Samsung I8190 Galaxy S III mini

Samsung I8190 Galaxy S III mini

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  • ej

S3MiniMi, 27 Jun 2020I am still using this phone for call and text. Battery stil... moreI have been using this model for quite sometime. .and it's still very faithful and reliable but recently I have some issue of slow loading of video and very often reintiatelize itself and restart again or I have to restart the video and also during reading messages.

The worst phone I have ever had.

  • S3MiniMi

I am still using this phone for call and text. Battery still ok. Tough phone. Waiting for it to die but still keeps going.

Had one back in 2013, was a good phone.

Good phone to receive calls, sms and for few apps

  • Anonymous

I’ve been using this little guy daily for almost 4 years and it’s working just fine

  • Fischer

lasaa, 14 Apr 2020Still have this baby, 8 years and never been fixed for any ... moreThe same thing :)

Still have this baby, 8 years and never been fixed for any issues. It is slow, does not get any new updates, but still good as a temporary phone :)

  • Mike Me

How about 2000mAh battery? is it works ok?

  • josh

my phone broke. =(

  • josh

im sad it was discontinued. i liked it. little phone...

  • josh

it was ok. but the battery was not very good at was a hand me down and i loved it though. now i have a j6 and muuuuuuuuch better. (no offence)👌

  • Anonymous

Got my my s3 mini about 6 years years and its stil golng. Just a perfect little phòne.

  • Shwany

I think its not a good phone got two of them they only lasted for 3 years the virus killed the phones dont know where did it came from

It's so slow in 2019 but it's cute. Very similar performance and looks to the Galaxy Light

  • Ramma sokoto

I've been using the phone for exactly 5 years though I only use it now for hotspot and calling and a memory slot.
I appreciate the quality of the screen, never needed to repair it.

  • Soda Rehberi

It's been a long time since I bought that (6 years). And I'm still using that although I dropped that many times. This phone just getting slowlier and that's all. But still usable. I give 9 out of 10.

  • me

its still working fine but the memory as decreased to 4.55gb what should I do for it to be 8gb again

  • Neo

It's still working fine

  • Weaselnuts

Still works.Same battery.It's Halloween 2018