Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 to come in Beige, Z Flip4 will have Blue variant

Yordan, 05 May 2022

Samsung is bringing new colors for the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4 smartphones, an industry insider posted on Twitter. Ross Young from DSCC revealed the Korean maker will not continue with the Green paint job, and instead will introduce a Beige option of the Fold and a Light Blue variant of the Flip.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 to come in Beige, Z Flip4 will have Blue variant

The Black and Gray choices for Z Fold4 are not new - we had them on the Z Fold3 was announced, although they were called Phantom Black and Phantom Silver. Looking at the clamshell, Black is getting lighter to the point of arriving as Gray, the Cream option will be named Gold, and the Lavender is staying.

Last year Samsung had some exclusive paint jobs for devices, purchased from its online store, and some users even had the option to mix and match panels with hinges. We expect these exclusive deals and features to remain because they bring the Korean maker ahead of its competitors, especially when more and more foldable phones are arriving on the market.



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  • 07 May 2022
  • 64i

This is what CalderCay and MrsCay, the infamous Samsung zealot couple who's always on the Samsung US community always blaming everyone else to defend Samsung, say to a Galaxy Fold user with the failing screen. This is how Samsung users are ridic...

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