Samsung i8510 INNOV8

Samsung i8510 INNOV8

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  • Syn4o`

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2009can use headset in video call of coures you can

  • Anonymous

can use headset in video call

  • Anonymous

how to activate loudspeaker within video call?

  • phone junky

awsome awsome awsome thank you samson i used to be a nokia n95.8g junky but after seing there cheap upgrade the n96 made me sick but you guys smashed it with this new samson innova

  • Anonymous

Plz sum1 tel me how to use the front camera?does it only work when u r in video call??thx

  • Symbian Addict

I hope my post helps every i8510 user out there. If u want to make the best use of its graphics and acclerometer then download the following games
1)Crash bandicoot nitrocart3D 2)virtual pool mobile
3)global race
4)panda manda
6)resco bubbles
8)Assassians creed
9)oval racer
If u want to 2 upgrade ur innov8's usability then download the following apps
7)theme DIY
8)mobitubia(hopefully da newer version is comming)
10)RAM booster
In my next post i'll be telling how to upgrade its firmware,install Ngage & ways to increase its battery life

  • Anonymous

somtimes nokia pcsuit software conflicts with sam pc studio

  • Nobita

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2009I currently have a Samsung G600 and in message settings i can bl... morehey my last phone was also g600!!! great design and bang for the buck. good experience with g600 and the powerpack features of innov8 made me buy it.

ps. the biggest thing I worry about my samsung phones are the robbers and pickpockets here in my country.

  • Dirk

There is an 'etiquette mode'' for when you want to pause music or put alarm in snooze mode.............just turn the phone over...........very handy.

  • harry sj

can anyone tell me that how long its battery life is? i"ve to charge my phone twice a day.

  • Nobita

-where can I find a detailed manual for this phone?
-my pc usually cant recognize my phone whether its connected as mass storage or for pcstudio (tried studio3 and 7). I already tried installing the samsung usb driver, reformatted the phones storage but still not recognize in my pc most of the time.
-how do you configure the keypad light?

  • Anonymous

how do you turn off the 3g etc ?

  • Anonymous

Plz sum1 tel me hw to us the front camera?does it only wrk whn u r in video call??thx

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2009can anyone tell me how you can make the battery last longer on t... moreAs with all 3G phones - deactivate 3G and GPS and switch to GPRS only. If it looses 3G signal it keeps searching for 3G. Only turn on the services you need. Also lower the backlight brightness. Good luck.

  • Anonymous

can anyone tell me how you can make the battery last longer on the i8510 8gb ?

iv had it a couple of days now, great phone but the battery sucks ! iv had to charge it every night and even at that its dead by the time i get home from work !

thats me just using the phone normally - calls, txts but no music or videos etc

cheersw for any help

  • Help!

Plz sum1 tel me hw to us the front camera?does it only wrk whn u r in video call??thx

  • albert

Hi am i able to use Office tools on it like microsoft office and so on thank you

  • dee

its a super camera fone! but the software and firmware is very buggy and out of date. samsung need to improve their software for the device.

1. pc studio doesn't support vista 64-bit

2. anti-shake setting keep turn off everytime you use the camera.

3. when play music and you put the lcd face down or in a pocket, it pause the song. the phone locked but joystick remain functional. how weird?

how do i get pc studio 7 work for vista 64-bit and where i can get the latest firmware? i use pc studio 7 on windows xp and try to run the phone software updater but it never pass the glass scanning the phone logo status.

great phone with buggy software/firmware

  • Ryo Jin

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2009Hi, Does this phone have block text message facility in phone s... moreNo, but u can added 3rd party software to do that.

  • Anonymous

how do the skyfire and bolt browsers work on this monster phone?