Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III

Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III

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  • MS

Still great! Lineageos + Boeffla-Kernel (for Sound and OC, up to 4x2.00).

  • Ian

Micheal, 20 Jun 2020Is the phone a good deviceNot anymore, it's only good for calling, texting, and music listening. But for social media it's bad

  • Faris

Safaeit Hossain, 24 Jun 2020It's still usable for day-to-day basis, the processor and i... moreAmazing to see fresh comment about the phone that is out for more than 8 years. I mean people still looking at this phone. I had this phone at its prime and it was amazing

Micheal, 20 Jun 2020Is the phone a good deviceIt's still usable for day-to-day basis, the processor and interface are outdated so it'll get laggy from time to time.

  • Micheal

Anonymous, 27 May 2020Posting this message with this phone in May 2020.Is the phone a good device

  • Mac2006

I have been gifted this S3 from someone else in 2016. After a year, Wifi can't connect and I decided to replace a motherboard through buying an broken screen S3. Now, it is still working without any problem as backup phone with Resurrection Remix rom flashed.

  • Anonymous

Posting this message with this phone in May 2020.

im using this phone 2012 until 2015(crash and cannot on because root but still good condition) then use samsung a5 2016 until now (still good condition)and soon im want to buy samsung s10 lite (large battery, snapdragon 855,and large screen)but the bad is no stereo no earphone jack no water resistant. but i dont care. because this my budget to get that phone. if im rich maybe i will pick s 10+

  • dud

god bless smamsmung
this sheet-tier-very-short-battery-life-piece-of-plastic still lives after almost 6 f'n years of active use

  • Anonymous

I use it as a replacement for my note 5,still good phone though no software updates

  • NS

After 8 years I still use this phone.
Only my on-off key on the right side cracked (plastic). So I turn it on and off with sort of wire.
It always had shorter battery life, updates stopped in a year or two.
It heated during games. A lot of work with Android: CM Security App (Boost, Clean, Check).
It works really fine, nice display, no scratches, only that on-off key broke.
Since July 2012 I use it. Mostly for WhatsApp, E-mail, Internet. I don't have option to play newest games, like new season of Nba Live. Maybe I will get iPhone, or Samsung again. I am in fear of problems of Exynos. SGS3 also has it. Battery goes really fast. I see that it is the same with S20, S20+, S20 Ultra...

  • john

my samsung 19300 will not conect to wi-fi

  • Anonymous

Brandon, 17 Dec 2019I found the phone's battery to not hold up very well. I was... moreat that time, apps don't eat a few hundred megabytes of ram

  • Anonymous

Mine was manufactured in 2014, loaded with Kit Kat 4.2.4 and sold by Sprint to my friend, who sold it to me for $20 two years ago after my crappy LG phone died. I activated it through a small independent carrier that leases from the Sprint network and pay $10/mo for unlimited voice, text and 1GB of data. I can get unlimited data for $40/mo if needed, but I mostly use my home WiFi anyway.

I did a factory reset on it to remove all his personal stuff, bought two new batteries for $12 and a good case for $8. Last November the navigation in maps stopped working and I discovered the OS is too outdated to update many existing apps, or install most of the popular ones. It still works fine for general web surfing, as the browser is getting updated frequently. I really like this Samsung phone and plan on buying an S6 or other later model with more RAM soon. Once I do that I'll root this one and install the latest Android version possible and just keep it as a backup.

  • Storm boi

I am currently using the phone
and it is good
i am enjoying it
especially de camera

  • Anonymous

annoy ne mus, 15 Dec 2019great phone. amoled is best. that time only 2ram is enough.... moreWhat do you expect from a phone from 2012?

  • Brandon

I found the phone's battery to not hold up very well. I was a heavy user at the time and felt like I only had 60% battery capacity after a year of use. The UI also became slow and laggy after 2 years, which was a bit surprising considering this was a flagship device at the time.

  • annoy ne mus

great phone. amoled is best. that time only 2ram is enough. full brightness weaken battery life. photo audio video all is great.

  • Rich Flimzy

AnonD-819322, 09 Jun 2019During web browsing does this phone get uncomfortably hot?please yes and I don't know the reason.

  • Anonymous

I'm browsing from one running on Andriod Pie pixel experience