Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III

Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III

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  • JACK

this phone is so annoying,it hang all the time

nik, 19 Jun 2019Mine does. I'm still using an S3 and it chugs so much. Can bar... moreHow to get Max Performance:
Disable everything below -
- GPS (Location)
- Sync
- Auto Update in Play Store
- NFC (I9100P)
- Bloatware
- System Sounds
- Vibration
- Notifications
- Antivirus Apps (they are useless)
In Developer Options -
- Enable Force 4x MSAA
- Scroll all the way down to Limit Background Processes and pick No Background Processes (doesn't affect functionality)
- For Window, Transition Animation Scale and Animator Duration Scale choose 0.5x or off for all three options (this speeds up the phone significantly)
- Use an Adblock Browser e.g. Brave

How to get Max Battery Life -
- Keep the brightness all the way down
- Disable Notifications
- Disable Auto-Update Apps
- Disable Bloatware
- Turn off System Sounds
- Don't use Live Wallpapers, use a dark wallpaper as this is an AMOLED display
- I highly recommend a high capacity (3000mAh+) as it really does improve battery but adds bulk to the phone, MBuyNow is the best option IMO.
- Downgrade to Android 4.0.4 or 4.0.3 for the best battery life (Play Services will not update by itself, also saving battery), the ROMS are at the updato website for your specific model

  • nik

asiandoestech, 09 Jun 2019During web browsing does this phone get uncomfortably hot?Mine does.
I'm still using an S3 and it chugs so much.
Can barely multitask. Can't run big apps smoothly.

During web browsing does this phone get uncomfortably hot?

* This phone is great, but it's not the phone I would use on a daily basis.
* The 32GB of storage with 1GB of ram does not make sense, thus making the phone slow sometimes.
* Android system cannot update so apps cannot function effectively.

I rate this phone 7/10.

Amazing. I am using his phone in 2012. Until now there is no issue.

  • Isaacs

I have failed to install the linage os on my phone. But is it nice?

  • solange

my phone was charging and suddenly showed the Samsung s 111 icon and refused to turn on. i have tried to remove the battery and back but its failing, what can i do please?

Ha, i have found a new life for my old S3... as dedicated sound recorder + Rode mic for my DSLR since it lacks microphone input, the only downside is to remember to start - end the recording tracks between shots, then i can use the AAC files in post production.

  • Anonymous

AndyM, 14 Mar 2019King of Kings, still great imaging, music play, liquid smooth ga... moreDo you have lineage os on yours? How have you copped with it's heating when on cellular Internet

  • Anonymous

Beautiful phone, my parents used to have an S III, and I was first off put due to the TouchWiz interface. Now, looking back, these phones were ahead of their time for me!

  • Anonymous

I got a new one on Saturday, and am yet putting it to test. let someone update me on how to solve issues of it heating and how is opera mini working on it? coz I seem to have certain issues with that too

  • AndyM

King of Kings, still great imaging, music play, liquid smooth gaming on GTA Sanandreas , NFS most wanted, Fifa 16 etc....but battery life kind of sucks now, im still searching for its original or galaxy grand neo battery to get the best out of my phone

  • Anonymous

BernardZG, 29 Jan 2019Maybe one of the best Samsung phones ever, it has gotten old rea... moreGT.l9300

Maybe one of the best Samsung phones ever, it has gotten old really good, something that just a few devices can to presume.

I am using this mobile phone since 4th July 2012. It works perfectly, not a single scratch. The only thing that happened is that my fingerprints changed the colour of that silver part on sides. It turned mostly black, colour of coal, because when I play, my fingers keep the phone on the side. I don't see any problems with my CPU, memory, I play few games constantly. Display colours are nice. My phone is white, not like this one in the picture. I can't complain. The problem is battery consumption and long time of battery charge, but who can have the battery for 6 years and expect the greatness and long lasting performance. :) When it stops working, I will probably buy iPhone XR, XS or some other newer, because I doubt that my Galaxy S3 will stop with nice performance. Still emotionally attached. :) Asus Rog seems also nice, iPhone and Samsung, maybe LG.

  • F_master

Great phone, resurrected after I installed Lineage OS 14.1.1

  • Naf

Krymmel, 16 Dec 2018If your S3 is slow or unusable, you can refresh it with a new op... moreHow to do that?

  • S3 (2012)

AgheelElectro, 17 Dec 2018can i play PUBG on this phone ? The Minimum Requirement Is 1.5 GB For PUBG.