Samsung I9300I Galaxy S3 Neo

Samsung I9300I Galaxy S3 Neo

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  • Derick Micon
  • r0u
  • 15 Dec 2019

my phone Samsung s3 neo it goes off abruptly i don't know why...please help

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    • Algimantas
    • 0x$
    • 28 Jul 2019

    One of the best phones, if one can manage. Installed Qoltec 3100mah battery, now it lasts very long time. I have this phone from autumn 2014. Half a year ago it began overheat and restart, this was software problems. Managed to install twrp and lineage os 14.1 (android 7.1), now working like a charm, sure, after 5 years screen is nor perfectly clean, but still. Long live S3 neo :)

      • N
      • Nawwar sai
      • ajb
      • 03 Jul 2019

      best old mobile can we update to android 8 oreo or 9
      pie plz tell samsung these mobile have good hardware same new to upgrade android

        • i
        • illidan
        • JbI
        • 23 May 2019

        Bought it online at 150 euros 5 years ago. Pretty good phone. It's extremely light, which is what makes me hesitant in replacing it with a newer phone (only so that it can handle games better). It's easy to carry and doesn't hurt my hand. I have dropped it many times but thanks to the protection on its screen (you might have to buy it separately, mine came with it equipped), the screen was left fine. Although the corners are a bit damaged, it's nothing that one can notice other than focusing there and it doesn't affect performance. Its RAM is quite small but I can handle the lag. Not the best for most games, but so far it has opened and played every game I threw at it, except for one which was choppy in battles (like 5-10 fps). It was the mobile version of AION. I'm satisfied of its camera. It's not like I take many pictures. Its factory battery was insanely good. Lasted 4 years before I had to charge it three times a day and sometimes it dropped 10% in an instant. It could shut down if it was below 20% instantly with no warning. I changed the battery a few months ago and I'm satisfied. It can't handle youtube as much as one would think. If you revert it to its factory state, although ugly, the youtube app would be light. But the current version lags a lot and when the cache has too much stored I have to clear it otherwise the entire phone lags while using the app and the video stops every 2-3 seconds to load, until it's fully or more than half loaded (the white bar basically)

          • M
          • Miss Cellany
          • JKb
          • 22 May 2019

          I like this phone. Virtually indestructible. Had it over 3 years now and it has been sat on and dropped from hip height onto hard surfaces many times and no damage to screen or casing. It survived a mouthy puppy too. Have even left it outside in the rain overnight and after drying with hair dryer it still works fine 6 months on. It doesn't have the best battery life or camera but it has lasted longer than my friends iPhones which all end up dead or with cracked screens after a year of use. For someone that just wants a hard wearing smart phone at a reasonable price this is a great choice.

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • 0Q0
            • 28 Apr 2019

            omit , 02 Apr 2019S3 neo does not have two sim slot please tell me the truth ... moreThis is the GT-i9300i and it does have dual sim feature indeed. I have got it for 4 years and that's the model number.
            I think the S3 Neo single sim has a different model number (GT-i9301).

              • o
              • omit
              • uNV
              • 02 Apr 2019

              S3 neo does not have two sim slot please tell me the truth please ok

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                • ins
                • swm
                • 21 Feb 2019

                are normal?playing pubg on s3 neo?ahahah

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                  • Someone
                  • xJd
                  • 06 Jan 2019

                  using it 4 years camera is not good the ram is okay you can play pubg but not the best performance on 10pts i will give it 6

                    Had this one, a lot better than the S2, however both were okay.
                    Although it was resisstable, i destroyed mine somehow.
                    Left me with three batteries from this phone.. dont know what to do with them..
                    it wasnt a battery issue that destroyed the phone, just me, randomly. Charging problems etc, it was used. Not bad though.

                      • S
                      • St.Mark
                      • gxm
                      • 26 Oct 2018

                      i got this phone as a gift from a guy i know. In a fit of rage i destroyed it. bad decision. it is an awesome phone. don't do what I did and destroy something else. keep the phone.

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                        • Augustine miles...
                        • NwI
                        • 03 Oct 2018

                        one of the best product from Samsung,camera quality is static compared to other company....but I enjoyed to use this phone in a short period since their stolen in 13april this year...if there is any support ... I'll be thankfully

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                          • Hitesh Parmar
                          • X{C
                          • 24 Sep 2018

                          I used this phone from last 3 years without facing any issue.This phone is awesome for me.

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                            • rajkumar
                            • gNZ
                            • 05 Sep 2018

                            Killerman , 09 Jul 2018I have the s3 neo for 3years and still works just battery i... morei am using this fone since 4 years only i have changed battery phone is working properly excellent phone

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • d%w
                              • 08 Aug 2018

                              bosnia , 05 Aug 2018Hello,I have s3 neo.. My problem is phone very slow chargi... moreu can trough out side ur prblm is solved...

                                • b
                                • bosnia
                                • g8$
                                • 05 Aug 2018

                                Hello,I have s3 neo.. My problem is phone very slow charging battery.. What is problem ?

                                  • K
                                  • Killerman
                                  • LKp
                                  • 09 Jul 2018

                                  I have the s3 neo for 3years and still works just battery is the problem good phone 👍

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                                    • Abet
                                    • QiE
                                    • 08 Jun 2018

                                    I had this phone for over two years
                                    The only reason why I will change it is because it does not have 4G, definitely the best and most reliable phone I had
                                    never an issue and never trouble, even the battery despite some seldom heating up and quick discharge worked very well.
                                    Great product that kept me with Galaxy

                                      • J
                                      • John Doe
                                      • DhS
                                      • 13 May 2018

                                      I have tried this phone from release till 2018 it works until now apart from the faulty battery and heats up because of the apps power draw nowadays, this phone was perfect in its time but now it's too dated.

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • nyr
                                        • 06 Apr 2018

                                        For 2018 it is not that great , bc the phone is kinda laggy ,crashes ,the screen frozes and games crash ,can't really play with, bad camera and front camera is worse than j1 ,videos are piece of garbage tho for ,11 y/olds it can be good .