Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

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disposable phone LoL. Wait till the screen breaks after few months and Samsung Service Centre will give you headache

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    • Anonymous
    • 4NG
    • 17 Dec 2022

    tnm, 14 Dec 2022whatThey said they are going to wait for the Z Fold5 coming out next August.... What are you confused about?

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      • tnm
      • Tsm
      • 14 Dec 2022

      Lucky067 , 12 Dec 2022I wait for ZFold 5 due next Agustwhat

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        • Lucky067
        • pJH
        • 12 Dec 2022

        I wait for ZFold 5 due next Agust

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          • Ahmed
          • N0c
          • 10 Dec 2022

          I want to buy it but the screen durability keeps me always hesitated to get it.

          Has anyone faced a problem with the screen guys?

          Some users have complained about the screen like z fold 3 problem before .

          According to your recommendations I will decide whether to buy it or not.

            Anonymous, 07 Dec 2022After using this phone for close to two months, I've g... moreThey purposely didnt put spen slot because they encourage you to buy and upgrade to z fold5.

              Just upgraded to fold 4 from a note 10 plus which served flawless for the past 3 years.

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                • Anonymous
                • 4NG
                • 07 Dec 2022

                After using this phone for close to two months, I've grown to like this phone more and more. The only thing I wish Samsung did was put the pen inside the phone and just make the phone a little bigger overall.

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                  • Ujjal
                  • PBs
                  • 07 Dec 2022

                  Battery Ampere should be more

                    SYAFIQKSRN, 08 Aug 20222x optical zoom only ? why not 3x optical zoom or added per... moreYou expect this to have a periscope lens? That'll make the phone very thick.
                    And why do u need it anyway? I bet you won't even use it even with that.

                      Jay25, 27 Sep 202250 mp camera hilarious on a phone that cost damn near 2000 ... moreMegapixels aren't everything. 50MP IMX766 can beat 108MP Samsung camera.

                        Mack, 18 Oct 2022Why does a phone this big have such a small battery? Samsun... moreThey can achieve 7000mah, but the phone will be very thick, I bet you won't even like that.

                          Jacob Afton, 04 Nov 2022What happened to the earphone jack?!?!?! That's my fav... moreSays a time traveller from 2012 that travelled all the way to the present.

                            mehami, 22 Nov 2022Will the new generation of Samsung A80, the new Samsung A84... moreThose are fake news, A8? Series will never come again since the last phone, A82.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • qPL
                              • 04 Dec 2022

                              Anonymous, 23 Nov 2022quite cool the fold would get weaker over time just a thoughtgood thing an anonymous user on gsmarena figured this out since samsungs entire R&D department definitely wouldn't have thought of that

                              sarcasm btw

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                                • Anonymous
                                • guw
                                • 02 Dec 2022

                                mehami, 02 Dec 2022Samsung, why didn't you produce a special mobile phone... moreYou can get A80

                                  Samsung, why didn't you produce a special mobile phone for those who hate selfie holes? For these people, the quality of the selfie camera is not important! They just want a one-handed, distraction-free screen.
                                  The best solution is to introduce Samsung's popular Galaxy A80 mobile phone with under display camera. Just like the Z Fold 4's hidden selfie camera
                                  The name of this model is for example Samsung Galaxy A84...

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • n1Y
                                    • 23 Nov 2022

                                    quite cool

                                    the fold would get weaker over time
                                    just a thought

                                      Will the new generation of Samsung A80, the new Samsung A84 5g mobile phone be introduced with a camera under the display like z Fold 4?
                                      Soon... news is coming.

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                                        • Omar faruk
                                        • Hxi
                                        • 20 Nov 2022

                                        I use this mobile in 2days.its feel better for me.Happy with this phone.