Samsung i900 Omnia

Samsung i900 Omnia

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  • kenosis

how is cpu?

  • Anonymous

How about buying HTC Diamond in the 1st place and get done with it!! Why should I wait?

  • Anonymous

16GIG + 16GIG = 32GIG

WOW . the best phone


Omnia The best phone in the world

5MP with Smile and face detection .

624MHz Marvell CPU .

SAMSUNG Display are nice .

  • cyril

Finally, an i710 successor. I hope the price will be reasonable.

  • iop

only 65k colors:( very sad this is a big problem for this phone

  • Anonymous

acnt wait for the day where these specs are the norm, all this needs is a numerical keypad and a tad smaller screen and ittd be the shiz

  • Hg

It's becoming very tough on deciding which phone to buy.
My wishlist: Samsung i900 Omnia, Blackberry bold, Nokia E71, HTC Touch Pro.
The Iphone looks too gayish at the moment.

  • vlad

3.2" screen with 320x400 resolution... this is the biggest joke i've evere heard.. 3g iphone competitor ?with this screen ? at half of iphone price maybe

  • Anonymous

I live in Cambodia , when this phone avilable ? Samsung have got hight end of tecnologia but your mush chang screen to 16 milion coller.the 65k is old.

  • RMS

wow ! masterpiece from samsung
specification is good lets check about the sound quality .

  • Anonymous

This is best Phone made by samsung and is the best one available.

  • Makhmal

i love i900

  • Anonymous

so nice . Features is fantastic
samsung is the best , better than diamond & iphone 3G

  • aprabo

samsung has to study to philips about how make long live baterai, and also has to study to nokia to make better casing. samsung is okey in screen/image view resolution.

  • Anonymous

Jay, 09 Jun 2008Finally came out. waited for months . this phone already came ou... morethis is not haptic samsung. that youtube one is F480. This i900 is even better. what a ph from samsung. samsung batt sucks but not this one i believe. With optical sensor pointer and motion sensor, that will beat most other phs. I will choose between N96 and i900 as my next ph. i phone is out coz of lousy cam.

  • Scissors

Does this Touch interface support multi-touch capabilities?

  • bob

Phone looks sick, hopefully it is not too expensive:P

  • Pablo

it looks to be realy good maybe better than any other windows mobile or smart phone. at least me i am waiting a test- compare with HTC touch pro or with N96

  • matias

only 65k display? is that ok?

  • Anonymous

Say Hello to iPhone... Killer.