Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2022Yah it's pocketable.But for what ? Needs: 1.A Hea... moreIn the name 'pocket'able... If you don't get that, look elsewhere bro.

  • Anonymous

Yah it's pocketable.But for what ?

1.A Headphone jack could be cool to listen to music with wired buds.
2.Micro SDXC
3.Dual stereo speakers
Otherwise it's useless to have a compact phone.I know it's not a big deal but a least Micro SDXC

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Feb 2022Because of aesthetics... It is a FLIP phone by design, and ... moreYah headphone jack and SDXC slot could be cool its

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Feb 2022From a technical point of view it seems that such a touchsc... moreExcept for the old Nokia, I'm old enough to experience and see that nearly all phone has gone through physical damage repairs - cracked screen the most. Every electronic device has a set of life span, as long as the Flip3 can last 3+ years of everyday use wear - it a sacrifice I can make.

I've seen/use far too many phone with sacrifice being here and there. There simply just isn't a perfect phone. You're picking on a 'fashion phone' where aesthetic is it main selling point to be rational. It like buying a exotic car and ask to have a comfortable ride.

  • Anonymous

From a technical point of view it seems that such a touchscreen that deforms each time it folds/unfolds has a limited lifetime from all the stress on the cross section, I wonder how many times it is possible to unfold it without it breaking and is there a specification stated in the warranty.

  • Anonymous

sam, 11 Feb 2022so stupid, why not making dual simcard? lolBecause of aesthetics... It is a FLIP phone by design, and dual sim takes space. I would rather trader in something else for dual sim. Like stereo jack... As phone dual 'sim', it depends on your market, Flip3 at where I am can take both eSIM and SIM at the same time... and that how I roll - blame the carrier in your country if it doesn't!

  • sam

so stupid, why not making dual simcard? lol

  • Flip3 user

Can you - non Flip/Fold user stop talking about how small and weak the battery is cuz thats not true.

I have the phone in front of me and i am doing a full day with medium use with 100% battery
In heavy usage days i get around 5 hours screen on time and i need a second charge in late day.

Usages are: Bluethooth 24/7 ON, 4G+ 24/7 ON (no wifi), vibrations on, sounds on, screen brightness at 50% to 80% and 120HZ.

I had phones with worse battery life's like iPhone 12 Mini or Xiaomi Mi9

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2022Does it really not do 5G band N78 you know , the most popul... moreI think the Band info is incorrect/incomplete. It not the first time this site makes and mistake on the band... I mean, my carrier doesn't support any of the band listed, yet I still can connect to 5G.

  • Anonymous

Does it really not do 5G band N78 you know , the most popular one in the world ???

  • Anonymous

Nalsenai, 10 Dec 2021The batteries are the joke. Who wants to buy this phone if ... moreiFans has being doing it for many years... I don't see what the problem. Beside Google has messed up Android so much, it at the point that it simply has too much standby drain, regardless of capacity size. The only real consistent benefit of large capacity battery for Android is SOT.

  • Anonymous

Rosso, 23 Dec 2021This is factually incorrect lolIt would if the guy using the wrong type of charger....

  • Anonymous

CH, 03 Jan 2022Hey anyone had this phone in Power Saving mode and if so di... moreIt did, but at a cost of delayed notification... It depends on what you use the phone. For business use, it should be fine - unless you're those that keeping all the 'smart' Google feature on. I have 4 mailboxes, 3 IMs - no social platform though. I change to 85% everyday with battery care and the phone would last a day. And I switched off fast charging and would charge the phone over night.

Personally I wish I can customize the power saving more - the only thing I want is to throttle the CPU at 80% of the performance, as I don't gaming on my phone at all. If I could do that, I should be able to get the phone to near 2 days with 100% battery.

  • Anonymous

c u 2morrow, 13 Jan 2022the new edition gas gorilla glass LMAO, when did Gorilla glass prevent any scratches? If it did that job, there wouldn't be any screen protector on the market

  • Anonymous

dizzy, 28 Jan 2022sooooooooo! want to buy this phone! but i record video and... moreWhy would you look at any flip/foldable phones when camera is your main drive of the phone?

  • Anonymous

dizzy, 28 Jan 2022sooooooooo! want to buy this phone! but i record video and... moreBetter buy xperia 5iii

  • dizzy

sooooooooo! want to buy this phone! but i record video and THIS DOESN'T HAVE SD CARD SLOT!! WOW!! how can you record in 4k and it will fill your phone with in 30 mins? its points having 4k record on this? also 3.5mil jack? missing that sucks! finally have a phone smll enough to fit in a top pocket or jeans and can't run my head phones off? i know i can get wireless but i have a collection of odd ear plugs because i've lost one and can't tell you howm many times ive gone the gym and the battery has run out!!!! PRICE IS AMAZING BUT NEED A SD SLOT and maybe a 3.5mil jack if posssibl :)

  • Anonymous

Battery expert, 21 Jan 2022luxury and elegant phone, build quality is spectacular. th... moreSo in other words...Start all over!

  • Aje

If someone planning to buy this mobile phone, please rethink on your decision. I bought this phone during the launch and in less than 5 months the phone's touch screen stopped working and in matter of few hours the Screen completely got busted. The customer service team of samsung was pathetic and zero accountability, the service center will never take responsibility inspite of phone in warranty. Finally after 10 days the samsung team has come back saying this was due to impact damage and will not be covered in warranty. This is purely to do with the product quality. The phone is definitely not recommended for regular users

  • Battery expert

luxury and elegant phone, build quality is spectacular.
they should improve battery section, modify that long 22:9 aspect ratio, eliminate the crease and solidify the screen for next gen.