and is very durable. After all that time, i have zero scratches anywhere. Nothing on the screen, frame or back. Absolutely no case ever worn. That didn't happen to me in decades of flagship promiscuity.
            From time to time you need to replace the foil.
            Dex, USB3 - you DONT need that. I flash every 3 months, and waste 2 more minutes because of USB speed.

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              • Monu
              • 7kk
              • 01 Mar 2023

              Mean, 31 Oct 2022I've used it for a few months and for work purposes, t... moreHey,
              We are talking about THE zflip 3 here , not any Nokia handset. You are mentioning 4 to 5 days ,thats hilarious.

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                • Mr. Beluga
                • xjH
                • 26 Feb 2023

                samsung be like:
                "haters are my motivation"

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                  • Anonymous
                  • i}9
                  • 24 Feb 2023

                  Worst phone I ever bought. The screen malfunctioned after the first 3 months of owning. It randomly ghost touches everywhere and the top 1/3rd of my phone does not respond to touch.... I hate opening the thing. I can barely text on it and have called the police by accident multiple times.....

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                    • Nits
                    • 7kj
                    • 15 Feb 2023

                    Samshng lost my trust in flip phones.
                    The phone stopped charging when flip is open couple of days after the warranty expired.
                    When I took to the service center they told that I had to change screen costing 50% of the phone price!
                    I didn't understand why does they need to change screen when phone is not charging.

                    I would not suggest fold phones at present as I believe that the technology has not been developed yet!
                    It needs few years of testing until the flip series becomes reliable.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 0@t
                      • 05 Feb 2023

                      A conflicted phone, a story when weaker battery and flagship meet.
                      Phone has 3300, which is fine, and its better than the Moto Razr and most Iphones standing today. Lasts about 4 hours on saver mode if you dont tend to gaming.
                      Despite the low battery, it has some flagship features, such the 120hz display, water resistance and stereo speakers. Unfortuantly, unlike the S10e which had DeX despite the 3100 battery, the Z flip 3 doesnt have DeX.
                      Software support is great. Phone shipped with Android 11, Upgraded to Android 13, and supposed to last until Android 15 and security updates until 2026. Great one, samsung.
                      You can really find screen protectors for phone like this, except for hydrogel ones you can find on Aliexpress. So if youre careful about your phone, this phone is for you
                      Overrall Rating: 7.5/10

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                        • Anon
                        • w6Z
                        • 29 Jan 2023

                        I've been use this phone for like.. 6 months i think? I bought it in March 27 2022, yeah i know several months later the flip 4 came out, back to the review.
                        This phone is great! The camera quality is good for a 12 megapixels, for gaming this phone is the best since it using the 8 gen 1 and the RAM is 8 gig, the phone fit on my hand. The only thing you need to do is use this phone carefully and don't buy this phone just to test how strong this phone is.
                        The cons is the battery, 3300 MAH is small for a modern phone, even samsung 4500 MAH is draining fast.. so yeah if you used it for game all the time the battery will not withstand long..
                        By the way sorry for my bad grammar, i hate studying english

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                          • Anonymous
                          • U{0
                          • 02 Jan 2023

                          Don't ever buy Flip 3 phones. It's the worst and Samsung will loot you. Within a year of purchase, the screen gave up and there are green lines everywhere plus it doesn't switch on when flipped open. To top it, Samsung Customer Service is pathetic.

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                            • Doaa harb
                            • fqf
                            • 21 Nov 2022

                            The screen got screwed after 10 months .. they changed and then got screwed again after 3 months.. ZERO WORTH OF MONEY

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                              • MSDN
                              • fvE
                              • 19 Nov 2022

                              Daemon Targaryen, 20 Oct 2022I finally updated my Flip 3 to Android 12 and One 4.1.1. It... moreIn most case upgrade firmware is a very good idea, specially with a company like Samsung compared to Chinese company, this according on my own experience.

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                                • iamurosp
                                • TrD
                                • 13 Nov 2022

                                I've been using it now for almost 8 months.
                                I will only say- it's not made for playing games. I mean - you can play games if it charging it every 2-3 hours doesn't bother your.
                                Everything else, from my experience - great! No regrets buying it.
                                P.S. Careful buying phone cases from aliexpress though, not the best fit..

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                                  • d0ki
                                  • 8p0
                                  • 12 Nov 2022

                                  Hi guys i have a question fir z flip 3 users. When posting instagram story are you experiencing quality concerns?

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • hHW
                                    • 07 Nov 2022

                                    Jemlim, 16 Aug 2022SD card takes up space, which can be used for the hinges. S... moreIn other news, there seems to be enough room for an S-pen if that happens.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • DEP
                                      • 06 Nov 2022

                                      I just wish that Z flip next gen has body like original Z flip, curve frame rather than boxy like iphone, make it looking bulk than the original, also the whole design should be change a lot, no more short issue or damage screen or plastic cover at hinge, ive seen a lot of damage screen at middle also dead touch at top screen, the much better is short contact which can not flip while use

                                      Folded amoled still leave room for dust to enter altough whatever they did to close a hole since plastic amoled can’t be true folded like feature phone and accumulation of dust particle can make problem like broken hinge and damage screen or short contact, if there is no solution for this problem, yeah the problem will still occur in the future altough the problem will not occur before the warranty ends

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • HVC
                                        • 03 Nov 2022

                                        Daemon Targaryen, 20 Oct 2022I finally updated my Flip 3 to Android 12 and One 4.1.1. It... moreI still hate it just because of the overscroll