Samsung i900 Omnia

Samsung i900 Omnia

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  • deadpooL

so this will be fully compatible with AT&T?

  • Anonymous

WOW.... i hope the battery can handle all that rich features..

  • Anonymous

No Xenon Flash, what about the video recording is it VGA 30fps? Only 65K colors because of windows mobile, that sucks! But for the rest this phone has great features.

  • benyeap

How about the processor (Samsung?), RAM & ROM specifications?

  • Uirl

Li-Ion 1440 mAh battery! suck that iPhone

  • Anonymous

screen should at least be as high as resolution as iphone, 320x480 compared to 240x400

  • Roman

fine. but screen should 480*640. we want about zoom & pixel of secondery camera

  • Reza

this is going to be great for me...

  • wines

whew.. nice phone..

how much in the market?!

  • Rafael

Welcome to the Future....

  • Anonymous

Does anyone knows how about it's processor????

  • polywmfan

Anonymous, 09 Jun 2008It's a LED one,seems like a LED on the live images,but this also... moreDamn! You think so! It looked like an LED to me too but I was hoping.... Oh well the search/wait continues....
Thanks for your reply!

  • Anonymous

It's a LED one,seems like a LED on the live images,but this also don't care too much for me.

  • Lovelyham3d

Cool,5 Megapixel & Image Stabiliser & Windows with big lCD,but not beautiful as HTC Diamond

  • polywmfan

Does anyone know What kind of flash this has? I
keep asking this for upcoming phones because I am still waiting for a windows mobile phone with a decent camera! A decent camera has to have a XENON flash! Anyone?

  • Anonymous

I don't care with screen resolutions,this make the phone slow,how about it's processor,and it doesn't have 3.5 mm conector,but does have stereos speakers!!!

  • King Kong

Tired of all these expensive touch screen fashion phone...I prefer standard phone whith really usable high end camera, video,gps..Gimme a 6220C or N82 anytime over this one

  • Jay

Finally came out. waited for months . this phone already came out in korea. if u guys wanna check go to and type "haptic samsung" and you will see how amazing this phone is. can't wait.

  • blq

good samsung.

it is the future.

good camera
no keyboard.

future is now :)

  • nobody

wanna know..
1.does it hv 3.5mm audio?
2. stereo speakers?

impressive phone...=)
if samsung make it vga/wvga much nicer n sharper