Samsung i300

Samsung i300

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  • lynever

lynever, 15 Feb 2009Please do not buy this phone, u will be dissapointed!! musi... more* Battery is very suck!!

  • lynever

Aditya, 16 Dec 2008helo,i am aditya this is my dream phone n samsung smartpho... morePlease do not buy this phone, u will be dissapointed!! music player is great, full function! but one thing the better is very suck!! and it's very slow!!

  • Aditya

helo,i am aditya
this is my dream phone n samsung smartphone lover
is it has EQ and sound effect in music player?
Please tell me about that :)
coz,im vry confuse to choice samsung i450 symbian phone or this phone
Thanx yu :)

  • lynever

when ur bettery almost run out of power, HDD will not detach, unless u charging it!


can i upgrade from "windows mobile 2003 se" to "windows mobile 2005". is that possible with this phone...

  • sayyad

pls tell hw to download softwares frm pc to my mble

  • lion_ghost77@hotmail

my samsumg i300 phone can not find HDD.what can i do

  • hassan sadek

my samsumg i300 phone can not find HDD.what can i do ,,please,,


my cell phone's hard disk is not working... i think someone dropped my phone..... can some one help me out..... plz...... i wanna know how much it will cost for the hard disk.....


My samsung i300 is not found my hdd?... Wat can i do?... Pls feedback

  • kuti

my samsumg i300 phone can not find HDD.what can i do?

  • kuti

my samsumg i300 phone can not find HDD.what can i do?

  • Anonymous

hey , any one who can guide me how i can change the ring ton , using my storage music ... please help ....


what else can i say than to use the word "PERFECT" for this phone.A friend of mine gave me Samsung i300 as a birthday gift,and up till now am yet to see one in Nigeria market,it's simply superb.Am not too perfect on the window 2003

  • Anonymous

Ok this phone has been out for a while now so its not the most up to date mobile on the market. But you can still buy them in the uk and i brought one sim free for £50. I have to say, this is worth every penny of £50. Its fantastic. Music quality is very good (although not as good as se walkman). The camera is quite good considering its only a 1.3mp, and i have seen worse pics taken with 2mp cameras. Plus you get a lot of extras with it, 2 batteries (il get on to them in a moment), earphones, another earphone adaptor thing so you can use your own, docking stand, strap, alot for the money. However it does have its downsides. First the battery life. Forget the standard battery, that wouldnt power a wall clock for a day yet alone this phone. It comes with a extended battery which if you actually want to use this phone is the one you have to use. The standard battery was half dead within the first 5 hours of use! The extended battery however is lasting much much much much longer though (i rekon it will last me 2 days with basic use). The extended battery however is big and adds bulk therefore weight to the phone, so if you were not to use the extended battery, then you should look for another phone because the standard battery is useless. Also, the phone does take a bit of getting used to at first. However great phone if you dont mind having a heavy bulky phone with no style but loads of functionality.

  • Anonymous

amazing phone mine came 2day and i have a 2gb memory card for extra memory 10/10

  • Qisck

Yo people can anybody tell me can i300 run kingston 2gb card.Avsome gadeget for music and fun.

  • Divya

hey,ive trouble using HDD,it is saying that HDD could not be found,can anyone help on this issue,please mail me at

  • aina

if somebody could be say how can check the memory status of i300. both phone memory and hard disk drive memories.. please..

  • wamiq

hi every1..i just bought the phone a few days it says no HDD found...plz sum1 temme what shud i do...i need urgent help...
mail me at cell# 00923219215916