Samsung i8510 INNOV8

Samsung i8510 INNOV8

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  • Dream

Hi , i had a dream last night, about mobile that is mix of this omnia 1, and for caller id i saw video clip :D

  • lk

it's a gud phone?

  • paul

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Price INR - 40500/- 16gb version

  • paul

Anonymous, 06 Mar 2009hi dear paul.I have a question.what is the difference between 8g... moreNothing diff..Anonymous

  • I3iach

Anonymous, 06 Mar 2009hi dear paul.I have a question.what is the difference between 8g... moreThe only difference are the memory aboard it. 16Gb has more memory than 8Gb. 16Gb - 8Gb..

  • Dirk

I installed Garmin XT version 5.0 on it for my navigation and I must say it works FANTASTIC!! No more external GPS needed.

  • Khalid

i've been using this phone for a week now, so far, this is the best phone i've used! the weight's just nice for me, the balance is good, the reception is good, though i only managed to get the 8gb version, for me, it's more than enough, with the extra 4gb microSDHC that i bought later. yeah, so far, so good, except for the lack of accessories from where i came, it's not an issue, there's always online store!

  • Anonymous

paul, 05 Mar 2009Samsung Innov8 Detail Review The phone which has everything ... morehi dear paul.I have a question.what is the difference between 8gb and 16 gb versions?its very important to me bcz here there is only 8gb version.
plz let me know as soon as possible

  • Ryo Jin

desperado, 06 Mar 2009hi friends. except the memory capacity, what is the difference ... moreNothing.

  • desperado

hi friends.
except the memory capacity, what is the difference between INNOV8 8GB and 16GB?
its very important to me.thanks in advance


Friends !!! specially owners !!! i have one serious question please reply !!! " we can use nokia n95 head phone with remote (volume , rev / frwd and play stop ) all works ???

  • Levi

Does anyone else' innov8 take a few seconds before it could open the text/email msg screen? mine takes a few seconds even with the shortcut.

  • Dirk

I tried to connect to my home wifi system in OFFLINE mode but cannot.

Anyone know how to work around that?

  • malik

very nice and very stylish its not just phone it is mini computer and look good.

  • unknown

Just got this phone! Happy to say it does not disappoint

  • paul

Samsung Innov8 Detail Review

The phone which has everything in one bundle is INNOV8..believe it or not its true
Im a nokia fan but they never ever provide such phone like this, they lose something in thier phone, if camera is good, music
player would be crap Ex: Nokia N82, if music is good, camera would be crapp..

Here im introducing My innov8 16GB

Camera: Excellent is not the word its beyond camcorder

It has 8mp autofocus camera,
It takes Video in Macro mode including slowmotion with or without flashlight
Its perfectly works in indoor, no grainy effects, very smooth and clear
Video recording bitrate depends upon the environment >1500kpbs - 2500kbps
Audio bitrate AMR codec better quality : dont think its worst
Video Playback bitrate : MP4 @ 1200 - in the resoultion of 640x480 / Audio 128 kbps, 48000khz (Equal to DVD)
Divx video playback bitrate : It plays any divx video, resolution 640x480 @ 30 FPS

Entertainment Features:

Photo to Video with nice transistions : Resoultion 320x240@ 30FPs, 500Kbps / Audio Mp4 format, 48000Khz excellent equal to 640x480 res.
Video editing
Photo slide with background music with nice photo river effects
TV out : Use nokia Tv out cable, it works fine...better than nokia...can play games, videos, photo browsing anything..
GPS : Excellent
Audio Recording @ Mp4, wav and amr format
Radio recoridng unlimited @ Mp4 format.

Business Features:

Business card scanner : Excellent
Office (Word, Excel, Powrpoint, PDF) reader (You can upgrade it later to editable version, coz its symbian)
Yahoo go etc....

Audio Quality : Excellent, superb stereo sound - for better audio playback use high quality headphones
Battery - 8/10, for better battery performance, disable optical joystick, screen brightness..<­br>
Look guys if its one time investment go a head for this has everthing, no slow process, even if u fill it up the mass memory,

If u want any clarification contact me:

  • Anonymous

Please man! How you can think about 12 or 8MP, one thing is the megapixel, by the size of the image, other tink, is the quality of each pixel, you must to see the GRAND 8MP SHOOTOUT, where the "famous" c905, was totally crashed by the image quality that offer the innov8. For that samsung put the BLUE CIRCLE around the camera objetive, is a symbol to represent that the quality of each image is than a high-end digital camera.

  • Anonymous

The ringing tone is rather soft , even if the volume had been adjusted to the maximum level.
While selecting from "menu" to " contact" , it takes up some time before the phone screen change to " contact"- The processing time is rather long .
But overrall, it still a good phone with many features.

  • Vinod

I am using this phone since last five months,but i am not able to find the widget application on my phone.Doer any other user have the same,or the app.has to be downloaded from net. ANYWAY THE PHONE IS INCREDIBLE AND SAMSUNG ROCKS.

  • jedrzej

is the office application supports edit function