Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

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  • Ish

GoodNight, 13 Aug 2021before you buy it, consider the weight of the phone 270 gr ... moreYou still live under a rock.

  • Alexandre

SAM, 12 Aug 2021I think Samsung should differentiate their premium products... moreWow, you're big brains, basically watched some MrWhoseTheBoss video and think you're sounding smart by saying they should name better their series but you just changed the name of the Fold, and it's based on something you heard on the internet. This people around here love to act smart. Also it's not like they have people get tons of cash to name their products and that nomination was deliberate, right? It's not even a good take, this is marketing, they change their product names all the time, and people are getting tons of money to figure out which time is the best, and with this trash camera they just sent out, they're probably right it would give a bad look to a newly named product

  • Anonymous

Still no card slot after 3 generation with a max storage of 512GB? I will skip the Fold agsin, aiming for iphone 13 with 1tb storage

  • Anonymous

GoodNight, 13 Aug 2021before you buy it, consider the weight of the phone 270 gr ... more7.9 inch iPad mini is over 300gram. Think of it like tablet mini that can be used as a phone.

  • Anonymous

GoodNight, 13 Aug 2021before you buy it, consider the weight of the phone 270 gr ... moreDo you know average weight of tablets?

  • GoodNight

before you buy it, consider the weight of the phone 270 gr is quarter kilos more... imagine thud your nose. Its heavyyyyyyy very heavy

  • AndY

As with all new technology, next year that phone will lose at least half of its price when the new model better and cheaper will come. It is expensive to be an early adopter, but why not if you like it...

  • I Am

Some of these Specs are off

  • Anonymous

Should have a card slot at least, this is very costly but restricted by limited memory

  • rey

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2021Absolutely no reason to buy/upgrade to this phone, it is he... morethen u r not the target for this market, ez

The selfie camera below the Samsung display looks like a burnt pixel spot on top of the Z Fold 3. I prefer the camera under the Xiaomi display. Because it has a screen without annoying.

  • SAM

I think Samsung should differentiate their premium products better.

S series - S22 [USD749], S22+ [USD949] and S22 Ultra (with s-pen support) [USD1,199]
Z flip series - Z Flip 4 [USD949], Z Flip 4 + (with s-pen support) [1,299]
Z Fold series - Z Fold Note (with s-pen inside the device) to replace Note 21 [USD1,699]

The camera under the screen used by Samsung is no different from the screen hole. Incidentally, it causes more discomfort than the selfie hole. It was actually a strategic mistake by Samsung and a historical disgrace from Samsung!

(While Xiaomi and VisionX ZTE have introduced the third generation of their camera under the screen, today we see that the quality of the camera under the screen of Samsung is equal to the first generation and the most basic camera under the screen of Xiaomi - Oppo - VisionX.)
- Samsung really disappointed us.

In my opinion, for someone who is looking to buy a phone or tablet with a camera under the screen, a handy screen is important to him, and not the quality of the selfie camera!

The best selfie camera experience is with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, as well as the ZTE AXON 30, because while the screen is one-handed, the quality of the selfie camera is acceptable.

Would like to see the real durability by Zack Nelson aka Jerryrigeverything.
Especialy the inner screen.
My bets are the device is worth up to 700 maybe 800 bucks but no more.
And the manufacturing price is not more than 500.

  • LeonAUS

What a pity ! No card slot -
Hope Fold 4 will come with this feature

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2021Splashing water and drop the phone in the water are very di... moreWill leave that to real life use and tests. Personally, what I'm waiting for is the expected flip from Xiaomi. Samsung doesn't cut it for me anymore.

  • Anonymous

NeoGul, 12 Aug 2021When you are unfortunate to spend your money in this garbag... moreSplashing water and drop the phone in the water are very different.
Although not as good as scuba diving equipment, it is generally waterproof if it lasts a few minutes at 1.5m. splashing waterproofing means that even if it gets wet with things like rain or sweat, there is no problem. The airpods pro are also the water resistant, but they will break if you drop them in water.

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2021 Do you think 120Hz, UDC, S Pen and IPX8 can be implemented... moreForget about the "IpX8" pls.

The other "features" you mentioned are all software optimised and YES they will toll on the battery and RAM ... within a very short period of usage

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2021You're wrong. ipX8 isn't dustproof its only water... moreWhen you are unfortunate to spend your money in this garbage, then drop it in water and see what happens.

I have the 2 and I've experienced splashes on it and still works. My Mix Fold is even better and more practical for daily use - especially with the bigger screen (outside and inner) and the battery. Plus I have two physical nano Sim slots.

If fold 3 is waterproof, then how many Meters of water and how long can it last under water? Cooking up a fancy name for a splash proof rating doesn't make a phone waterproof.

This is even a battery drain disaster and will lag like crazy within a short period because what I can see is just a gimmicky software tweak of the 2, without a corresponding ram increase or a bigger battery.

And whoever said anything about needing an "armour" case? When the hinges, glass and the plastic inner screens are still the vulnerable parts?

  • Anonymous

NeoGul, 12 Aug 2021Thats to be expected with all the gimmicks and software twe... more Do you think 120Hz, UDC, S Pen and IPX8 can be implemented in software?