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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

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  • y6V
  • 19 Feb 2024

Anonymous, 19 Feb 2024Do not get this phone. Had this in November 29, 2022 thru S... moreand they left the phone drained. Then I was told that they can repair it for roughly half the price of the brand new device. It also seemed that they opened the device due to marks and scratCHES, AND NOW THE device is completely unusable.

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    • Anonymous
    • y6V
    • 19 Feb 2024

    Do not get this phone. Had this in November 29, 2022 thru Smart. Before a year ends ad the warranty lapses, It started not to connect to wifi, and then its blue tooth and Hotspot do not turn on. I even had this raised to smart, and o feed until now. I brought it to a samsung service center as advised by Smart Telecom, I left it there, but when I picked it up as they said it was out of wARRANTY,

      Over a week of usage later with my first foldable...
      Im really loving having 2 screens. Outer screen using it as regular typing while the inside screen i use it for watching videos, pictures and editimg videos.
      I may no longer go back to normal bar phones anymore...

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        • Mams
        • QMK
        • 08 Feb 2024

        ShaShikha, 23 Jan 2024Hi, I need an honest opinion, I'm looking for a device... moreDo not DO NOT GET A Z FOLD 4. BATTERY not near as big as it should be for the screen! (WHAT were they thinking). Also, screen will eventually, without exception- get a whote jorizontal line across the inner screen. Its so bright that you cant concentrate on thd rest of the screen. They need to work ot the bugs on another good idea not yet come to fruition. I am getting a replacement (insurance funded) - a z fold 5! They gave me a crappy 256 gb storage when my z fold 4 was ONE TERABYTE MODEL! They still want 150 bucks! How many times do i need to pay for this phone? Stick with the s22, s23,and s24 - all ultras. They are the best!

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          • Anonymous
          • B$C
          • 06 Feb 2024

          The Z Fold 4 is the worst phone I have ever had. Right after the year anniversary is started to break down. 18 months the phone will not even turn on. SHAME SAMSUNG!!!

            Hi, I need an honest opinion, I'm looking for a device that I can use for work with PowerPoint Word and Excel files, and also for VDO calls through line and Zoom where I can share my PowePoint slides, is this device recommendable for this kind of work? Thanks in advance.

              Can no longer unfold fully after 1 year and 5 months. Extremely dissapointing for a 4th generation foldable from a giant tech company. I understand you also have to pay if you want this fixed as it does not fall under warranty although plenty of time left under the 2 year warranty. Never buying a foldable again let alone a phone from Samsung.

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                • Georgia
                • St{
                • 11 Jan 2024

                After one year broke the screen in the middle where it folds without falling down It seems its not the best quality for folding phones.

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                  • Cachica
                  • 8xN
                  • 06 Jan 2024

                  I have a ZFOLD 4 for more than 1 year and after 3 months I damaged the hinge, I never dropped it but Samsung Argentina wants to charge me for the repair. I never buy Samsun again

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                    • dissapointed
                    • XMk
                    • 21 Dec 2023

                    curious, 22 Nov 2023got fold 4 oktober last year..all run smooth..really love i... morefew days after, "Serious software issue detected" notification pop up. waited patiently for android 14 in an expectation to resolve the issue in hand. Once updated on 21 December 2023, to my disappointment, the problem persist!

                    reminder to myself, stay away from foldables! yes it fun to use, yet "sudden death" will hunt you.

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                      • Sigurdur
                      • pr9
                      • 18 Dec 2023

                      Anonymous, 11 Dec 2023Why is there no update yet?Finaly android 14 now available

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                        • Todi79
                        • 3T8
                        • 11 Dec 2023

                        curious, 22 Nov 2023got fold 4 oktober last year..all run smooth..really love i... moreI have the same problem with mu S20FE. I think it's a software issue cause my phone is like i bought it yesterday. It's a software problem with on the applications installed or samsung want to impone us te buy a new phone

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                          • sr%
                          • 11 Dec 2023

                          Why is there no update yet?

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                            • Anonymous
                            • C9a
                            • 27 Nov 2023

                            No one is excited for the One UI 6 Samsung eat your update LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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                              • curious
                              • ijs
                              • 22 Nov 2023

                              got fold 4 oktober last year..all run smooth..really love it..the battery life is good as well..however, i encountered strange bug today 22 Nov 2023. I opened the big screen to do multitask as usual, at first it was ok, but after few second, it turned black..tried to get to the power option to restart it but to no avail. after 1 min or so, the screen flicker and the screen appear again but unresponsive..after another few mins, it can be operate as usual. what exactly was that Samsung?is it software related?(as i just update the firmware last 3 letter-WJ1 with 1 November security patch) if so please fix it..spent large sum of money to expect long lasting and working phone.

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                                • CbI
                                • 13 Nov 2023

                                higheaven, 09 Nov 2023after 5 month the inner screen just died major crack on t... moreSame thing happened with my Fold 4. All of a sudden there comes black wide line along the hinge and stopped working..Not even a single dent..warranty got over just a month back..Samsung premium handsets are not worth a buy..They aren’t just durable..

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                                  • higheaven
                                  • mt0
                                  • 09 Nov 2023

                                  after 5 month the inner screen just died
                                  major crack on the middle like Moses cut the waters in half

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • mx7
                                    • 11 Oct 2023

                                    Got fooled, 30 Aug 2023Got charmed by the great marketing hype around the Fold 4 p... moreSame happened to me with the z fold 3. Its cracks from the centre just by opening it. This product is clearly flawed and Samsung needs to own up to the issue. Take it to a Samsung store, and they may help you. Otherwise a class action is required.

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                                      • Sonia
                                      • C9a
                                      • 10 Oct 2023

                                      Hey guys Is there an update for android 14 already for this device in the Philippines?

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • ucX
                                        • 03 Oct 2023

                                        May T, 05 Sep 2023Fold 4 I bought got cracked screen only 6 months after and ... moreagreed. my zfold 4 died after 10months.