Samsung i900 Omnia

Samsung i900 Omnia

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  • Wager

Used to have this phone back in 2010. It had a very crappy camera and unreliable GPS receiver. Sold it as soon as I could and bought the excellent Nokia E72 which is still my second phone (along with Samsung Galaxy S5).

  • Anonymous

Everybody read your mind.

  • Dasgoo

I owned this phone back in 2009, it was pretty high end with some cool tech : slow motion videos, a touchscreen and a mouse (it blew my friends mind), it had Windows...

Apps were terrible but it was really a precursor on this domain.

  • mackintosh

angus , 08 Aug 2016can my i900 download whatsapp this phone is a phone whitch has very good caracters and it pleases me but i desire to use watsapp pleas help me.

  • AnonD-729997

Running on a extremely edgy system.

  • vahid

The operating system was damaged. I had to change the RAM, but it hangs on the call
Where do I download the same model from Ram

  • vahid

Godfrey , 11 Mar 2017How can I reboot it or resethi you can reset bay pen on the phone
or you want delete all file your phone -setting and reset factory
reset fACTORY delete all your file photo music video contact ...

  • S I900 Omnia (2008)

Another Hp That I used Be 4 Other Then I600. Good But Kinda Lag A Lot.

  • Godfrey

I forgot my password, please help i900 Samsung

  • Godfrey

How can I reboot it or reset


my omnia is telling me that my memory is been dismounted and it does not want to operate anymore please assist me guys because i really love this phone thank you.

  • Hahaha

Blazee, 14 Aug 2016I have difficulties in changing the language of my i900, i ... moreGo to the store and ask them to reset the language to english or try learning german

  • Blazee

I have difficulties in changing the language of my i900, i bought it in Germany and the language setting is German but i cant switch to English

  • angus

Queu, 26 Jan 2016Hi how can i update my windows and is there a chance that i... morecan my i900 download whatsapp

  • hadi

LEGEND HEART BEAT, 19 Feb 2016How can i update the windows of my sammsung i900window upgrade

  • am4urluv

Please My phone is configured in German how can I change it to English language.


How can i update the windows of my sammsung i900

  • Queu

Hi how can i update my windows and is there a chance that i can download whatsapp or facebook?

  • Nhlanhla bossthedog

My sumsung i900 Omnia has network problem

  • tac

my first phone ever... payed 280(cdn) for someones used phone and I remember what a major deal it was having a smartphone back then... new and exciting! so much fun messing around, I can remember walking the seawall trying widget homescreen playing with it finding the best one

now I use it... hahaha so unresponsive, unsupported and all the fun and game were but a memory... I finally get data and somehow the phone is showing edge network over 3G...that's ok... it's served me incredibly well when it did back in 09.