Samsung I9105 Galaxy S II Plus

Samsung I9105 Galaxy S II Plus

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  • x{6
  • 18 Sep 2022

PhoneGenius, 17 Sep 2022I bought one of these brand new on eBay for really cheap, b... moreHave you tried hard resetting it?

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    • PhoneGenius
    • g$G
    • 17 Sep 2022

    I bought one of these brand new on eBay for really cheap, but it won’t get past the Samsung logo and is stuck in a boot loop, wish I could fix without flashing software

      It's been 8 years now since I had this phone and it's still working but sometimes there's a noticeable delay when tapping an app or typing the keyboard.

      The original battery is no longer in use since it got bloated 3 years ago.

      I'm still using it up to this day though not as my daily driver but just for nostalgia.

      This is my first touchscreen smartphone ever and everytime I hold this phone I feel like 22 again.

      To my Galaxy S II Plus: I'm so glad we made it! Look how far we've come my baby?

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        • Anonymous
        • 8pa
        • 10 Jun 2021

        let go, nostaliga hits like crazy I was 12 when it was released and when I got it

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          • boom
          • NgW
          • 18 May 2021

          when i want use chrome or other

          it say proxy how can fix

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            • Anonymous
            • pVk
            • 10 Feb 2021

            walid elnagar, 03 Feb 2019is samsung 19105 s2 plus support screen mirroring ? and how... moreno. i think that only s5, s6, s7 support mirroring from s class. if you want screen mirroring do not buy samsung. prefer LG. their mirroring app is far better. if you want samsung go for a used s5 / s5 plus

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              • walid elnagar
              • Su0
              • 03 Feb 2019

              is samsung 19105 s2 plus support screen mirroring ? and how it works ?

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                • jeeth
                • vG4
                • 06 Oct 2017

                it only shows system storage 4 gb and it cant get formatted what i need to do?

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                  • 0203494388
                  • NwL
                  • 15 Aug 2017

                  AnonD-652096, 12 Mar 2017Heyyy....guys...let's get to the point SAMSUNG GALAXY S2PL... moreDats it support poki mongo
                  Wat is the internal memory

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                    • Vladlat
                    • ptB
                    • 13 Aug 2017

                    MG, 24 May 2017I have been using this phone the last 3 years and i like it... moreSorry: I understand that it supports cards 128 GB...

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                      • MG
                      • x@9
                      • 24 May 2017

                      I have been using this phone the last 3 years and i like itt allot
                      Aldo i dont use any applications(because those are bullshit and i have a pc) so its almost a dump phone.
                      But the reason i write this is to let you know that i also supports 128gb cards.
                      (using android 4.2.2.)

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                        • AnonD-652096
                        • D01
                        • 12 Mar 2017

                        Heyyy....guys...let's get to the point
                        SAMSUNG GALAXY S2PLUS best phone I've ever known....
                        Well, I'm nikhil Paul I'be been using this phone since 4years.....eventually I've learned almost every damn thing about this phone.
                        Well, to all you're probs there's one simple and easy solution that is, you install a custom Rom....
                        Amazing thing is that currently I'm using
                        Android 7.1.1 NOUGAT....
                        This phone supports all the roms like AOSP,cynogen, lineage etcc....Well, best Rom according to Me is Is cynogen 6.0.1 mashmallow with no bugs and errors butter smooth and cpu clockable to 1.6ghz.....

                        Well, all this begins just by having a custom recovery that is CWM or TWRP.
                        All this stuff you find out in
                        SAMSUNG GALAXY s2 plus XDA dev page...
                        You'll need a PC to install cwm via ODIN FLASH TOOL...
                        Read all the instructions and ask me questions if you have any doubts 😃.

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                          • innocent
                          • NwI
                          • 08 Mar 2017

                          howw to prefer storage

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                            • Vladlat
                            • ptB
                            • 30 Nov 2016

                            AnonD-100974, 14 Jan 2013It's big good move from Samsung marketing :) It is the same... moreSGS II can handle MicroSD 64GB card too!
                            What system does it use? FAT32 or exFAT? I understand that data is transmitted on one bus: "One-bit SD bus mode". Pin 7 DAT0 Serial Data 0

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                              • AnonD-81044
                              • 0Tu
                              • 07 Oct 2016

                              Try installing latest ROM
                              try from here for 9105p
                              or here for 9105
                              latest ROM may not eliminate, but will reduce your problems.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • Xu@
                                • 07 Oct 2016

                                Salu , 20 May 2016I have had this mob for 3 years now and now it has started ... moreSame problm for me

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                                  • TechDumb
                                  • XNi
                                  • 30 Sep 2016

                                  Fakir pedini, 24 Jun 2016Automatically switch off without any reason,By long press p... moreI know the solution . Search google "android sleep of death". You will find your answer.
                                  I am waiting for android noughat to come to s2.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 9B7
                                    • 01 Jul 2016

                                    This phone have a good camera even today in 2016, and if you don't install many apps stil working, let's say ok with 4.2 android!

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                                      • Fakir pedini
                                      • 04W
                                      • 24 Jun 2016

                                      Automatically switch off without any reason,By long press power button it is restarting so no need removal battery to normalize.

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                                        • gacan
                                        • fm}
                                        • 22 Jun 2016

                                        AnonD-154141, 10 Jun 2013Best (mid-range) android phone ever !! awesome camera , ama... moreIneed update