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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

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  • ahmad azoer
  • a3v
  • 23 Mar 2023

It's a good phone, only there are 3 flaws. Number one is the mobile screen and the phone is closed. It's small. You think it's a hand control. Fault number 2 is the battery is very weak compared to the iPhone 14 battery. Samsung should think about it. Fault number 3 is not having a pen. Fault number 4 is the size. Mobile phone should be more

    Elisabel, 03 Mar 2023I would like it to be thicker if it means having a better p... moreI can agree on this, and personally I wouldn't mind having a thicker phone. My pocket can afford 2 phones anyway. But I'd imagine that a vast majority would want a more compact form, and Samsung wouldn't sacrifice the majority just to please the minority like us.

      Elisabel, 03 Mar 2023Music has better quality with cables, that's a fact. ... morewell then why not use dongles?

        Anonymous, 19 Aug 20222022, still they're commenting sd card, 3.5mm, radio ,... moreSome people like to listen to music with great sound, and that is not something that you can get with Bluetooth.
        Stop demeaning people, you and the other ones.

          darius, 30 Aug 2022Read better !!! 2 selfie cameras !!!! One is 4 and another 10 !Why would you need a 4mp camera anyways?

            Anonymous, 08 Oct 2022Man, r u serious? If u bought z fold, then u r rich and u h... moreBut there's no iphone with 7.6" screen, isn't it?

              ShinDragon, 27 Oct 2022That might make the phone too thick when folded. They are t... moreI would like it to be thicker if it means having a better phone.
              But I guess it will change on fold 5?

                Jemlim, 05 Dec 2022Says a time traveller from 2012 that travelled all the way ... moreMusic has better quality with cables, that's a fact.
                I'm from the future, march 2023.

                  Xylex , 04 Jan 2023The FOLD 3 is a joke. I spent $2000 on the phone and the sc... moreWhy would you compare the 2?

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                    • Anonymous
                    • Nue
                    • 25 Feb 2023

                    Z Fold 5 Dead to me, 21 Feb 2023So Peed off with Samsung, been waiting for silo for the Z F... morePlease when’s the fold 5 release date. Thanks

                      Z Fold 5 Dead to me, 21 Feb 2023So Peed off with Samsung, been waiting for silo for the Z F... moreAnd samsung loses nothing. Bye.

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                        • Z Fold 5 Dead to me
                        • uNe
                        • 21 Feb 2023

                        So Peed off with Samsung, been waiting for silo for the Z Fold4 with a silo for the S-pen that never happen and now apparently the latest news is Fold 5 it will Not have them built-in too.
                        If I have to put up with the tiny width of the front screen and less than ideal Aspect ratio internally, then it is enough for me to not buy the Z fold 5 yet again without an inbuilt S-pen silo. Might as well go for Oppo N2 or the Google Fold with bigger battery and wider front screen.
                        Goodbye Z Fold 5, RIP. I gave up waiting to upgrade from my S21 Ultra.

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                          • HASKAT
                          • nE{
                          • 15 Feb 2023

                          To be honest basically since the day one of use this phone I stopped using my IPad it's very fast reliable best phone ever I've used full of surprises.

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                            • uCn
                            • 09 Feb 2023

                            Methgal, 08 Feb 2023Hello...… ill try to be as useful as i can if you are look... moreYou are 100% correct. The front screen should be atleast 1cm wider so that it can function as a normal phone. I use the front screen almost 80%.
                            Opening the tab mode is so tight make it even worst

                              ill try to be as useful as i can if you are looking into purchasing this DEVICE.
                              its not a phone trust me....medium range phones can do what this DEVICE does.
                              because generally speaking cheaper phones are becoming more and more capable with good features & specs. so if your looking to get it and not fully fully FULLY utilize it
                              you are wasting your money.

                              been using it for 3 months now, and unfortunately i will change it soon. why ?
                              simply put "its not your everyday Carry not your everyday device"

                              ill start with the negatives.
                              the idea of the folding screen intrigued me, yet its size, screen ratio and real life application did not. its size and weight made it hard to carry around, Slap a case its even bulkier.
                              the narrow screen made it difficult to type and text with lots of typos. causing real wrist pain & strain. most applications when unfolded are extended or screen filled so content is zoomed in. you can change it of course 4/3 16/9 or fill, but they are all an inconvenience.
                              speaker sound and volume is ok, but my S20 FE 5g was louder.
                              i am a left pocket dude. so my phone is always in my left pocket, that made using the fingerprint sensor awkward as i always hold my phone with my left hand. the constant fear of dropping or scratching a device of this price was always on my mind.
                              including the fact that a simple tiny particle caused a dent in the inner screen by just folding it, what if that particle was 0.005 mm larger ????
                              Good bye inner screen ?
                              its not totally flat when folded so every time you open it you need to wipe it and dust it off.
                              and as i mentioned be careful when you close it don't leave any particles it might dent or damage the inner screen.

                              the positives
                              amazing screen i mean looking at photos is just so good. clear crisp and punchy
                              the pen is so good fast and responsive with notes and markups even a bit of drawing
                              videos are really nice although the black huge bars annoy me sometimes
                              editing photos is nice, opening pdfs reading websites and web surfing in general is nice
                              AutoCAD drawings and other 3d applications is super nice, having that on demand 7.6 inch is really good when needed. the cameras are amazing i love them, also having the ability to flex mode and shoot or make it stand by it self and shoot is amazing.

                              what a wish it had ?
                              an SD card, lighter weight, less bulky, better ratio that 23.5:9 is hard trust me
                              S pen Hole. cuz that standing cover is just bad heavy.

                              so there you have it.
                              thank you

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                                • Anonymous
                                • B%f
                                • 07 Feb 2023

                                Anonymous, 24 Jan 2023is this a jokeit must be

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                                  • Kxh
                                  • 31 Jan 2023

                                  Fahd, 27 Jan 2023After the latest update. My battery is draining like craz... moreTypical Samsung to deliberate obsolency

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                                    • 3QJ
                                    • 29 Jan 2023

                                    Jemlim, 05 Dec 2022Megapixels aren't everything. 50MP IMX766 can beat 108... moreYeah, but as far as I know, it has the same sensor as S22/+, so it can’t be better than S22 Ultra in terms of camera, but overall I’d prefer Z fold4

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                                      • Fahd
                                      • at1
                                      • 27 Jan 2023

                                      After the latest update.
                                      My battery is draining like crazy. Earlier used to get 7 hours of sot now 4 hours maximum. I don't know what happened suddenly

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • 4NG
                                        • 25 Jan 2023

                                        Yay the full battery test result numbers are in! I'd have to agree because I feel like mine lasts a very long time. Not too different from the Note 10+ and S22U that I had previously. Quite happy with my battery life so far.