Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3

Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3

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  • Ashu

i5801 is available in india ...
it has got bluetooth v 2.1 whereas i5800 has got v 3.0..
rest all the specs are same...

i got this phone 2 days ago... and i m in love wid it...
camera is good(autofocus works like a charm)
screen response is fabulous...
even some good games are working widout any problem like raging thunder....
regarding wallpapers... use 1280 x 1024 wallies and the whole wallpaper can be selected in the cropping window..
i din't found the music that much good...
multitouch response is really good(comparable to ipohone 3g)..
video player is awesome...

  • Arjun

Abhay, 15 Oct 2010I mailed s samsung people. They told update is available only fo... moreUpdate is not avaliable now but it doesnt mean that they wont update it. Wait till December.

  • men27

can anyone tell me which model is actually launched in india??? is it I5800/I5801 or infamously known as samsung galaxy apollo?? if so what are the basic differences except the looks...and does this phone have any problems or drawbacks....pls reply asap..

  • Gs

Could any one tell me the game details which are installed in I5801 galaxy3

  • vamsi

abhay, 14 Oct 2010bad news guys. Samsung is not giving the froyo update to the ver... moreI was so looking forward to the froyo update :(

  • ANIL

is it possibe videocalling in samsung galaxy 3?as there is no secondary camera option?

  • bhuppi

Hey cam any1 tell me wt should i do to find my location on map when it shows ur current location is not avail able...... Koi toh jawab do pllllllllllzzzzzzzzz

  • Anonymous

Sachin, 14 Oct 2010Guys i wanna ask you a Question. I am very much fine with my gal... morethe battery is not that great enuff to survive

  • monty

Hey any one can help me plzzzzzzzz.....
Last nyt i restored my cell, and now its GPS & WIFwI is not working.. Wt to do now to rework them plz tell me is i hav to do any kind of setting ans me

  • Ruchi

Hey plz help me.......i hv dis how do i activate al my social networkin sites on it....i cannot evn acess my mails on google......n evn my samsung apps dont open..........plz help me wid dis prblm....i need stepwise instructions pls.

  • Dmitry

Got this phone 2 days ago. After my previous Nokia smartphone this thing is really smth great! The things i liked-synchronization of google/twitter/facebook with contacts, fb2 reader application and's application. Overall quality of apps in market is low, but you still can choose from tops that are quite not bad. With wifi on several times and "playing" with features the phone has worked 30 hours for now and it shows 60% battery after one full charge(almost 30 hours ago) so i think it can work for 3 days with my usage conditions. Score: Great phone for 300$. BTW im among those people who treat phone as PHONE and a bit smth else and not gaming platform or whatever..So i dont think people should spent on phone more than 300-400$.

  • Abhay

Arjun, 14 Oct 2010I believe that Samsung will give froyo update in December. So fa... moreI mailed s samsung people. They told update is available only for galaxy s and not for galaxy 3

  • vamsi

Have been using this phone since oct 3rd 2010. Awesome phone. In India we dont have the bluetooth 3.0 option. I have even started a blog only on this phone which would contain my daily experiences with this phone and which might be helpful for future buyers. Here it is . I hope it'll be of good use.

  • Arjun

I believe that Samsung will give froyo update in December. So far even Galaxy S didnt get froyo update in India.

  • Anonymous

P, 14 Oct 2010Has anyone tried using the GPS(without data connection)?And does... moreI managed to set the GPS to the camera, I5800, I used the experience of others, and how different. First I installed
"GPSopt" - with the market, then I have to "Cafe Forum" forum (it is a Croatian forum) under the link "Andorid applications"
looked at this link­avigacija, removed programs, I removed the map
set up the camera and it works. Everything works. Basically it is very important to download the software market GPSopt, because with the help of
it quickly, really quickly catch the satellite signal and everything else is normal. Sorry for bad English.

  • harsha

Anju, 13 Oct 2010guys i have this phone. can i convert nursery rhymes vcd to be p... morehi in which format are those if you specify it den i can say

  • harsha

steve63, 14 Oct 2010is there anyone who is using 32gb or 16gb memory card in your i5... morei prefer you take sandisc i am used 16gb its the best one

  • praveeen

great phone, value for money. android is pleasure

  • Sachin

Guys i wanna ask you a Question. I am very much fine with my galaxy 3. Great phone for that price with very smooth 2.1 eclair, But How is the battery back for you..? for me its wont last more than a day,..:( Pls reply.!!

  • Anonymous

Rohit, 14 Oct 2010Thanks for the reviews posted.. I'd like to ask whether the appi... moreapps can only be installed on internal memory. froyo update is not available for gt 5801 available in India.