Samsung I8190 Galaxy S III mini

Samsung I8190 Galaxy S III mini

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  • Mike Me

How about 2000mAh battery? is it works ok?

  • josh

my phone broke. =(

  • josh

im sad it was discontinued. i liked it. little phone...

  • josh

it was ok. but the battery was not very good at was a hand me down and i loved it though. now i have a j6 and muuuuuuuuch better. (no offence)👌

  • Anonymous

Got my my s3 mini about 6 years years and its stil golng. Just a perfect little phòne.

  • Shwany

I think its not a good phone got two of them they only lasted for 3 years the virus killed the phones dont know where did it came from

It's so slow in 2019 but it's cute. Very similar performance and looks to the Galaxy Light

  • Ramma sokoto

I've been using the phone for exactly 5 years though I only use it now for hotspot and calling and a memory slot.
I appreciate the quality of the screen, never needed to repair it.

  • Soda Rehberi

It's been a long time since I bought that (6 years). And I'm still using that although I dropped that many times. This phone just getting slowlier and that's all. But still usable. I give 9 out of 10.

  • me

its still working fine but the memory as decreased to 4.55gb what should I do for it to be 8gb again

  • Neo

It's still working fine

  • Weaselnuts

Still works.Same battery.It's Halloween 2018

Samsung called this phone "mini" yet it had the same screen size as the iPhone 5. Surprisingly, that says a lot.

  • buks

how do cancelled call bearing on samsung 18190

  • Anonymous

clayton, 09 Mar 2018top phone past 5 years still strong thumbs up.How do I set my phone to store pics and stuff on the memory card?

  • tech_guy

Have mine for about 5 years. Still works great, only upgrading now to get 4G.
Battery still good. Have sat on it plenty of times, dropped few times onto hard surfaces. Never had a protector or case. Great size for the pocket. sigh ... =).
My nine yr old daughter is asking for it, or may re purpose for some dedicated purpose, like aquarium management system.. hmmm

  • Mani

This is the first smart phone for me, purchased in USA, as it was not introduced in India.

As the ROM was not getting updated, I learnt how to do it and updated with a custom version with Cyanogenmod Kitakat.

However after an year again, while trying for the next update, Lolipop I made some mistake and the phone went ALMOST dead. It will boot but stop with model number display only!

I preserved it as I was addicted to SAMSUNG already. Changed two more phones the latest one being again anothe Samsung

A month back I went to a service shop and he said the phone is still good and gave it back with original ROM. I am happy and still using it, as I procured my second SIM just for using this mobile.

I wonder why this was not introduced in India!

Was Samsung afraid that if this model is continued, may be their next models will continue to face stiff competition from this old model itself?

  • Dino

This mobile phone is pocketable and reliable. I still use this from launched until today.

  • Anonymous

More reliable who,e charging, nobody will run at me and blow me up while it's charging.

  • luka

this is best samsung