Samsung i900 Omnia

Samsung i900 Omnia

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  • Anonymous

this is da dream fone ive been dreaming of all the tym. iphone + n95 8gb + windows + good battery + big screen 4 movies + high speed + nice design + high quality. i rele want this fone.


veeery nice... but i dont understand why the companies put on this kind of devices only a 65kb display (if you see closer you can watch the green-red-blue pixels like a TV screen)

  • TC16

WOW a i phone ish phone or is it a htc diamond super phone wot is it exactly

  • Anonymous

damn it. this i a big rival of xperia x1
Best phones to come out : Xperia X1,SE W980, i900 omnia, N96, HTC touch pro

  • Nick

first comment! and this phone has wifi thank god!