Samsung i8510 INNOV8

Samsung i8510 INNOV8

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  • Anonymous

samsung rocks -number one!!!!!!!! nokia sucks

  • Tosho

This will be way toooooo much expensive.
I mean, look at those specs

  • jj

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2008so nice im sure this phone better than c905 and n96 very ... morebt
the user interphase very poor

  • Anonymous

so nice

im sure this phone better than c905 and n96

very very nice

  • jj

ya,this phone is nice bt

samsung famous in poor user interphase

  • Anonymous

hmmm Ive uploaded a 10megapixel image on my n95 which only has 2.6 inches and at QVGA res screen

it doesnt look pixelated...^_^

I think innov8s screen will be very nice

  • Anonymous

i8510 innov8 & n96 can be used for gaming. n96's advantage is its access to ngage games, but the disadvantage is its lack of 3d graphics accelerator. i8510 has 3d graphics engine for great game graphics but i'm not sure if ngage games can also be installed in it.

  • Anonymous

240 x 320 pixels, 2.8 inches .. not too good for a phone with 8MP Camera

2.8 inches deserve a minimum of 640x480 display otherwise you are gonna see boxy and checkered images!....

I would love to see a 800x600 display on a 3 inch!...

  • Anonymous

samsung i8510 innov8
design - 7
features - 9
performance - 8

  • Anonymous

tech fanatic, 27 Jul 2008I don't think there is a reason to compare the i900 to the i851... moresamsung i8510 innov8 is not just for camera. it's actually an all-in-one multimedia device. it caters for image, video and audio, able to replace your digital camera, videocam, even ipod and dvd player. you also got an internet browser with super fast broadband connection plus other smartphone functionalities!

  • tech fanatic

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2008Now, the great battle is : Samsung i900 Omnia VS Samsung i851... moreI don't think there is a reason to compare
the i900 to the i8510 because there meant for different reasons 1 is a powerful win mob the other one is a super multimedia phone.

as for differences this is how i see it:
1- wm 6.1 pro
2- 3.2" display
3- touch screen (some people like ME see it as a plus)
4- stand by time (190 h more)
4- TV out
5- price tag
6- you don't have to wait for it

1- camera (8 mp + new tricks)
2- talk time (2h 40 min more)

as you see omnia is more of a business phone
and innov8 is more of just a camera?!!

  • Vl@dutz

This phone is the best, more better than N96 or Iphone or other phone. THIS IS THE BEST PHONE Samsung i8510 INNOV8

  • tech fanatic

I don't think that this phone will be that much of a competition to the n96 because of the price mostly since the innovate is reported to be 780 euro = 1200 $ but the n96 cost around 800 $.
as for the specification the main differences are:
n96 over innov8
1-Carl ziess optics (which I think that it must count for something)
2-DVB-H TV broadcast receiver
3-dedicated music keys (it's just a nice touch)
4-TV out
5-Office document viewer
6-p.t.t. (I know people who really need it)

innov8 over n96
1-8 mp camera with excellent features
2-video recording at 120 fps (for slow motion video)
4-better battery life

I personally will wait for the SE Xperi X1

  • Anonymous

Now, the great battle is :

Samsung i900 Omnia VS Samsung i8510 Innov8

Guys, please compare it...

  • Aken

What a great phone! Can't wait to get it

  • Momo

this phone is really amazing,but i think that the se c905's cam well be much better that the innov8's cam samsungs'cams are really bad

  • Nevin

Tired of these phone manufacturer....they never make one solid complete phone. There is always something they do it purposely or is sth marketing strategy?? This phone is almost perfect & complete one. But once you slide out keypad, its very disappointing...also cheap built quality.

  • Anonymous

Preorder for this phone is over $1000.00.

That's crazy.

If you want it..wait. Samsung handsets are known for dropping in price somewhat quickly.

  • Anonymous

wow an almost complete phone. only lacks touchscreen and xenon flash. either this or C905 will be my next phone. or XPERIA if it ever comes out lol.

  • Anonymous

it has tv-out.