Samsung Gear S3 classic

Samsung Gear S3 classic

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  • naughty sheikh
  • 9xN
  • 05 Sep 2016

old fashoin look

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    • AnonD-580577
    • 42a
    • 04 Sep 2016

    I have had the Gear 1 and 2, and the Gear S for the past 2 years, and I really want this new one! I might get the Frontier instead due to it having cell connectivity, but either look great. I just compared the specs to my Gear S and it will not be too big, as most of the news reviews have stated. I need a bigger watch to be able to read without glasses on properly, so this one seems to fit that bill. Fantastic style, any bands in 22mm you want to use, more ram, scratch resistance with the new screen, IP67, so what is not to love? Buying it the minute they are on sale.

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      • Anonymous
      • 0@Y
      • 04 Sep 2016

      AnonD-556388, 04 Sep 2016it's too small for me even if it is bigger than gear s2...1... moreShould be 1.8" (46mm) - check the Samsung site..

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        • AnonD-556388
        • 0wm
        • 04 Sep 2016

        it's too small for me even if it is bigger than gear s2...1.3 is too small even the huawei watch with 1.4 inch and too small for me that's why the moto 360 46mm is sold more than the 42mm because most people want larger watches...

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          • AnonD-446614
          • AW7
          • 02 Sep 2016

          This is so cool. Wish it came in blue and gold to match the note 7

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            • ikke
            • mt$
            • 31 Aug 2016

            Looks very nice. the only thing Samsung should do in my opinion is optimise the (leather/rubber) bands.
            I'm NOT an apple fan, but they are doing this nicer.

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              • AnonD-491313
              • ppS
              • 31 Aug 2016

              Looks friggin kewl!