Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5

Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5

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  • nanonano

AC, 03 Jun 2010Hope the cheapest android based phone....yeah, i hope so.

  • manikandan

Great work by all can have an android device with its affordable price

  • MistaVee

this phone looks so cool

  • G

This will be cheapest android capacitive smartphone. if Samsung price it well under Rs8000 then Nokia are in great trouble. Samsung will just eat the Nokia's entry level smartphone market. because most people prefer android than symbian . Nokia should try for android platform. Samsung just understands the peoples needs much faster than other brands and they fulfill them with quality advanced products."WHAT'S NEXT" SAMSUNG

  • Anonymous

Is that a D-Pad (hopefully) or just a button?

  • Anonymous

200 EUR? Too expensive.

  • Spyroscesarsc

600MHz and 1200mAh for this phone are too much! I think that 200 is a very good price. If I wasn't a qwerty fan, I would buy that! :) Hope to see a qwerty edition soon!

  • tex

wt android to do with this?? lol

  • AC

Hope the cheapest android based phone....