Samsung i8510 INNOV8

Samsung i8510 INNOV8

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  • francis

already released in southeast asia?
what's the tag price int he philippines?

  • Shou Ji

Samsung release GT-i8510 INNOV8 today in Southeast Asia and Oceania.

I'm waiting for detailed news...

  • scoda_105

this mobile is the most wonderful mobile that i have ever seen in my life

  • uh huh..

Tsepz, 26 Aug 2008NOKIA N85 is better IMO, thats the cold hard truth. The Innov8 i... morehey wait a sec that i'm having a close look at it..5mp, OLED..bla man u gotta be kidding me how is that phone superior lol the talk time is even lesser.oh c'mon!!be serious lol.

  • Anonymous

it's out on uk ebay!nokia is death!

  • uh huh..

Tsepz, 26 Aug 2008NOKIA N85 is better IMO, thats the cold hard truth. The Innov8 i... moreyour N85 is horrible..if i had that i would always keep it in my pocket and never take it has always been faithful to something..horrible designing. i wonder where they grabbed their designers.

  • Tsepz

NOKIA N85 is better IMO, thats the cold hard truth. The Innov8 is going to be missing MANY nice extra features that the Nseries will have.

  • Anonymous

seems initial release will be for the 8gb version, i wonder what the price difference will be between the 8 & 16gb will be because the 8 seems quite reasonable at 70 on a 30 12 month contract

  • Raymond Kankomba

I am a sumsung user and currently using sumsung SGH D880. I feel that this make here i8510 is a great piece. is it a dual sim holder?

  • Striker

C'mon GSMArena, we're dying to see the full review - Please put us out of our misery soon!!!!!

  • samsung lover

an excellent fone.....a good competition against other brands.....specially for nokia....losing its edge.thumbs up for samsung.

  • Qatari

Hamid, 25 Aug 2008Are u sure that it has released in Qatar......???? coz i also s... moreI have no idea about the price, unfortunately. But I estimate it around 2500-3000 QR.

  • Mr LASH

nick, 24 Aug 2008im a total nokia fan here cos i always thought they made phones ... moreThe Time has come.. I have akways been a nokia fan.. til... Nokia fail to come out with high-end models apart fom N95 8GB!! Their upcoming N96 is below expectation.. Only (5mpx) camera. No xenon flash.. LOUST BATTERY!!! only 950maH.. However samsung has finally come out with a very "high-end hp" that looks to overtake nokia.. The samsung omnia was Very good.. But this.. The samsung i8510 is simply STUNNING!!! (8mpx) camera & all the Value-added features, divx, map etc.. I think samsung can finally overtake nokia if only they can solve a way to make it's hp user-friendly!! & with more service ctrs please.. Anyway ROCK ON SAMSUNG!! Good effort on the i8510.. (Just that it lacks is a XENON flash)

  • Nokia CEO

Best of 8 Megapixel camera phone :

1. Samsung GT-i8510 INNOV8
2. LG KC910
3. Motorola Motozine ZN12
4. Sony Ericsson C905 Cybershot

  • carloud

hmm I understand that samsung doesnt release any firmware upgrades?

is it true?

  • 70SAM

i prefer this mobile and i love all of samsung mobile's this one is has a great technolegy and it has a beuatiful desgin


i think that this mobile is very perfect that no other mobile componies has made one like this one and samsung is very good compony

  • Anonymous

will e fone ve 8gb n 16gb variants?

  • hazel

juz to cx out, will there be 2 variants of memory capacity for innov8 @ initial launch? if yes, when will e 16gb be available then? tia!

  • Andy Burgin

Te i8510 will be made avalable to sign up for on Friday the 29th August just go onto its available on Orange an O2,i will never sign up for it on Orange because they always mess about with the software on there mobiles they release so O2 i will be definetly getting this mobile on an can"t wait to see an use it for 14 days before i decide to keep it ot return it