Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3

Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3

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  • Anonymous

Worst resolution 240*400 my nokia n73 has same resolution .go and get any better phone

  • Anonymous

Man! Its just a Galaxy Spica with better software and FM radio. POINTLESS! Couldn't they ad AMOLED. I thought they wanted to be AMOLED leader. I'd rather get a HTC legend. It cost more, but hey, thats what the second-hand market is for!

  • danz

in my opinion i prefer go nokia 5800 than sams i5800...
disadvantage of sams i5800 front record only qvga @15fps,nok 5800 vga @30fps,the hardware of sound system nokia 5800 is very fantastic...and minus resolution...n poor battery..

  • i9000

@gsmarena: U have 2 different phones (in pictures, specs & preview). First one have 2 touch buttons, other 4 of them...

  • Anonymous

Spica has a better resolution...damnit!

  • androidFan

is this upgradable to FroYo ?
wat will be the price , any guesses ??

  • GalaXY

Why the picture of I5801 Galaxy Apollo was same with the picture of Samsung Galaxy A?

  • Anonymous

upto "1 gb" means that it will be bundled with a 1 gb card(hope so)

and video messaging means mms and not vedio call

  • Ale Diniz

It has FM radio, according to Orange UK website. I suppose it has frontal camera as well, because the same website cites "video messaging."

  • Stadtionalist

At the news-section of GSMArena, there is a screenshot of a discription of this phone, saying it's "up to 1GB external memory". Uhhh?

  • boybawang

QVGA video? are you sure gsmarena?

  • Anonymous

It's a really nice phone...I will wait for it!

  • Abu 7asan

Lil brother of Galaxy S?

  • sohail

you must be kidding!!!! 720MHz processor?????????

  • Noman

"384MB RAM, 1GB ROM"

WHAT! That's huuuuuuge!

  • Anonymous

awesome phone