Samsung i8510 INNOV8

Samsung i8510 INNOV8

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  • Maya87

1-i have PDA I-mate and i love this phone ,panorama shot and some features so u suggest me to buy it? i hate nokia so i'm confused about that...
2-are samsung prices down fast? if that i will wait :P


  • Aziz

Hi can some body tell me what is the best application for messenger??? Im using ebuddy in this phone bcz it allows me to confid facebook as well but after every 2mins its gets discon and then i have recon again 2 d network???

  • Darwish

yehia, 16 Apr 2009if u have this mob in egypt so how much doz it cost ? it's not available in Egypt, bas it's around 2,200 SR in Saudi Arabia.

  • levi

btw i had this phone for bout 3 months now and overall i am satisfied with. I only dont like the fact that u lose some camera settings each time u wanna use the camera, taking pics at night really sucks, the google map cant be updated

  • levi

has anyone dl'ed the youtube app? I can run the app and search for videos with no prob but the videos dont seem to load at all. It shows the loading icon but it never loads. If i go to the actual website it loads perfect. Anyone ideas.

  • Killian

I have had this phone for 2 days and its an awesome phone so far but its battery is pretty pathetic. And its already frozen twice..

  • yehia

Ayman Salah, 15 Apr 2009Hello, could anybody advise me about the quality of the loud spe... moreif u have this mob in egypt so how much doz it cost ?

  • Anonymous

i want to ask why does this phone after using it awhile is slows down ( as in app and text message replies is slow) ? is it because i have takin up so much memory by dl and adding pictures and video etc. but i have 16gb internal memory. shouldn't it hold it all??

  • dirk


Seeing as the USA is usually way behind in implementing new tech to the masses I doubt if its available there yet.

Last time I was in the USA I was astounded at how archaic that country is.

  • Anonymous


I don't have widgets either............its seems only certain models have them.

I have the Dutch model.

  • Jhake (UAE)


pls. tell me how can I have widgets on my Innov8. Thanks.

  • Jhake (UAE)

guys, pls tell me why my I8510 dont have widgets . . . . plssssssssss

  • dirk

in reply to Ayman

The sound of the speakers is tremendous.................

to the clown who said the phone is sensitive and breaks are a moron.

  • limao

i have this phone i8510 last january 2009,for those people who wants to buy this phone,i urge you not to buy,why? bec. it is so sensitive,and it was easy to broken. . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Will

I want to use my accelerometer to it's full ability so can someone list some programs or applications that use the accelerometer INNOV8? Thanks

  • nick

William Park, 13 Apr 2009Hi guys, I got my INNOV8 and its great and all but when I try an... moreyeah that is a known problem. it seems we just have to wait until samsung upgrade google maps in their firmware which is a real bummer

  • Ayman Salah

Hello, could anybody advise me about the quality of the loud speakers of this phone in terms of loudness& Clarity? I'm currently having Nokia N73 m.e. and wants 2 switch to this phone, but afraid of losing the loudness of N73!

One more question, does this phone have the stupid feature that prevents u from using the phone except for making calls when the battery is dying out?

Thanks in advance, Ayman from Egypt.

  • Totti

Dirk, 13 Apr 2009Reply to Totti I love the phone but battery is not very good.... moreThank's Dirk

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Apr 2009a have this phone and it's absolutely brilliant. I have had it n... moreIt's funny how this person posts a comment on a April 2009 and says that he/she has had the phone for a year! The phone was released last October, so none could have had it for a year. It's fine to praise the i8510 and say that it's brilliant, that everyone should get it, but if I didn't know better... I'd say the original post was from someone working for Samsung and filling up this forum.

  • William Park

Hi guys, I got my INNOV8 and its great and all but when I try and download the new google maps (latitude) it says that the component is already built in, and it wont let me download it. How can I fix my problem because the new google maps is so cool. Thanks.