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Anonymous, 04 Sep 2023Do I buy fold 4 or the fold 5? Opinions wanted. Tia. If you re using fold 4, stick to it. if you re new then go for the fold 5

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    • Tika
    • uM6
    • 18 Sep 2023

    Z fold 4 i have got korean variant and it doesn't show 5G on any sim

      Anonymous, 04 Sep 2023Do I buy fold 4 or the fold 5? Opinions wanted. Tia. You can pre-order fold 5 now

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        • Anon21
        • v}U
        • 07 Sep 2023

        How you guys crack the screen? I even drop it by mistake on the aspalt road (heck i even not using any case) and it didnt crack, yes the frame got damaged but the screen survive... still got 180 folded

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          • May T
          • vae
          • 05 Sep 2023

          Anonymous, 04 Sep 2023Do I buy fold 4 or the fold 5? Opinions wanted. Tia. Fold 4 I bought got cracked screen only 6 months after and getting through the waranty process is very painful. So, my opinion is the fold does not worth it, especially with terrible after sales service: they do not care.

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            • Anonymous
            • 7sh
            • 04 Sep 2023

            Do I buy fold 4 or the fold 5?
            Opinions wanted.

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              • Got fooled
              • 7kj
              • 30 Aug 2023

              Got charmed by the great marketing hype around the Fold 4 phone and bought one. Used it for some 8 months or so and then the fold display cracked from center for no apparent reason. Eventually the fold screen went off. Samsung service center denied repair under warranty citing some scratches on outer body that has got nothing to do with the fold screen. Felt completely deceived by Samsung. Stay miles away from this so called new innovations. I am not touching this crappy technology ever in future again.

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                • Anonymous
                • N75
                • 17 Aug 2023

                justmike, 15 Aug 2023I had used this phone for about 5 months before the interna... moresamsung flod 4 is amzing phone

                  I had used this phone for about 5 months before the internal flex connector got destroyed by the hinge. I had taken very good care of the device, never dropped it or got it wet. I kept it in a case and away from sand or dust. I really enjoyed using the phone, when it worked it was amazing.

                  The connector seemed to get trapped in the hinge. The symptom of this is that the hinge doesn't quite open 180°. After that, there is a progressive failing of all components on the motherboard on the left hand side; mobile, wifi, pen (left side only), the cover screen, etc. As soon as you notice the screen not fully opening, please take my warning: back your data up and get it off the phone. You will only a few more days of use. I did this as a precaution and was so glad to save my photos and files.

                  I would advise not to buy this phone. If you do, ensure you get as long a warranty as you can. Keep another phone as a backup, mostly use the cover screen, or even better, only use the Z fold 4 on special occasions, and use another phone whenever you can. This way, the hinge will have much less use, and the phone will last longer. If your phone is approaching end of warranty, sell it before it self-destructs and think yourself lucky. Note that warranties are not international.

                  I think it is inevitable that all Z fold 4s will self destruct like this.

                  Once out of warranty, Samsung will automatically quote a very expensive repair bill that involves replacing even a 100% working screen, even if it is just the flexing connector, because they only sell the screen and connector as a pair. This is their policy where I live anyway, according to both a samsung service tech and a service rep on phone.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • q}u
                    • 12 Aug 2023

                    devilinthedetail, 03 Jun 2023Very disappointed that at this pricepoint, Samsung couldn&#... moreLol you keep your phone in your pocket next to your balls and you're worried about Bluetooth headphones

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                      • miki
                      • nmM
                      • 08 Aug 2023

                      I have used this phone almost year now and doesnt have any problems. If you use lot of bigger screen, battery wont last long. Good phone. Its powerful so games run well and graphics are excellent. Its heavy and big so it takes time to get used to it.

                        Anthony Foo, 20 Jul 2023I got my FOLD 4 31st August 2023. Not even a year later, no... moreMaybe you flip and flop 1000x a day xD

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                          • Rahul
                          • X$6
                          • 22 Jul 2023

                          It is a pathetic phone with very limited battery, and got faulty in 4-5 months, and they are charging saying that there is a small dent on the phone. do not buy this phone.

                            Please don't west your money for such stupid phone get fail within a year with no any any support by samsung and all their service centers

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                              • Anthony Foo
                              • ib7
                              • 20 Jul 2023

                              I got my FOLD 4 31st August 2023. Not even a year later, now the inner screen not working anymore.
                              And samsung claimed the inner screen could withstand 100,000 folds.
                              Such a dissapointment.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • mip
                                • 11 Jul 2023

                                So now we have "large-style foldables" to seperate the fold 4 from the pixel fold, or? The Pixel Fold is software- and camera-wise right in front (!) of Samsung. Lacking the bloatware but offering all the shenanigans you'd want from a foldable.

                                That said, most foldables use Samsung Screens and samsung camera-lenses. Samsung does not really care about being "the best" since they earn money with nearly every sold phone and all phones use their screens. Google on the other hand is not into hardware much, so their phones are 80% Samsung. GOogle though is needed to bring foldable-software innovation to ALL foldables and therefore Samsung does work hand in hand with google.
                                Brand-comparison is for the weak among us since we got nothing better to do. Brands need each other (if they are not apple, but also their phones are at least 25% Samsung).

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                                  • ILIKESPIDERS
                                  • PU7
                                  • 11 Jul 2023

                                  AnonD-1037771, 11 Aug 2022As a heavy duty smartphone user that is only using high-end... morethis is the best phone ever

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • IVL
                                    • 06 Jul 2023

                                    Kris, 27 May 2023Just wanted to leave a review for the Fold 4. I live in Dub... moreSounds about right for Samsung Foldables. Might be good all roinder device but for the cost of a single Fold you could get both a tablet and a phone that it's not worthwhile if the 2-in-1 device is going to be fragile that it'll stop functioning as you expect the two role it's supposed to fill.

                                    Was thinking for a Fold 4 too but I guess I'll get a tablet and phone combination instead.

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                                      • Okoookok
                                      • DxW
                                      • 25 Jun 2023

                                      Sonia Perez Ph, 24 Jun 2023Is Xiaomi Mi Mix fold 2 is and was beautiful and better tha... moreZ fold 4 price easily drop because of durability concern.

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                                        • Sonia Perez Ph
                                        • t7X
                                        • 24 Jun 2023

                                        Is Xiaomi Mi Mix fold 2 is and was beautiful and better than the Z Fold 4 ? How come the Xiaomi price is still high (even it is second hand) compared to fold 4? Fold 4 was deeply depreciating down so fast. I bought my fold 4 at 94k now checking the value is down to just 45k in Philippines. I just say OMG! And now I was wondering the above-mentioned Dunno why Xiaomi is still best in their price tagged. Yes Samsung is Samsung you tell me is a brand name then how come it's products are very fast to depreciate in value? Waste of investment in this Samsung brand. i.e