Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

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  • 22 hours ago

After a few months of using the phone, the screen came off at the crease area. Samsung does not admit it as a defect and its guarantee does not take responsibility. They also invent that he has a blow and they send you some photos that you don't know where they were obtained from. The phone cannot be opened all the way, and the protectors keep falling off. . Also the battery doesn't last long. Samsung never again

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    • Geborne
    • 8KM
    • 10 Aug 2022

    Mine is in the technical assistance at this moment because the screen cracked in the middle. It got loose and a black bubble kept growing under the screen, absolutely hideous.

    I am an enthusiast and was really looking forward to having a great experience.
    But this phone won't handle 9 months of use in 80% of consumer's hands.

      Dubex, 04 Aug 2022The only complain is the camera that could be better. I wou... moreikr. I really do wish they would add a 3x tele lens to the Z Flip4 but it doesn't look like its going to happen. 😥

        Jeff, 05 Aug 2022ABSO-F'N-LUTLEY WORST PHONE I'VE EVER PURCHASED!!... moreProbably just your phone.

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          • sF%
          • 09 Aug 2022

          Jeff, 05 Aug 2022ABSO-F'N-LUTLEY WORST PHONE I'VE EVER PURCHASED!!... moreoveracting

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            • harcha
            • ScS
            • 08 Aug 2022

            flagshipper, 07 Aug 2022Never been loyal to a phone for such a long time. Great scr... morewhat car charger are you using for this? is it magnetically holding and wirelessly charging simultanously?

              Never been loyal to a phone for such a long time. Great screen that never scratches, super small in the pocket, doesn't need any stupid cover, holds on a magnetic car charger without any magnets, light, fast. After a year, looks like new. And all i did was slap a transparent foil on it. Unlike literally every other phone owner, mine is super thin and light without the disgusting scratch marks and dots on the display.

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                • Jeff
                • rfN
                • 05 Aug 2022

                ABSO-F'N-LUTLEY WORST PHONE I'VE EVER PURCHASED!!!!! Not only is it slipperier than holding a piece of ice, the sreen is sh**, options for covers are sh**, it's slow (although i have 5g), doesn't respond to ANYTHING when opening it, flep area wares in less than 6 months, etc. DON'T BUY THIS PHONE!!!! I, unfortunately, am stuck with it because it costs $1000. Overall, 0% satisfactionfor me.

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                  • Dubex
                  • PYk
                  • 04 Aug 2022

                  The only complain is the camera that could be better. I would rather have a camera popping up a little from the back of the phone as in the S series. The possibility of using it as a tripod to shoot is amazing!

                    Pietro, 01 Aug 2022It's the same for me...i love my iPhone 12 but this sm... moreSame here! When it’s folded it is the perfect size!

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                      • Pietro
                      • H8V
                      • 01 Aug 2022

                      The Flip, 22 Jul 2022I think the Flip 3's poor battery life is greatly exag... moreWell, obviously everyone does as he wants. We all agree that the battery is poor but anyway in 2022 almost everywhere there is a usb socket (offices,shops,friends,pubblic places) or on top if this also powerbanks cost few bucks nowaday.
                      I think that it's a pity to have a top class smartphone and using it as an old Nokia just to avoid the battery drain. It is like having a Ferrari just to go in to the supermarket at 20mph 1 miles far away from home :-))
                      Honestly unless you have only one smartphone ..i mean no computer, no tablet ,bla bla bla...using it mostly as phone let you arrive in the late afternoon with 10% about.
                      I don't mean do not use but do not "overuse" (this worths for every phone).
                      Obviously for the addicted (those people who use 24/7) there is actually i phone that last enough. I do a couple of phone calls, updating the app, mail, notification, BT, 5G, Adaptive display (up to 120Hz) and i can reach 7/8 pm. For sure i do not play videogames or watch hours of movies on the smartphone..heavy jobs left to my computers :-)

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                        • Pietro
                        • H8V
                        • 01 Aug 2022

                        NeonLight, 20 Jul 2022I absolutely love this phone, battery can drain a bit fast ... moreIt's the same for me...i love my iPhone 12 but this small Samsung is so lovely :-)

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                          • Serb
                          • JK{
                          • 24 Jul 2022

                          Zeesh, 01 Jun 2022i don't know why gsm arena is not providing proper inf... moreSeries that came in Serbia is without FM radio. I would love to have this feature but it is not possible

                            I think the Flip 3's poor battery life is greatly exaggerated like the iPhone 12 mini's. Then again, I'm very conservative on how I use mines. I keep it at only 4G and 60 Hz. I have battery saver on unless I'm planning to play games on it. Battery saver helps for longer standby. I also have everything in dark mode including using a plain black wallpaper.

                            My Flip 3 started at 84%. I listened to music for an hour using AirPods (2nd gen). I've browsed for over an hour on it. Battery life is still at 72%. This is 2.5 hours from 8 AM - 10:30 AM. That means Wi-Fi browsing only cost me 9% in over an hour. The other 3% was from the AirPods' Bluetooth.

                            When I combine it with my Razr 5G, it's rarely below 60% before I get home at 10 PM. All I do is watch movies all day in my nearest theater. Car is broken down. Caught COVID from my brother 3 weeks ago. Filed for unemployment benefits. That's all I do. Neither of my foldable flip phones are below 40% once I get home. I watch the same 4 movies every day since I have Regal Unlimited.

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                              • NeonLight
                              • ntw
                              • 20 Jul 2022

                              I absolutely love this phone, battery can drain a bit fast depending on the apps you use but apart from that I've not had any issues. I've been on iPhone for years and currently have a iPhone 12 as well as this but I am tempted to just stick with this one.

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                                • D8X
                                • 18 Jul 2022

                                Anonymous, 12 Jul 2022I don't really like smartphones "flip". That... moreSo why comment on here?

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                                  • cyber
                                  • S2D
                                  • 15 Jul 2022

                                  never ending problems with screen who cracks in the middle,samsung's fault of course,but when the warranty end s screen cost 700 euro here and the saga continues

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • HAn
                                    • 14 Jul 2022

                                    Brilliant phone. A little on the gram-heavy side for me, but that also makes it feel so robust :))

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                                      • pLY
                                      • 12 Jul 2022

                                      I don't really like smartphones "flip". That's why I'm not getting one. But the galaxy a52 and s22 are good ;))

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                                        • SdF
                                        • 01 Jul 2022

                                        Love this phone.
                                        No problems at all.
                                        Yes its early tech, and a niche for enthusiasts I guess.
                                        Be interesting to see them release a flipper A-series.
                                        Personally.. never going back to bar-phones.