Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5

Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5

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  • Ejpril O Nil

My first smart phone. I Just buy one for 4 euro :-)

  • Zandatsu

I miss this phone . Im used this phone almost 7 year

  • Gamezze1

I remember my dad having this phone when I was little it now sits in a small draw in the shed where it has been for the best part of half decade.

  • Anonymous

Rishikesh, 07 Jun 2017How can installed WhatsApp, Facebook and other social app.give u... moreinstall aptoide from

  • Bee Movie Lover

Macbeth, 13 Jul 2018I've seen this phone in the Argos catalogue for Autumn/Winter 20... moreIs this the same Argos catalogue you tried to swat a bee with... You'll be hearing from my lawyer

I'm sure I've seen this phone somewhere before.

My 7 year old self thought that this was a slider phone and there was a T9 keypad underneath, and also thought the d-pad and 2 shoulder keys is the exact same kind they use in feature phones and are used for J2ME games and applications. Wow how I found out I was completely wrong.

I've seen this phone in the Argos catalogue for Autumn/Winter 2011 and it was known as "Samsung Galaxy Europa".

  • zohaib ali

how to break the pattern of it?

  • Rishikesh

How can installed WhatsApp, Facebook and other social app.give u reply fast

  • girl

the only app I know that is playable are wattpad and mxplayer.

  • Sourish

which xender & MX Player support in my phone GT-15503????

  • cute guy

my phone doesn't stream on youtube,pliz help

  • sdqdf

plzz i don't know how to download applications and when i search in the MARKET what's app it can't be........ pllzz help me *-*

  • Suley

2rush, 27 Dec 2015How to unlock my patternYou have to connect with the computer and install Android application then you go to youtube and tape (How to deblock samsung... connection computer)

  • 2rush

How to flash my phone

  • 2rush

How to unlock my pattern

  • S g 5

Hey, have anyone updated to android 2.2 froyo, if yes please help me with it.

  • AnonD-470851

Anonymous, 05 Oct 2015how do i turn on my data You press long the lockscreen button and then you'll see a panel there where you can select to turn off or on the data mobile.

  • rogert my bobert

Loki Roland, 14 Apr 2015This phone is very quick considering its 256MB RAM and 600MHz CP... moreyou need an upgrade