Samsung I5801 Galaxy Apollo

Samsung I5801 Galaxy Apollo

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  • abhi

i told everyone that this would become no. 1..hahahhaha

now check the rankings on gsmarena.. its number 1...
finally samsung wave came 2nd...

  • ChInTu

NiKHiL, 14 Dec 2010I have got Galaxy 3 about couple of months back. Since then I am... morefacd sam prob.

download latst version of kies frm

wrkd 4 me..

  • samg3

I am using Gps service in this mobile, Is it free for lifetime? which service provider in india providing this gps service?

  • pushpak

NiKHiL, 14 Dec 2010I have got Galaxy 3 about couple of months back. Since then I am... moreuninstall the kies you are using and install the one given in cd and dont upgrade after that even if it asks you my updated kies doesnt detect my phone old version does.

  • NiKHiL

I have got Galaxy 3 about couple of months back. Since then I am not able to connect it to computer using Kies software. It can neither get connected through cable nor through bluetooth. Has anybody faced same problem. Has anyone found solution to this?

  • abhi

i have casted the 1000th vote for the galaxy 3...

now it should be included in the rankings list..
and according to the points , it deserves 1st or 2nd position with 8.8,8.9 and 8.9 points respectively

  • sharma

im very frustrated with samsung after sales service. Samsung sucks. Thr motto is only to make money. Tey dnt care customers. Samsung support staff n customer care also. I have got faulty i5801 my cell is wit them 4m 2months. Havent still got. No android 2.3 gingerbread update forget 2.3 i5801 stil havent got official froyo 2.2 update bt lg optimus one is getting android 2.3 gingerbread update.

  • rahul

yes. I do agree wit u lg optimus one p500 is way better than samsung i5801. I m gonna buy lg optimus one instead of i5801, its availaible for only 12,200 rs. For such good specs. A lot of game can b played in optimus one because hvga resolution 320x480 which i5801 240x420 cant. Why go for i5801 wen optimus one is availaible at same price. I recomen evry1 should go for optimus one.

  • Vyom

Which is the best task killer in android market for this phone.....i used advanced task killer but every time i kill an app it decreases the memory....and i need to reboot the phone again....plz help me wid this query

  • baba

which is d latest version of kies for galaxy 3

  • Sri

abhi, 14 Dec 2010 here is... moreThe forum said that it work for I5800 and not for 2.1? which firmware and model u r using?

  • abhi­3465/

here is the lagfix for the samsung galaxy 3.....

this makes the phone better in quadrant scores than nexus one 2.1 and desire2.1 and the droid....
which is great thing......

now there is no reason to take lg optimus one, this is fastest phone now.....

lagfix makes it the better than 1ghz phones, now what is lg optimus one in front of this???

  • Anonymous

lg optimus p500 is getting android 2.3 gingerbread update which is nt in case of i5801. So i highly recomn new phone buyers go for lg optimus p500. Dnt trust me check yourself d specs. Optimus is way better than p500 at same price.

  • shubham

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2010go for optimus1 p500 instead of g3. Optimus1 have much better re... morehey those who are recommending optimus,
optimus is only better in having froyo and possibly resolution , but it also has user available memory of 170 mb as in galaxy 3, so its a matter of time to upgrade to froyo...this is best android at this price,,

  • mkr

Rajat, 12 Dec 2010Hi All I bought this phone today... I dont know how to turn-off... moreu need to dwnld an app. frm d market named "apn on-off widget". . . this wil alow u to turn on /off the gprs service. . .1 thng more to mak dis wrkable press n hold ur touch on home scrn thn select. android widgets--»apn on off widget. . .
dats all. . . . . .

  • Rajat

Hi All
I bought this phone today... I dont know how to turn-off the internet (GPRS) when i dont need it.... Please help me with this.... HOW TO TURN off the Internet.... There is shortcut symbol, "E" written on it,on the top of the screen...


Hey guys... THE android MARket HAS been updated..

u all can update it by visiting the link in the end of this post­-updated/

see the post's end for download link. download the apk file and then install it like any other app.
the apk file will be in ur SD CARD

its a kool site if u all guyz wud like to join.
nice nd updated info. :)

source : android police

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2010No. It is .mp4 (H.246, 624X272). But when i play this it says ca... moreI tried to play Waka Waka first but it dint play, but after reducing resolution it played smoothly. regarding Divx i dint register anywhere....

  • Anonymous

baba, 11 Dec 2010i5801 can play both DivX/Xvid as well as mp4 files. May be u r ... moreNo. It is .mp4 (H.246, 624X272). But when i play this it says cannot play this video. And regarding DivX, did u register and played it? If not, how did u made it?