Samsung I9300I Galaxy S3 Neo

Samsung I9300I Galaxy S3 Neo

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  • Fawad mardan pk.

dont wait to lolypop update bcos samsung announce that they cant make lolypop update.

  • Fawad pakista mardan

my s3 neo battery time 2 days with wifi suporb mobile...

  • Anonymous

Please we need 5.1 lollipop update

  • Anonymous

Samsung s3 neo I am using really super we need only lollipop update.

  • deepak

Really superb LED display, screen resolution nice, camera fantastic.

  • deepak

Really superb LED display, screen resolution nice, camera fantastic.

  • AnonD-444455

Mercyraaj, 11 Sep 2015How made to 4g network in my Samsung galaxy s3 neo i9300 It doesn't support 4g network band

  • Deep

I'm using this phone after 8 month. Superb camera and display also battery backup no hanging issue.

  • M.ikram

my phone is not making call samsung s3

  • AnonD-441663

tendulkar10, 31 Jul 2015bro.. from which country u are??? and does s3 neo supports nfc... moreMy s3 neo support nfs. From algeria

  • sri....

hey friends,
i had lost my loving new phone galaxy sIII neo....
by mistake its display is breaked and the cost of new display is 7100rs. any body can suggest me plz what should I have to do now??????????
buy a new phn is only an option????????

  • Vck

S3 neo is very goodifficult ph. But it not supporting otg cable, how can I solve it? Pls replay any busy.

  • Anonymous

This is my best and the best handset.
Best RAM,best SD supporting capacity and all features are good. #Loved_It.

  • Qahilne06

please lolipop android version 5.1 neo Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-i9301i
1.5 gb ram ram total

  • Rahul Raj

plz s3 neo update to lolipop

  • Rahul Raj

plz s3 neo update to lolipop

  • Govind Chapetu


I think this is best phone compering to other phone which i was using recently. only one issue that this phone is facing the issue regarding its bettary backup

  • Chacha

amol, 09 Sep 2015Plz gove s3 neo lollypopNever seen before Mobile is s3 neo it can beat I phone 6

  • AnonD-425300

This issue is not with the phone but with kit kit 4.4.4. This OS doesn't allow any application to be used if the data is stored on memory card. you can hide the data only if its stored in the internal memory. For this reason i removed 4.4.4 and installed 4.3

  • vijay

Does this phone has flip cover sensor. If yes then please tell me how to activate it. .