Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

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Anonymous, 12 Aug 2021I will agree with you.. they should have provided 45ooMah b... moreThat is way too much. That will make the phone heavy and thick.

    Alpha, 12 Aug 2021Who would buy this monstrosity? xDI saw many people owning this phone.

      LouiZ, 13 Aug 2021I think Samsung won't never be able to get rid of the ... moreActually, there is a way. A teardrop folding design.

        Anonymous, 14 Aug 2021No SD card, no audio jack, and this battery make phone for ... moreSD card takes up space, which can be used for the hinges. Same thing for headphone jack.

          Dizzy, 14 Aug 2021must have sd card slot and 3.5 jack and i'd buy in a h... moreOther phones other than Sony and gaming phones don’t have this feature. And isn’t 256GB enough for you? And just buy dongles.

            joe nodden, 17 Aug 2021You mean to tell me they put a second screen on this trash ... moreDo you even know what’s the use of the main front camera? For video call and live streaming, dummy

              joe nodden, 20 Aug 2021Yep keep defending a horrible lack of innovation. See how f... moreCalling IPX8 rating lack of innovation? And ultra-thin glass?

                Fintoyu, 04 Sep 2021This joke has the specs of an 150 euro phone, but with fold... moreTell me any other 150 euro phone with snapdragon 888, water resistance and glass and metal? Plus gorilla glass Victus and flagship amoled screen and dual speakers.

                  NorEB, 02 Oct 2021i have the Samsung Galaxy A70 .. its pretty much the same p... moreDidn’t you forget to mention the specs are different too?

                    audiophile, 26 Nov 2021no 3.5mm jack. no buy.Just use dongles.

                      babak, 14 Dec 2021realme 8 has 5000mah and is about 177 grams, they can put m... moreThat is different. Realme 8 doesn’t have a hinge in the middle to take up space.

                        Emmanuel, 13 Jan 2022Seriously the battery isn't a good one cuz that of the... moreYou can’t expect such a huge battery on this phone. It’s in a clamshell form factor.

                          Anonymous, 07 Feb 2022LMAO, when did Gorilla glass prevent any scratches? If it d... moreIt does prevent scratches from metals, depending on which gorilla glass.

                            Anonymous, 18 Feb 2022Yah it's pocketable.But for what ? Needs: 1.A Hea... moreWell, it does have stereo speakers.
                            But MicroSD? Just get 256GB. That would be fine for you.
                            And headphone jack? Just buy dongles.

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                              • upset
                              • maG
                              • 12 Aug 2022

                              After a few months of using the phone, the screen came off at the crease area. Samsung does not admit it as a defect and its guarantee does not take responsibility. They also invent that he has a blow and they send you some photos that you don't know where they were obtained from. The phone cannot be opened all the way, and the protectors keep falling off. . Also the battery doesn't last long. Samsung never again

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                                • Geborne
                                • 8KM
                                • 10 Aug 2022

                                Mine is in the technical assistance at this moment because the screen cracked in the middle. It got loose and a black bubble kept growing under the screen, absolutely hideous.

                                I am an enthusiast and was really looking forward to having a great experience.
                                But this phone won't handle 9 months of use in 80% of consumer's hands.

                                  Dubex, 04 Aug 2022The only complain is the camera that could be better. I wou... moreikr. I really do wish they would add a 3x tele lens to the Z Flip4 but it doesn't look like its going to happen. 😥

                                    Jeff, 05 Aug 2022ABSO-F'N-LUTLEY WORST PHONE I'VE EVER PURCHASED!!... moreProbably just your phone.

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                                      • sF%
                                      • 09 Aug 2022

                                      Jeff, 05 Aug 2022ABSO-F'N-LUTLEY WORST PHONE I'VE EVER PURCHASED!!... moreoveracting

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                                        • harcha
                                        • ScS
                                        • 08 Aug 2022

                                        flagshipper, 07 Aug 2022Never been loyal to a phone for such a long time. Great scr... morewhat car charger are you using for this? is it magnetically holding and wirelessly charging simultanously?