Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

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  • John

The Flip, 4 hours agoMy Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 got a November 1 security patch ... moreWow, your opinion about the iPhone 12, or 13 and face id sounds rather garbage and overrated!

My Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 got a November 1 security patch that was over 700 MB and fixed the throttling. Dolphin MMJ no longer slows down GameCube games in hot weather. Love it!

I don't care about all these folks saying we'll experience creasing in the middle of the display. That's maybe you who will start experiencing it. Not the majority. Only the negative comments are the most vocal ones. If it does on mine, I still have my Razr 5G as a backup. And if that breaks too, I'll buy the next Flip.

Go back to your oversized slab phones or the iPhone 12 or 13 mini that I can't stand because of iOS and Face ID. I only plan to buy flip phones. They're the most protective form factor. I get the tall screen that shrinks in my pocket when closed. As long as the throttling went away, I can play my GameCube games in peace.

  • Ion

I have z flip first version since released and the middle of the screen started peeling after 18 months of using everyday. It's closing and opening absolutely fine, except the condition of the main screen. I asked Samsung if they replace and it said to use until it breaks and I said that I will do if they give me free the new version and they said no. I was like wtf, I wasted £1300 for a plastic. I buy IPhone next time, is a lot cheaper on maintenance than Samsung. Therefore, we just pay the brand nowadays but I wait for Nokia, Blackberry, LG to get back in the market again, not only these two

joe nodden, 18 Nov 2021Trust me you're only gonna be set for a maximum of 6 m... moreLmao max 6 months? It's not going to last a damn month before it starts to break along the crease. It's going to get blacked out before you can even fully experience the entire phone.

  • audiophile

no 3.5mm jack. no buy.

  • Aminul

MeLikeBirdies, 14 Oct 2021I have the green one and I was so hesitant on buying it, th... moreI'm planning to buy one. Can u high light battery and screen time.

The Flip, 13 Nov 2021I'm trying to think what would make me get the Flip 4,... moreTrust me you're only gonna be set for a maximum of 6 more months before the display starts breaking along the crease.

  • GingM8

BM2112, 11 Nov 2021Is this phone good of an upgrade or at least good change fr... moreYes - I switched from a Samsung S10+ to a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3.
The form factor seems weird, but you get used to it very quickly.
I'd say the best thing personally for me, is that since it folds in half it takes up very little pocket space, great in skinny jeans or on a night out!

The only downside, apart from the screen needing a little more of a 'Careful touch' (It's plastic coated) is that the battery life isn't amazing. With mine on battery saver and not using it loads (Specifically in camera apps) I can get away with around 12-13 hours. I usually don't have the brightness up very high anyway.

I'm trying to think what would make me get the Flip 4, 5, 6, or 7?

Bigger cover display? My Razr 5G already covers that.

Better battery life? It will be better but I doubt much better. It's not like they can pack 4000 mAh when it's a clamshell that needs to be thin when unfolded.

Snapdragon 898? From what I'm reading, it's not much of an improvement from 888.

Not much of a camera guy. Just need something sufficient and the 3 does that.

I feel like I'm set for at least half a decade. And it seems to me Android 12 is awful. I'm planning to keep my Flip 3 on 11 forever like I kept my Pixel 3 and Essential Phone forever on 9.

Phones have plateaud. You only need to upgrade twice per decade.

Is this phone good of an upgrade or at least good change from galaxy S20 plus that i used for almost 2 years now. I am very pleased with my current phone and I think it's the best buy of 2020 and 2021. Speaking about s20 plus, not ultra or normal s20. I can have battery last me over 15 hours a day without any problems and still leaving me with 10 to 15% left. Super fast charging saves me a lot of times. I take 15min shower and plug my phone in at 45% it goes over 60% in that small time margin. I love that function, never had problems and I am using all battery life extenders that I can find on my phone and don't ever use 120hz refresh rate cus I don't feel like I need it honestly, it's a good function to some users, but to me I just don't care if I use 60, 90 or 120hz that's my way to use my phone. So I reckon I shouldn't have problems with battery life, only maybe charging cus it's slower than one I have now. So some of your users experience I would appreciate if you shared with me, thanks.

  • Abhineet

Due to worst battery backup i have shifted to iphone 13. For last 4 years i am continuously using Samsung flagship but not found this type battery backup i need to charge 2 times a day.

  • DD

Carygn, 02 Nov 2021Also, the battery lasts longer if you set the screen motion... moreDefeats the purpose of having 120hz display

  • AppleUser

Carygn, 02 Nov 2021Also, the battery lasts longer if you set the screen motion... moreYeah it will increase the battery life quite significantly. But I feel it defeats the purpose of having 120Hz display. Well maybe if you're in a situation where you won't have any access to outlet or battery packs for 2 days and you're constantly using your mobile , this will help. That's just my opinion. If you like to use your screen on 60Hz that's your choice. Still loving the device. I just feel the urge to change the screen protector, but not willing to risk it LOL

  • Carygn

Carygn, 02 Nov 2021I've owned the Z Flip 3 for about a month now. I set ... moreAlso, the battery lasts longer if you set the screen motion to 60 Hz.

  • Carygn

I've owned the Z Flip 3 for about a month now. I set the battery charge to limit at 85% for longer life and I can still go all day without topping off the charge before bedtime. There are several settings you can select to accomplish this: Screen black background option instead of white, battery saver mode, deep sleep programs that you aren't using so they aren't running in the background, ambient light setting to automatically dim brightness of the screen in low light, choose sundown to sunup for screen blue tint correction (easier on your eyes mode). I also use the exterior screen functions first when possible to avoid having to open the phone and using the larger screen. It all adds up to give you plenty of battery charge to last the day. I love the smaller size the Flip Z gives to pack around, yet has the advantages of a larger screen when needed. Kudos to Samsung!

are you kidding me, the device is USB2 again. Last time I saw this with ZFlip1 and that were last minutes spent with the device before insta-return. God give me enough strength to overcome this. USB2 in 2021??

I have been using this phone for 10 days now and definitely enjoying it. I cannot describe how much I enjoy it. Since I waited for a year to try the foldable devices, I did two things with my old phone, eliminate the sd card and carry a battery pack in my daily outings in preparation for my current phone as a personal habit.

  • Kato


  • Anonymous


in coming weeks

to Feel the difference

its combination of FLIP & FOLD models of samsung

samsung everytime give the users same battery, same charger...same change at all

  • Gool

The Douge, 19 Oct 2021I agree far to small battery returned mine after a week, ma... moreSmall battery for nowadays. Useless .garbage .overpriced.