Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

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So cool and good looking.

  • Tanvir

My first smartphone. I paid £300 for it when it was released. Alot has changed since then now I own a S7

  • pctech

still power on 8-12-2019 well made phone. Sadly we are part of the matrix and they will make your hardware obsolete with new software! Some of my phones, Galaxy S, Galaxy S3, Galaxy note 4, current Galaxy note 9. Phones this days should last you good 3 to 5 years having a good protecting case, as always the problem is the software makes it outdated when the hardware still good. Is a shame that today's phones are priced from $700 to a $1000 and they become obsolete so quick.

  • Smaug

Chico, 22 Apr 2018If your Galaxy S still work and you want to use the device for p... moreThis is the main reason why I moved on Note 4 after 5 years of S1

Still have one.

not usable even in job, just leave it like nostalgia for your grandchildren

  • Samsung

No one has commented since 24 Nov 2015.
I'm commenting in 14 Feb 2019!
3 years later!

  • adnan

murshid, 27 Dec 2017My phone whats app work noWhats app downlod

  • rald

how to update credential certificates because expire

  • Anonymous

8.1 OREO?, 23 Jul 2018I wonder if this can run Android 8.1 Oreo (CUSTOM ROM)TBH It probably could XD

  • 8.1 OREO?

I wonder if this can run Android 8.1 Oreo (CUSTOM ROM)

  • Alex

Anonymous, 08 May 2018am trying to install whatsapp but it can't open it please help it won't work, whatsapp doesn't support old phones anymore. I even tried older versions of whatsapp. if you wan't whatsapp, you need android 4 minimum.

  • Anonymous

am trying to install whatsapp but it can't open it please help

  • Chico

If your Galaxy S still work and you want to use the device for practical tasks, this is what I did to keep it faster as after hard reset. Download apk extractor and save all your fav apps, then reset to factory settings and install all the apps from the apk files extracted, never set a gmail account on Play Store or Gmail to avoid to update Google Services. You can log in your gmail account by the native Email app. That way you will keep the phone working in an aceptable perfomance.

  • AnonD-729997

The Galaxy Beam's base.

  • Anonymous

what do I do if it says(missing ID URI) I'm trying to set up my email ayddress

  • AnonD-728378

AnonD-592505, 03 Oct 2016yes, poor people lol. I got a J3 6 and Iphone S5 but i'm stil us... moreI have a Galaxy A3 (2016), Galaxy Y and a Galaxy S I9000!

  • murshid

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2017ireset my phone and it as refuse to workMy phone whats app work no

  • AnonD-633752

If you're adventurous (and rooted with ClockworkMod, etc) you can also update to 6.0.1 with OMNI ROM or Full Advance (also based on OMNI). I just did this couple of days ago (from SlimKAT 4.4).

Slower, way slower, of course than 4.4. But fully working 6.0.1 if you need one. Just remember to install the pico (smallest) version of Open GAPPS (system partition is too small for larger packages).

More here:­i9000-development/advance-6-0-1-t3277051

  • Anonymous

ireset my phone and it as refuse to work

  • nothing

Alex, 11 Sep 2017Hello. My GT-i9000 was phased out of whatapp early this year on ... morego to xda developers and look for lineage os 4.4, it will work very well holding facebook lite, whatsapp and many other apps, but obviously it wont run heavy apps such as uber or games