Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5's outer screen will run specially optimized Google apps

Vlad, 12 June 2023

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Z Flip5 alongside the Galaxy Z Fold5 at a special event in Korea on July 26, and the company itself has confirmed the location already, as well as the timeframe, though it hasn't committed to the date just yet.

Anyway, the Flip5 is shaping up to be a huge upgrade over its predecessor in terms of outer screen real estate, as has been rumored countless times before. That bigger size won't go to waste, according to a new report - it will accommodate specially optimized Google apps.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5's outer screen will run specially optimized Google apps

Samsung has allegedly been working closely with Google on getting the latter company's apps, such as Maps, Messages, and even YouTube, optimized for the outer screen. Thanks to this partnership, once you get a Flip5, you'll be able to text, watch videos, and navigate places without having to unfold the device.

That's definitely more useful functionality than one of the Flip5's main competitors, Oppo's Find N2 Flip, can boast even today, many months after its international launch. It has a much bigger screen than Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip4, but doesn't put it to a lot of use. It looks like Samsung doesn't want to fall into the same trap, and as such is preparing a slew of specially optimized apps - including its own bundled keyboard, which will be usable in the folded state.

Whether or not this means more third-party apps will, in time, support running on the Flip5's outer screen remains to be seen, but Google does make among the more used Android apps, so having those optimized out of the door is a big step nevertheless.



Reader comments

There's no other materials they can use other than plastic if they want to the phone to fold. Anyway, just fold the phone and it's safe from screen scratches.

  • fayy
  • 16 Jun 2023
  • txE

That's why we still don't have any proof whether Samsung will gives 4 OS updates for their compatible phones, just because they've did 3 OS updates to their older phones.

And would not be as bright as physical ones.

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