Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3

Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3

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  • pushpak

Ra, 06 Dec 2010Hi all, Im bid confused beween these two phones.. Samsung ... morequench is better in built quality and it has flash too but you cant expect 2.2 update anytime soon for motorola as for g4 the 2.2 update will come by jan 2011.

  • Arun

could not connect using wifi. recently i changed my broadband plan from 256 Kbps to 4 Mbps. When i was using a 256 Kbps line, My wifi was working fine. but now, my phone detects and connects to 4 Mbps line. but am not able to access internet in anyways(youtube/market/browser etc). What could be the problem? What can be done??
Thanks in advance!!

  • Pravi

If anybody having problem with gps .try *#*#1472365#*#* in dialer and then go to command then ttf test and push start it will search for gps now u can use map with exact location

  • Ra

Hi all,

Im bid confused beween these two phones..

Samsung Galaxy 3 & Quench XT3..

which is best...?

Kindly suggest me..

Im not intrested in LG.. sorry about this..


  • Arif

Hi guys i wannah a buy this phone and also little bit confusion to take motorola backplip which one is best
suggest me

  • Anonymous

Guys, today when I tried to instal a java based game, it said unsupported format, later I read that it supports java via 3rd party software,
Can anyone please tell me the name of the software to instal java on this mobile so that I can play java based games like moto gp, assassin creed, need for shift and other good java based applications...
A little help would really be appreciated...
Thanking you in advance

One more thing, I really love this done,and swyping is so much fun...
Really happy to buy this phone


How to make video calls on 3G Network without secondary VGA Camera.

  • Anonymous

the andrid applicatons cannt be dowloaded on pc

  • Thirumalai

Hi friends,
I am downloading adob player 10.01 buy I can't open that what is the reason, please help my friends


  • siva

how to play avi files guys??

  • Anonymous

it supports upto 720*480 resolution but its bitrate must not very high.i don't know upto how much bit rate it supports.anyone know plz reply.

  • Anonymous

actually it supports 640*480 video...its running smoothly in my G3

  • Ankit

My cell is pattern locked and now it's not opening neither my email-id is being accepted by the phone.. What to do next?? Please help me guys..I'm in a real trouble..

  • Anonymous

how can i get list view in sms instead of conversation mode, i am really fed up of this conversation mode

  • riyaz madappally

it is a good device for its price.Not a great perfomer as like high end phones.One thing is clear, samsung is focusing on more market share by launching value for money products.It is good for us also.

Galaxy 3 is good in all sence exept
No flash in camera
No head turning looks
No direct USB support
No 640*480 video support


[deleted post]the latter one!

  • AJ

can this mob. record video @20fps after it update to froyo

  • Anonymous

aod, 04 Dec 2010samsung galaxy is best than lg optimus oneNo u are wrong lg optimus rocks

  • Anonymous

aod, 04 Dec 2010samsung galaxy is best than lg optimus oneits a blunder!

  • Anonymous

i used gpsfix for gps...but gps is not working without data connection even when i used it under clear sky