Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 to retain paltry 15W charging speed

Michail, 23 July 2021

While the “charging wars” have been escalating in the past two years reaching ludicrous 160W speeds, Samsung has shied away, only supporting up to 25W solutions on its phones. Now, noted tipster IceUniverse is again hinting that the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip3 will not pass this threshold and will instead only support 15W charging speeds.

Back in May we came across a 3C listing which also confirmed the 15W charging on the Z Flip 3 so it’s safe to assume this will indeed be the actual charging speed for Samsung’s upcoming foldable. Galaxy Z Flip3 and Z Fold3 will be unlived on August 11.


Reader comments

These are just fanboys of stagnant brands. Few years ago when BBK introduced 30W charging, they were complaining about the same (that it'll damage the battery). Now that their favourite brand has finally able to catch up to what BBK introduced 3...

Ya 200w, I guess 100w would do some harm to, but most of the existing charging technologies is not that harmful any longer... Think and read kido, not only in here.

Xiaomi said it themselves when they demo'd 200 watt charging with their custom Mi 11. How about you do some reading.

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